Testimonial List

I'm absolutely thrilled...This option will allow me to open door to different kind a pipe thing...Thank You, Curtis. It is right what I need right now. Cheers.

Maigurs Knets ( Lake Geneva, WI USA ) Oct 08 2013 05:49pm

This product works great, makes bad wood look good,if you like stabilizing your own wood try it,very easy to use,I would recommend strongly.

John Hyde ( Alabama ) Oct 06 2013 06:52am

The Cactus Juice has proven to be one of my best acquired tools/products, to deal with a large number of wood blanks that, would be nearly impossible to utilize, without it. There has been many gallons used and many more to order in a near future, I have made a comment recently where I said that, some people may think that I drink this stuff, from the quantity I imported since June 2012, I used a lot, in fact...!

The product does what it says it does, the product is carefully packed and Curtis is a great guy to deal with, a good combination for success...!


George Valentine ( South Australia ) Oct 06 2013 04:56am

Curtis is an absolute joy to do business with. He is also always ready to share information and tips to help you get the most from his products. "Cactus Juice" rocks. If you lurk around the IAP website, you will get to "know" Curtis very quickly. Level headed, honest, and intelligent.

Joe Barnett ( Minnesota ) Oct 02 2013 03:51pm

I tried turning some 30 year old oleander stumps I salvaged when a condo association was replanting. The wood was a beautiful white color but very fibrous and a bit pithy near prune stubs. No matter what I tried and how sharp I honed the end grain looked like a tooth brush. I stabilized 2 blanks with cactus juice and they turn easily and smoothly now.


Glenn ( Seabrook TX ) Oct 01 2013 04:06pm

I just finished my first set of handles stabilized with Cactus Juice and could not be more pleased. The wood cut, sanded, and finished as well as any wood I have purchased from the professional stabilizers. The Cactus Juice is AWESOME and Curtis's customer service is fantastic. I look forward to doing business with Curtis in the future knowing that he has the best products and customer service in the industry. Thank You for your help and your great products.

Mike Embry - Embry Ridge Custom Knives

Mike Embry - Embry Ridge Custom Knives ( Sunrise Beach, MO ) Sep 30 2013 05:43am

I just need to say thank you and a big shout out to Curtis for having great response to my questions and having a product that is just as good as his service. Thank you for taking to time to teach me how to vacuum wood with Cactus Juice right. Be Blessed

Greg "The Burl Hunter"

Greg Dahl aka The Burl Hunter ( Grants Pass, Oregon ) Sep 27 2013 09:04am

I've been dealing with Curtis for almost two years, the product and customer service is outstanding. I'm looking forward to more dealing with Curtis in the future! I do consider this professional stabilizing, if the process is followed correctly. All my blanks sink....



Tim Kipps

J. Hue Pen Company

Tim Kipps ( Va ) Sep 26 2013 07:37am

Hy Curtis

I have only just received my order (23/Sept/2013)as soon as i try it i will give you some feed back.I have one Question to ask.

I would like to dye some blanks.If i do,will that contaminate the juice.

Jim Hobson

jim Hobson ( Barrie,on, Canada ) Sep 24 2013 08:05pm

Thank you for the Cactus juice, and the dye, and especially the help with the vacuum pump questions. Looking forward to doing more business with you! Very much enjoy the website, too.


Bob Herr

Bob Herr ( Washington ) Sep 24 2013 06:54am

Watched more videos and read more comments than you can imagine.

The outcome was that I wanted to try Cactus Juice. I tried to

order some one night and finally gave up. As I told Curtis when

he found my attempts, I was born before God started issuing computer genes. I have just started turning my first treated

wood and it looks beautiful,when I put some sandpaper and finish

on it will be piece my wife will will treasure.

Thank you for a great product!


Stan Helms ( Baytown, Texas ) Sep 22 2013 01:50pm

Not only does Curtis provide a great product with his Cactus Juice, but he truly loves his customers. He has been very generous with his experience and skills in helping me learn and become proficient at stabilizing a variety of materials. His prices are reasonable and the service great.:)

Henry Chidgey ( Burnet, Texas ) Sep 22 2013 01:03pm

Hi Curtis,

Love the cactus juice, works excellent on spalted woods. Fast delivery and great customer service. My only complaint is its just to dog gone expensive or I'd be buying a lot more.

Good luck and Thanks for sharing your secrets.

Take care,


Clay Tweedy ( Minnesota ) Sep 21 2013 08:15am

My second order from Turn Tex Wood works, went as great as the first one. The service you get from Curtis is second to none.rn Al May

Albert May ( Vinita,Ok. ) Sep 17 2013 04:34am

Just tried out Cactus Juice for stabilizing wood for knife handles and scales. My first successful attempt was done on some Spalted Maple. It worked out awesome. The scales look fantastic and are appreciably harder than what I started with. I had a failed attempt on some Zebra wood....It seemed to produce small spots that appeared to be wet when sanding. I figured it was a curing issue. I was right. I went the following day and got a new oven thermometer and did some homegrown calibrating on the toaster oven to ensure correct temperature for curing. Then tried the maple....It worked beautifully. Can't wait to see these scales on a new blade!

Darren Robichaud ( New Brunswick Canada ) Sep 16 2013 12:42am

I have one of the new Juice Proof round chambers and it's very well built. I hitched up my HF vacuum pump and it pulled full vacuum very quickly. It's a snap to setup and all of the fittings and connectors Curtis is using are sturdy and high quality. I'm very pleased and will be doing business with TurnTex for many many years I'm sure.

Thank you for putting so much thought and design into your chambers Curtis; it's really appreciated and rare to get such a quality product for a reasonable price.

I give it a 10+:)

David Lowell - Of Wood & Vine Designs ( Port Saint Lucie Florida ) Sep 11 2013 01:13pm

TurnTex cactus juice is a GREAT product, the service you get from Curtis can not be beat by anyone. For information and service TurnTex could not be better.

Al May

Albert May ( Vinita,Okla. ) Sep 10 2013 06:38pm

This first time I've tried Cactus Juice resin and I am very pleased with it. NO mess and no bad fumes is a plus.I used it on some giraffe bone and am really pleased.

Gary D. Jones ( Canton,NC ) Aug 31 2013 02:04pm

I was very pleased with the fast delivery. I am very happy with the cactus juice and will be back.

Tim ( Washington ) Aug 28 2013 06:10am

Fast Shipping!! Great Transaction!! Thank You!! AAA+++:D

Richard Gilbert ( PA ) Aug 26 2013 05:06pm

Found out about Cactus Juice when I was googling wood stabilization. Read some reviews on forums and decided to order a 32oz bottle. Came within the specified shipping time. Tried it out on some Buckeye burl and could not be happier with the results. Followed all the directions (online) and had zero issues. Just like it says on the website, it didn't cause any noticeable color change in the wood and turned a piece of extremely soft buckeye burl into something workable. I'm definitely going to get some more once I run out.

Ben S. ( S.F. Bay Area, California ) Aug 26 2013 01:55pm

I purchased a vacuum chamber from Curtis about two years ago and have used it pretty regularly. Last month a glue joint on the chamber failed and Curtis replaced the chamber and lid with no questions asked.That's great service!

Dave Mueller ( Texas ) Aug 26 2013 07:49am

I was delighted to find and Curtis Seebeck's unique products. I am a lapidary and silversmith and use Cactus Juice to stabilize my raw rocks before cutting and finishing them. TurnTex products are excellent quality, reasonably priced and the delivery and service are excellent. I strongly recommend them. :D

Michael Wheatley ( San Jose, CA ) Aug 24 2013 01:27pm

I just stabilized my first set of blanks. I can tell you I would've been a lot more nervous if I hadn't got such details and informative information on the phone. This guy knows his stuff. Not only of the product he sells and how to use it but he also understands the science behind it, that means a lot to me. Oh the blanks they came out perfect.:)

Bill ( Arkansas ) Aug 17 2013 07:57pm

Just received one of the new stabilizing chambers. The new top looks great and worked really well::D

Art Majerus ( Ca ) Aug 09 2013 07:31am

I have bought 2 half gallons of cactus juice from Curtis, Great product. Did some spalted maple and it came out great after getting the toaster over to the right temp. Going to make some really nice knife handles. Tried some rosewood and it turned the juice dark. Doing some zebra wood now so we will see how it turns out. Thanks Curtis for a really great and easy to use product.

Jerry Metcalf ( Texas ) Aug 07 2013 03:18pm

Recently recieved my vacum chamber. This is some very nice work. The wait was a little long but well worth it, as this is first class workmanship! Thanks Curtis. :)

Wes Riesland ( Midwest Wy ) Aug 06 2013 03:01pm

I make semi-custom grip panels for revolvers as a bit of a for-profit hobby. I had settled on a contract stabilizing outfit in the midwest as the best that I could find after trying several with varying degrees of success. Over time I became tired of waiting 2-3 months to get my material back and the price that I was paying wasn't too cheap either. I found Cactus Juice one day during an internet search and watched every video that I could find. I opted to build my own vacuum chamber out of PVC, but Curtis was very quick to answer all of my questions regarding vacuum pumps. I just placed an order for a Cactus Juice resupply because I was so happy with the results that I have had with spalted and burl woods.

Carl Schultz ( West Allis, WI ) Aug 06 2013 11:18am


I must say Curtis has to be one of the most friendly people I've had the privilege of meeting and how he takes the time to share his extensive knowledge at no charge shows his concern for his customers. Many times he and I would spend at least 20-30 minutes on the phone with me asking questions that doesn't even have anything to do with what he sells. He does it because of his love of woodworking and the appreciation he has for new and returning customers and do to this I will be a returning customer for a long time. :D

Jeremy Pierce ( Stantonsburg, N.C. ) Aug 05 2013 03:32pm

this was my 4th order and decided to get the 4 gallons this take a wood like flame boxelder, which can be quite punky to work with, stabilize it with the juice...and you've got a nice piece of wood that turns evenly and finishes equally nice...

On top of that, Curtis has listened to me ramble on about my q's and has given several pieces of useful advice...

Curtis, you've got a customer for life:D

eric winney ( buford, ga ) Aug 05 2013 08:36am

TurnTex woodworks is with out a doubt,the best place I have ever ordered supply from. Curtis,sure does know how to take care of his customers. Will do a lot more buying from him.

Al May

Al May ( Vinita,OK. ) Aug 05 2013 06:59am

My first time to do business with--Turn Tex-- I,will say that Curtis is one man that goes all out to take care of his customers. I couldn't be happier with the service and the product.

Al May

Albert May ( Vinita,OK. ) Jul 29 2013 03:53pm

I purchased a system and after I received it I quickly realized it was going to be too small. No problem, Curtis worked with me to exchange for a larger unit no questions asked. I went through 1 gallon of Cactus Juice pretty quickly and ordered 4 more along with dye. I am very pleased with the ease of process, quality of product and the end results.

Terry Quiram ( Illinois ) Jul 29 2013 07:33am

Excellent customer service!!! I've never ordered from Curtis before. I placed an order for some cactus juice. I wanted some dyes to go with the cactus juice but his website was showing out of stock. Curtis sent me an email letting me know that his website had been updated with the dyes I was interested in. I then placed a separate order for the dyes I wanted & asked Curtis if he could combine this order with my cactus juice to save on shipping costs. For some reason my paypal order did not process my first order & pay Curtis for the cactus juice. The second order for the dye went through with no problem. The next day while checking my paypal account, I realized that Curtis had received payment for the dye order but not the cactus juice. Before I had time to call Curtis to straitened this out, I received an updated invoice showing both orders had been shipped out. This is excellent customer service...Curtis sent my order out with only partial payment. Will be definitely ordering more cactus juice in the future...

Billy Tallant ( Corsicana, TX ) Jul 28 2013 11:57am

Curtis has a great product very professional, always willing to help with any questions. I will definitely be a repeat buyer from this gentleman thank you Curtis:)

Carl Thomas ( South Mississippi ) Jul 23 2013 11:41am

second batch of cactus juice..well pleased with results on the wood :)

Bobby Bordelon ( Lake Charles,la ) Jul 23 2013 10:30am

Hello this is Sam at LDC. I am in the process developing a new product which is a line of custom inlay wood pistol grips. I have the first batch that are ready for finish after treating them with the cactus juice, so far, I am very happy. I will send you some photos that you may share with your customers if you like. I would also like to say thanks for your quick response to my phone message. Also, I make jewelry out of very unique pieces of wood. I plan to stabilize the next batch to make them more water resistant. I will include photos of the jewelry as well.

Sam Leu ( San Fernando, CA ) Jul 23 2013 12:55am

Hey guys , after using Cactus Juice for a while now ,I have decided to use it exclusively and have had 0 complaints on my product:D that being said , Curtis is a super nice guy and will help you when needed on an array of things . Faron Moore/Moores Customs

moores customs ( Cushing TX ) Jul 19 2013 06:22am

Curtis is very helpful with your questions. I make grips for the .44 Auto Mag pistol yep the one Clint Eastwood used in the movie (Sudden Impact) and The Cactus Juice works really well with some of the exotic woods I use to make them and it has cut about 3 weeks off my stabilizing time as to what I was using and it's thin enough to get in the wood and added about 50% or more to the weight so it's getting good penetration which is needed. I'am very happy with it and will be ordering more Cactus Juice from Curtis soon.

William Bryant ( Longview,Tx. ) Jul 18 2013 06:35am

Curtis at TurnTex supplied me with what to me was a new product, Cactus juice for stabilizing wood for knife handles. He has experimented with a variety of products and came up with his own concoction that works, and offers it to the public. Now the general public can do their own wood stabilizing with a minimum of equipment or special knowledge and get professional results. I had great results the first time I used it. This cactus juice is way superior to anything else I had tried. I have used mini wax, water soluble polyurethane, acetone soluble plastics, 3-4 types of epoxy, fiberglass resin thinned down, superglue, etc. Another seller of great stabilized wood told me his process is a highly guarded secret! It insulted him I would ask what product he used. Curtis , as a stranger, and me, a first time small order buyer, spent almost an hour of his time talking to me on the phone, giving me pointers, tips, advice, for my specific needs. He did so without trying to push his products on me, but out of genuine interest in helping people out. This saved me dozens of hours and money stumbling along figuring it all out on my own. I’ve shopped around and his prices are better than elsewhere for similar product. There are hefty discounts for buying more volume. I liked the no profit in the shipping and he sent priority 3 day to Alaska for only the shipping cost. Others want to charge as much as the product for shipping!

The cactus juice has no fumes, what is not sucked into the wood can be saved, is not harmful to my vacuum pump or containers, is not toxic on my hands, sucks in the wood well, accepts dyes well, takes a nice final high polish, adds good strength to my spaulted crosscut wood. In short, has all the qualities I want in one product.


Miles Martin ( Nenana Alaska ) Jul 17 2013 07:34am

Curtis you make a wonderful product. I am very pleased with chamber I bought from you. My only complaints would be, lack of communication. From the time I ordered the chamber I received only one email telling me I had bought the chamber. And the length of time 3 months from the time of order until shipment was a bit much. That wouldn't be a problem for me, if I had received regular updates on what was happening. I realize that you must be very busy, but I do not know you from Adam. I live so far away from you, no one I know has bought anything from you. So even though it may not have been necessary for me to pay up front I did and not hearing anything from you as the 2 month time came and went caused me more than a little concern. An email update telling me how the progress or lack there of would have done much to reassure me. But that is in the past like I said you have a wonderful product and you craftsman ship is excellent. Bob Hawley

My notes: Thank you for the constructive criticism Mr. Hawley. As we discussed on the phone, I did send out a couple of general updates to everyone on the list which you did not receive. That said, I do realize that I need to find more time in the day to better communicate with folks that are waiting on chambers. In an effort to increase production, I have spent a lot of money on a CNC Router which will help improve my lead times. It is also allowing me to produce even better lids that are more durable and produce better ultimate vacuum.

Robert Hawley ( Castle Rock, Washington ) Jul 13 2013 07:32pm

I am a knife maker, and recently came into a bunch of Elk Antler, which is very porous. and definitely needs to be stabilized for knife handles. This stuff works great! I ordered my Cactus Juice online and received it about 3 days later. Very Fast Delivery!! I need to order some more!

Gregg Graber ( Colorado ) Jul 13 2013 11:19am

I've been stabilizing spalted maple using one of Curtis' original tanks and lids. I ordered up a second and, now, a third tank based on a little test I did. I had a block of spalted maple from which I cut smaller blocks with the intent of making stabilized bricks for knife scales. I clean and true the brick and then slice the bookmatched scales and sand them in a Jet 10-20 drum sander. Well, I noticed the new gauge appears to be drawing significant vacuum and the bubbling quit in the old tank while the new tank got the job done quicker. I liked that, but then began to wonder whether the lid made a difference. I repeated the process. Same result. Weigh-in of blocks showed more juice went in the new tank and lid. On the third run, when the new tank was done, I switched the new lid to the old tank and it was pretty much a strong bubbling action like the initial draw down at first evacuating air from the tank. I've learned also to put on as much time to equalization after stabilization as it took to stabilize to where the bubbles stopped coming out of the wood: better penetration, better product.

I really couldn't be more pleased. Curtis's product improvements are great. I'd like to see him make some tank inserts, perhaps from 3/16ths clear material more resistant to the juice, a liner, if you will, to serve as an overnight soaking tank for the equalization process or as a soak tank for double dyeing.

I kind of chuckle. There is a national competitor well-known for making vacuum lathe chucks who has come out with a stabilizing system. It can't draw much vacuum, the tanks are round (whoever thought a square stick fits a round hole, anyway?), and you can't see the bubble level on drawing first vacuum. Dumb and dumber. Don't know what the chain stores are thinking marketing this stuff, but it's not us.

Folks, just go with TurnTex and Cactus Juice. You won't be disappointed. He'll always be there as your mentor and coach. And the product has so much science and common sense behind it, you'll soon realize anyone else doesn't have your interests in mind. The guarantees prove it. Matter of fact, I would be willing to pay a little more for production tanks because I think it's worth it. Curtis's tanks are under-valued with respect to performance. And in this day and age when you encounter a fella who refuses to weasel out from his responsibilities should there be an issue, you just gotta respect and honor that vendor with both praise and loyalty. It's such a rare thing in business. Wish the bureaucrats and politicians understood that kind of credibility, ergo, do what you say you'll do. Curtis for President?

Malcolm L. Koch - Koch Calls ( McMinnville, Oregon ) Jul 12 2013 11:16am

Good product, good service.

John lloyd ( St. Louis ) Jul 12 2013 05:19am

It has been several weeks since I received my order of Cactus Juice. I have now had time to confirm that it works very well for stabilizing the sagebrush and other "herbaceous wood" that I use for various projects. Actually, I already knew it would work because this was my second order. The service was fast and the product is excellent.

Now I only need to get as good at using it to make blanks as beautiful and unique as Curtis makes himself.

Mitch Wolgamott ( Eastern Oregon ) Jul 10 2013 02:53pm

Just ordered another gallon of cactus Juice, it's definitely the best stabilizing resin, and Curtis is great to do business with. I have now used like 6 gallons of the cactus juice, I am very pleased with his products. Neil

Neil mattison ( Verona Island ) Jul 10 2013 03:05am

~~~A ROCK POLISHERS DREAM PRODUCT~~~rnI am a lapidarist (rock jewelry maker) and I slice, shape and polish many beautiful types rocks, that I get from all over the continent. rnCurtis's Cactus Juice works Wonderfully on stabilizing rocks, and is the answer to working with fragile or fractured or brittle rock/stones that otherwise would crumble/fracture into pieces when cutting them with my rock saw or grinding them into shapes to make jewelry.rnIt was Amazing to me, to see the huge amount of air (bubbles) rising from my rocks in a vacuum chamber, as the Cactus Juice took it's place inside them!rnrnBefore using this Excellent Cactus Juice Stabilizing Resin product, with some type stones, I had to settle for making small pendants, ear rings, etc., because those type rocks would fracture, and fall apart while slicing and grinding them.rnNow, that is Never a problem~!rnrnAnd I Really like that it is such a Very Affordable One Part resin, which means it can be reused repeatedly, when stored at cooler temperatures.rnWhen the vacuum has pulled all the air out of the stone (yes, there is air inside rock) and replaced it with the resin, all that was not used in the process, can be reused, over and over again, until the product is gone. There is *NO Waste*, at all as with 2 part resins!rnThat makes Cactus Juice Very, Very Cost Effective~!!!rnIt is clear in and on the stone.rnrnThe following easy heat curing treatment to solidify the resin is fast, and cures in Minutes, does not need high heat for Hours to do it's work, and can be done in a toaster oven typically.rnrn***Thicker slabs, need to be cured in an aluminum foil "cup" shaped to hold resin to the top of the slab to insure no cracks or porous area is not filled.***rnrnI had the very fortunate opportunity to meet Curtis, because he is located only about an hour from my house. And when he saw my mailing address on my online order, he called and invited me to his shop to save me the shipping cost, and spend some time with me (out of his very busy day, I might add), showing how the process works.rnThat's the kind of great guy he is.rnI recall him saying to me, while I was there, that for him, "It's not all about the money, it's about helping people".rnSo, that afternoon, I not only found a very low cost, Incredibly Great product, I met a new friend!rnrnDon Jackson

Don Jackson ( Leander, TX ) Jul 03 2013 05:14pm

I am very satified.

Louis H. Jean ( Lac a la Tortue, Québec, Canada ) Jul 02 2013 06:01pm

Curtis has been vey helpful and Cactus juice works just like it is advertised. rnrn.

George Baird Jun 28 2013 11:23am

Great web site and was a wealth of information on the phone. Will continue to do business with him. Very knowledgable.

Roger Blalock ( Longview, Texas ) Jun 28 2013 09:41am