Testimonial List

Hey Curtis I appreciate the fast service of getting the resin and die to me in a timely fashion as a matter of fact it was here the next day. I had to wait for some other stuff to come in before I could get started but I think it's going to turn out great. I am sure I will be contacting you for some more in a short period of time. Thank you for all your hard work
Jake Hansen ( CORPUS CHRISTI )
I bought a stabilizing chamber and cactus juice from Turn Tex and have been extremely pleased. I use this system stabilizing wood for knife making - to date I have made over 200 knives with this product and chamber. All my family buy me cactus juice for holiday gifts - I love this stuff!
Ken Hill ( Maine )
Feedback for TurnTex I sculpt in clay, make silicone rubber molds, and cast my finished pieces in hydrocal plaster. Hydrocal is stronger, denser, and finer than plaster of paris, but it is still too brittle for very thin or small pieces. I bought Cactus Juice to see if it would make tiny pieces durable enough for objects that are handled or worn as jewelry. I already have a vacuum chamber for degassing mold rubber, but my first test was a super-thin piece, which absorbed the CJ all the way through without needing the vacuum. It was a success! Way more break-resistant than without the CJ. So next I used the vac on a bunch of slightly larger pieces for an upcoming solo show. Cured dry Hydrocal sinks in CJ, so no need for a weight. MANY THANKS to Curtis for inventing the stuff, and also to the lapidarists who have posted their experiences here! The fact that it works on stone is what finally convinced me to try it!
Ann Zeleny ( Maryland )
I can't begin to say how happy I am with this product and the great service Curtis offers. I received my cactus juice in a day or two after I ordered it. At the time I ordered it, Curtis and I talked for quite some time on the proper method of its use. He was a great help! I have already done some knife scales and finished one knife. The scales turned out great on my first try. Going to be doing a lot more business with Curtis in the future.
Craig Fox
Curtis, as a business man, is a gem. He has always been helpful and always makes a point of getting back to you to answer your questions... even the dumb questions. His product is excellent and you can't go wrong buying from him. His honesty cannot be surpassed by any other business and he will treat you right in any circumstance. You can buy from him with confidence.
Bill Ellis ( Sanger, California )
So far all of my dealings with Turntex have been very satisfactory. The cactus juice product and dyes work just like they are supposed to. Stabilizing various woods has added a whole new dimension to my knife making. The results have been stunning and my customers are amazed at the incredible way the colors bring out the characteristics of the wood grains. I couldn't be more satisfied. Thanks Curtis for showing me the way with your tutorials. Sincerely, Alan Tollefson
Alan Tollefson ( ( Montrose, Colorado )
Very knowledgeable ... Received my chamber within the week of ordering. Will buy my Cactus Juice from him ...
Gerry Stover ( Culloden WV )
I needed advice and a part. Part went out same day and the advice was immediate. I can't speak higher of Curtis and his co-workers. From day one just top of the line products and services. The shipping is a fast as you can expect and the product knowledge is exceptional. I am a lifelong customer. Thanks.
Thomas Walter ( Central East Florida )
We have been using Cactus Juice and Curtis' chamber for 3 years now. His service is absolutely fantastic. His warranty can't be beat. Last but not least he is a man of his word. That beats any written crap that you get from some sites. Follow instruction and get perfect results every time. Jack Chaney Coos Custom Calls Coos Bay, Oregon
Coos Custom Calls ( Coos Bay, Oregon )
I have a 14 x 4 vacuum chamber which I have used to stabilize pen blanks and bangle blanks. I'm very happy with the results obtained by following the directions supplied on the website. I wrap the parts in aluminum foil for the baking operation, and allow them to cool slowly, lending good results. In summary, good product, good service. I will continue to be a customer
Bill Jones ( Florida )
Greetings fellow wood workers! I purchased a gallon of Cactus Juice, shipped quickly and packaged safely. It took me longer than I thought to fabricate my vacuum chamber, but once that was done I followed the directions and treated enough wood for 8 folding cribbage boards (16 pieces of 1x3x12). I used a variety of hardwoods. One of the types of wood I used is myrtle, I had two pieces in particular that I really liked because the knots and grain lines are beautiful. It also had lots of cracks as large as .03 wide. Once they were treated and I started to make cuts into the same areas where the cracks were located I was impressed at how the Cactus Juice filled the cracks and I was able to machine the features without issues. The only problem I had was with the Purple Heart wood, the Cactus Juice never set. If I remember correctly TurnTex warns about Purple Heart wood and I completely forgot that. I consider that to be "operator error" on my behalf. Purple Heart has silica and I think it doesn't allow the Cactus Juice to properly cure. I also am in the process of making cue sticks, I have about 20 blanks turned and ready for the vacuum chamber. I will be coming back to post the results of this work, I have not applied any finishes yet but I do look forward to that step!
Darryl Dawson ( Fremont CA )
I have used Cactus Juice for about a year now, using it to solidify wood for turning on my Rose Engine machine.\r\nThis allows me to use woods that would have fuzzy cut edges, or otherwise not take the details of this kind of work.\r\nThe owner of Turn Tex Woodworks TAKES CARE OF BUSINESS CORRECTLY. When I made my first order, his wife had just been admitted to the Hospital, and he notified me that my order would take a few days longer to get out. No way Jose, he had an employee get it right out to me. They will ship to Hawaii by USPS, instead of FEDEX or UPS which saves me a lot of cash, and is appreciated.\r\nBTW, the product works exactly as described and is a good buy.\r\nAloha\r\n
Douglas Leote ( Hilo, Hawaii )
We love Curtis and Turntex and Cactus Juice. Great people and products!
Susan Curington ( Oregon )
Juice proof vacuum chamber works amazingly and makes life a lot simpler. As usual cactus juice kicks a**! All my questions are answered anytime I have them and that means I'm a long term customer! Cheers
Brad J ( Victoria, Canada )
Curtis offers an excellent product and offers free advice on how to use it. No problems at all.
David ( Jax, Fl )
Great products and super service!\r\n\r\nLarry
Prairie Game Calls ( Illinois )
I bought some cactus juice to try on my knife scales and so far it works well I was pleased with the results.
Dale Wakeman ( Oviedo FL )
Prompt shipping. Well packaged. Great product.
Nelson Custom Cues ( Roches point, Ontario; Canada )
As a gunsmith, I have used the Cactus Juice for handgun stocks and knife handles with amazing results! I have not found a better product in 50 years of gun work. It's so simple to use on small projects using a brake bleeder for vacuum, toaster oven to cure, Mason jar with the vac tube cemented in the lid,that's it and the wood is sealed all for about $30! None better, I can assure you of that.
Gary Bryant ( Lecanto,Florida )
Bought Cactus Juice to stabilize spalted maple for pen blanks. Worked as advertised. \r\n\r\nCurtis is an honest vendor. I was impressed that he refunded the difference between estimated and actual shipping charges, even though it was a small amount.
Larry R ( Connecticut )
Ordered and have used Cactus Juice Resin with great success. Product is well priced, the service was top notch and the videos provided provide enough information to learn how to use the item. I have no complaints at all.
Dan Hood (BIGDH2000) ( Canton, Georgia )
Great product and greater customer support
David H ( Holland NY )
Turntex products are among the best on the market today reasonably priced with professional results and easy to use I would recommend to anyone who wants to try stablizing and or dying their own wood
Dale Allgier ( Salt lake city utah )
This is a very fine company offering only the highest quality in woods. The service is great and shipping is very prompt! I've ordered a number of times over the years and am very pleased! Dean
dean robertson ( Seattle Washington )
Thank You
Richard Gilbert ( Shamokin,Pa )
I've probably purchased somewhere around 40 gallons of Cactus Juice in the last 2 years or so. Or something close to that, anyway. I had a bit of a learning curve at first (I'm doing pretty large batches, 4-5 gallons of CJ per batch) and a few set-backs at first. However, after getting my set-up tweaked and being coached by Curtis, things started humming right along. I consider Curtis and Cactus Juice a Godsend. They allow me to produce the best products I can. I highly recommend both the product and the producer.
Durwin Enterprises LLC ( Harper Woods MI )
After building my own vacuum stabilizing rig, and a pressure infusing chamber, I was only partly satisfied with home-made concoctions. Minwax wood hardener was horrible. Acrylic dissolved in methyl ethyl ketone worked reasonably well, but had so-so penetration, and the solvent was pretty nasty. A friend told me about cactus juice, and I thought "heck, why not...". Best thing I ever did. From hardwoods to soft spalted woods, this stuff works wonderfully. Penetration is awesome, and the relatively low temp curing is easy to do. Cactus juice is the only thing I'm using to stabilize woods from now on.
Eric Dobratz ( Orange County, CA )
The main reason I brought the product Cactus-Juice was all the positive feedback I read on the net, I did try to purchase different brands but no-one would post it to Australia,I dealt Curtis he sent a lot of information before posting, answering every question I asked .The only problem I had was the price of overseas postage, (no fault of Turn-Tex).I have been using the Cactus-Juice for a year now. I've only told other wood workers about it in a positive light, Many thanks Don
Don Neil ( Perth Australia )
I love your product! I use it on all my knife handle material. Quick to arrive and easy to use thank you so much!
Vaden Forge ( Monterey Bay, CA )
Turn Tex Woodworks provide high quality vacuum chambers, stabilizer resin and supplies, along with excellent instructions and online video helps. If that is not enough, they also can be reached by phone for any other questions you might have about their fine products. I have used their product line to stabilize all material that need that process before turning. I appreciate all their help and support to me as a pen turner and the excellent results their products give to my turnings. Greatly appreciated, Joanna White
Joanna White ( Manchester, MI )
I have bought and used cactus juice and was very satisfied with the results.I will buy more at a later date.
freddie haire ( sunray texas 79086 )
This product is easy to use and produces a stable piece of wood that turns well. I am still listing new and exciting ideas to try and will soon start my experimentation .
Tom edwards ( Sandiego ca. )
I purchased some Cactus Juice to try stabilizing wood after viewing You-Tube videos. I build my own vacumm chamber, and following the directions, was able to stabilize, both with and with dye, several pieces of wood. Once cured, this wood turned well on my lathe. I have not used any other stabilizing product, but the Cactus Juice worked so well that I probably never will. Delivery was quick and easy. I can heartily recommend Cactus Juice as a great stabilizing product.
Mike ( Madison, AL )
I wanted to purchase some CA glue, and had some issues locating where I had purchased it last time. I had some circumstances keep me from my workshop, and it was approx 5 years before getting back at it. Well, I did some looking around, and after a long period of surfing the web, and contacts,, I was told you purchased that part of the business from the person I used to get it from,, anyway,, long story short, you had the CA that I always used and liked, and it arrived on my door step approx 3 days after purchase,,, I keep your info handy for the next order. Love the product, and it is well worth the price.. Thank you.
Randy Clapper ( Fruitport, Michigan )
I've found Turn Tex products to be of high quality that have worked very well when used as directed. I expect to use much more as time goes by. My number one choice !
Phil Ernest ( Whittier, CA. )
Great product and always a pleasure to business with !
I purchased the cactus juice to stabilize some soft wood that I had.I do not have a vacuum pot like Curtis sells mine is a converted paint pot. Once I decided on how to best use my pot with the product I must say it worked great. All the pieces I used it on came out completely saturated and cured just as advertised. If you have any soft woods that cannot be used all you need to do is order the Cactus Juice and the wood becomes good as new.
Mike Taylor ( Nashville, TN )
I have used Cactus Juice for several years and love it. No problems. No smell, easy clean-up and storage.\r\nCustomer service has always been excellent. Curtis has always been helpful. He always takes the time to listen to and answer any questions I have thrown his way. No better product and no better customer service anywhere! \r\n
Tony Lilley ( Southern Missouri )
My dealings with Turn Tex have been most satisfactory. Cactus Juice is an excellent product and the service has always been very prompt. I recommend Cactus Juice as the stabilizing agent of choice in the classes I teach.
Michael Meredith ( Lake Oswego, OR )
Been using cactus juice for over two years now. Love the stuff. Easy to use and does what it says on the bottle. Curtis has been a great help with Q&As. Will be making my next batch order soon.
Kumar ( Malaysia )
I have not tested the cactus juice yet because i have to build my vacuum chamber but the delivery is very fast and secure from USA to FRANCE by USPS. European customer you can buy without fear. Les petits Français vous pouvez acheter sans crainte, c'est rapide et bien emballé. Jean-Marc
Jean-Marc ( FRANCE )
As always, fast service and plenty of great advice.
Jim Burr ( Reno, NV )
I find your product Cactus Juice excellent. By that I mean very easy to use. Consistent in the out come each time I use it. I do not do a lot of stabilizing yet, I got started watching a YouTube video and the presenter recommended the Cactus Juice. \r\nI bought a small amount and learned to build my own vacuum chamber. Then I bought my first gallon. \r\nWhen I ordered this shipment you were on vacation and your staff accidentally spilled a bunch. So the order was later than promised. I appreciated your transparent approach to letting me know the circumstance. Within your updated estimate. I am happy to support undefended, honest suppliers like you. Thanks Roy
Roy Sanders ( Platte city Missouri )
Great product. Been using it for over a year now and love it. If I have every had any questions Curtis has been more than happy to answer them. Great company to deal with
Randy Gill ( Azle Tx )
Great Products and Service! Will purchase from this company again!
Jesse ( PA )
I placed my first order after talking with Curtis on the phone. He was incredibly helpful in helping me set up my first stabilizing setup. The Cactus Juice was extremely easy to use and the results on my first batch of sweet Magnolia burl were STUNNING. Thank you again Curtis and you can look forward to more orders from me. I nearly forgot, aside from the excellent customer service, the turnaround and shipping times are lightning fast.
Mark Roe ( North Idaho )
I began stabilizing my own products about 2 years ago. I have tried other products but keep coming back to Cactus Juice. \r\n\r\nThe first thing you notice is the quick shipping that comes from Turn Tex, I mean that day or the next at the latest. \r\n\r\nThis product takes dye easily, and sets up as the directions say. I always soak it overnight just to be sure I get the penetration I want and I heat it for an extra hour. Doing this I get no mistakes and doing this I get a solid piece that buffs up beautifully. \r\n\r\nTech support is awesome also.
Thomas ( Texas )
As always, great product, great service!! Can't go wrong with Curtis!!! I am on my 8th gallon of Cactus juice. It does as good of a job as the same stuff the "Pros" use. Better than a few, doesn't stink to high heaven and always fully cures.
Steve ( High Point )
Love the juice ship time was good. Can't wait to use the dyes
Ed fancon ( Michigan )
Ordered this product after epic fail of homemade vacuum, this vacuum is excellent workmanship and also comes with excellent customer service.\r\n\r\nThanks very much,\r\nCharles
Charles Lloyd ( Chiefland Florida )
I have had wonderful results with cactus juice. Does the job it supposed to. What more can you ask for. And customer service is wonderful. I created a problem that was my own fault. But Curtis went far beyond what most companys would have. He didn't have to do anything. And that counts a lot to me. the customer service is why I will always come back. And hey the product is great to. Yall can't go wrong here.
Shane Bowlin ( Louisiana )
Yet another great transaction. I expect a good professional exchange every time and Curtis never fails to meet expectations. I am a lifelong customer and will always recommend Turntex to my friends and family. They are truly the best In the business.
Tom Walter ( Central Florida )
Very pleased with first stabalized knife blanks.
Robert Wright ( Hernando, Mississippi )
Very pleased with service. Had a problem with shipment of the product (no fault of Turn Tex) and upon contacting company was very happy with the speedy resolution. It is so nice to work with honest folks in this day and age, look forward to my continued patronage.
Randy ( ND )
A very enjoyable experience. Easy ordering, fast shipping, and a great product. Cactus juice does everything I need it to do! Thanks
duxhavenforge ( sulphur, la )
Thank you for your very fast delivery,also for the\r\nfollow up information on use of the product. This\r\nwas very helpful.
Neenah Creek Calls ( Wisconsin )
Excellent service, my 2 gallons of juice arrived within a week of ordering and even with the shipping the price was more than competitive with other options here in the UK. 10/10 for product and service.
Chris ( Solihull, UK )
Our business is expanding as a direct result of stabilizing our wood with cactus juice. We have the best results and feedback with this product!
Order was received quickly, and accurately. I'm just beginning to stabilize wood, and so far your cactus juice has worked exactly as advertised. I have been very happy with both the product, and the service.
David Seidler ( Camarillo, California )
I order the cactus juice and received it in 3 days very good customer service. The juice is a great product it turns soft wood into hard useful wood. Going to order some more as I need it. Thanks
Steven ( Kentucky )
Great Customer Service! Great advice! You can't go wrong here!
Hardy Hobbs ( Seguin, Tx )
Have had the opportunity to use it only once (going to the second time today) and it seems to do what I had expected. Easy to use and easy to clean up. Like the fact that the quart containers are already mixed
Ronald H. Davis ( Auburn, KS )
Fast shipment, good product and service. Satisfied customer from Sweden.
Andreas ( Sweden )
Service and followup are first class. Instructions on web site are great. Shipping is amazingly fast. Received 2 days after order. Used juice on very dry beautifully marbled, 100 year old cedar blanks cut 45 degrees to the grain. Wood tended to tear rather than cut. Some blanks completely failing along grain line. Finished blanks tended to check on end grain. Cactus juice did good job making blanks usable penetrating the entire blank. It did darkened the blank and the blanks also discolored the cactus juice light red. Juice works as promised. Blanks now finish and turn great. Occasional failure 45 degree grain line if too aggressive with cut at end of blank. Cactus juice will be a staple in my shop.
Troy ( Middleton, Tennessee )
The order arrive the day you said it would and was in good shape. I am cooking my first try as I am typing this. Thanks for your service.
Hugh Eddy ( 211 E. Oak St. Caldwell, Idaho 83605 )
I am using Cactus Juice now am getting very good results. TurnTex has very good turnaround time and pricing.
Gaylord Koehn ( Colorado )
I have found that Cactus juice has fulfilled all my needs as far a stabilization of my wood. Curtis has been so helpful and answered all my questions to my satisfaction. I would not hesitate to recommend his product to anyone.
Mike Littlefield ( Lubbock, Texas )
I have to say this has been the best experience I have had dealing with a company. Customer service is by far the best I have ever experienced with a company. His experience and giving attitude to help anyone that needs guidance is unparalleled. When Curtis said " I'm available till midnight" he truly means it. Very surprising to have access to someone with this much knowledge at all times. I will always support Curtis and his products. I am thankful to have found a company with an easy to use product that has taken my blanks to another level. Deal with confidence. Sean
Sean Ashmore ( Florida )
I have nothing but a great experience with Turntex Woodworks. If it wasn't for Turntex Woodworks and the products he provides, my business wouldn't be where it is today. Thanks again, Tom M. Chain Reaction Game Calls
Tom M. ( Maryland )
Once again, great service on my last order. Rapid shipping at a fair price, and always follow-up with TurnTex!! Will continue to use this supplier! Thanks Curtis!
Reuben m. Prichard Jr. / Heartwood Mods: The Grove ( Colts Neck, NJ )
This is my second order from TurnTex and both have been on time and just as advertised. The stuff works and the service is more to say.
William Frank ( Decatur Island, WA )
I have only used it once and was very satisfied with the results. I have wanted one for a while now. Love the dye and everything about it. Thank you very much. I look forward to many years of use.
Wayne Chunn ( Lawrenceburg, Tennessee )
Great service fast shipping and a great product. Dave
David Dobbs ( IL )
I had an issue with one batch of the product which I wasn't sure if it was my fault or the CJ but I commented on Social Media and Curtis without hesitation made me aware that a new gallon was in the mail already to me. His customer service is unmatched in the industry. Thanks again for the great service you provide!
Jeremiah Hix ( Alaska )
I have been using Cactus Juice now for 6 mounths. Not only is it the best resin I have ever used but Curtis is a great guy. With out Curtis and Cactus Juice I wouldn't be in business. Thanks buddy you have a great product and even better customer service!
Ken ( Eugene Oregon )
Best Customer Service you will ever come across and the product that I ordered, arrived very quickly. I did a bit of research on stabilizing material for knife scales before my purchase and the Cactus Juice from Turntex, is one of the best products that is available. Add in the great customer service from Curtis and the decision to purchase form Turntex will be an easy one.
Jerry Holden ( Houston, Texas )
I purchased the round cylinder style option. Product was very well finished and has worked to perfection. I use a two stage, 3 CFM, Harbor Freight vacuum pump with unit. Pulls a dead vacuum right out of the box. Came with all the fitting needed and no leaks. Pulls a vacuum so hard that oils in the wood actually came out of the wood and into the juice. I use this to stabilize very punky and marbled woods for inlay purposes in luthiery work. Owner keep my apprised as to where the product was in the build the entire time. Buy with confidence.
Mark Granger ( Pittsburg, California )
I ordered a gallon of Cactus Juice last month and received it within a few days. I just stabilized my first batch of scrap wood (10 pen blanks cut from wood from a shipping crate) and completed a Cigar pen using one of the stabilized blanks. I used green Alumilite dye in this first batch. The pen and the blanks all turned out great. I followed Curtis's directions for the entire process and had no problems. I just got back from a week long pen turning class that Barry Gross taught at Marc Adams School of Woodworking in Indiana, and Barry demonstrated the stabilizing process as part of the class. (The class was excellent, by the way.) I'll be purchasing more Cactus Juice as soon as I finish this first gallon. Good stuff.
Glenn Friedenreich ( Ellendale, DE )
Cactus Juice is a great product works great. Curtis Has helped with all inquires. Helped with problems I caused. Helped me produce a better product.
Ronald F ( Arkansas )
Used the wood stabilizer with dyes. It worked great. I am a custom knife maker and I'm always looking for handle material. I stabilized some tiger maple and it turned out beautiful. A quick polish and ready to go. thanks for a great product.
chet ( Illinois )
I was introduced to the process of wood stabilization by a friend and now that I have tried it on my pen blanks and knife handles I am totally sold on the process. My timber finishes are so much more professional looking, the micro cracking does not occur any more and my tools are not affected by the addition of Cactus Juice in the wood and the stabilization process is not difficult to do. Thank you Curtis for your valuable web site and follow up help when needed. Regards. Malcolm McDonald
Malcolm McDonald ( Batemans Bay Australia )
This is the first time I have Catus Juice for stabilizing wood. I am very impressed with the product.
William Mann ( Brunswick, Ga )
Your service was awesome. I was impressed with the promptness getting the product to me, and I completed my first project with outstanding results. Worked exactly as advertised. My only criticism is the web site recommended that I only pay a deposit for the vacuum chamber, but in doing so it only deducted the deposit amount from the total price, and asked me to pay all but the deposit amount. This didn't make sense, so I chose to pay the entire amount. Overall, I am a very happy customer, and I will order again. ***My Comments: I am not sure what happened with your order and the deposit. I have tried to duplicate it on my end and have not been able to. I have had many customers who have only paid the deposit without any trouble. Sorry you had this experience. If I knew why, I would fix it!***
Dave Seidler
Very fast shipping and reasonable rate. I am well pleased with the product. Also the directions and tutorials are most helpful. A great place to buy products and to learn.
Robert Ebersole ( Manheim, Pa )
The company i would recommend for fast delivery of product. Curtis helps me with my projects and is responsive to questions I have as I am new to stabilizing woods. Thanks again and more power!
Norman Tabangay ( Philippines )
The thing I regret is I waited this long to order and try Cactus Juice. I have tried other processes but none work this simple and easy. The first piece of wood I tried was spalted White Oak for knife scales turned out great, next was spalted hack berry for a duck call the wood turned fantastic and polished out perfect. I recommend this product if you want a good solid finish on your project. Thanks
Glen Maynard ( Gunter Tx. )
I have had several purchases from Curtis so far, and I am a very satisfied customer. I just got his vacuum camber and it's first-rate. Well designed, well crafted, well built. I highly recommend TurnTex for your stabilizing needs.
Jeff Riechel ( Snohomish, WA )
It is refreshing to find someone...anyone... who gives "customer service" more than lip service. Curtis at TurnTex is serious about customer service going well beyond anything we as customers have a right to expect. Thank you, Curtis, it is always a pleasure to do business with you.
Richard Spencer ( Southern California )
Excellent product and even better customer service. Thanks so much my friend!
Matt Manning ( Tennessee )
I recently purchased your vacuum tank and Cactus Juice. I make kitchen cutlery with handle scales of various woods. I could not me more satisfied. Your products are of awesome quality and your service and business ethics are impeccable. Great to business with you. Thank you, Curtis
Phil Feinberg / Rockin One Knives ( McCall, Idaho )
Turn Tex stands by it's products with outstanding customer service. Curtis is a pleasure to deal with. I gladly recommend doing business with him. You will not be disappointed.
H Biscardi ( South Park CO )
AWESOME! Besides offering great products, it's a pleasure working with Curtis. He's taken the time to provide some great answers to questions I put to him. For example, I recently asked about appropriate vacuum levels for blank stabilization. Curtis went so far as to look up the elevation above sea level for the city in which I live to determine the maximum theoretical vacuum. Now is that going the extra mile or what?!?! Oh yeah, and talk about FAST shipping, I think Curtis saw my recent order come in and he must have dropped everything, packed my order and ran to the post office because it's the only way I would have gotten my order as quickly as I did!!!!! Thanks Curtis. Keep up the good work!
Bernard Conway ( Appleton, WI )
Can always count on Curtis to get my order out really fast and really well packaged..Thanks
bobby bordelon ( lake charles,la )
Curtis is always great to deal with. I ordered my resin on Wednesday and had it on Friday. Can't beat his service or product.
Tim McBride ( MS )
It fills the pithy part of deer and elk horns perfectly!
Scott Reed
I have only been able to use my vacuum setup and Cactus Juice once since receiving them a couple of weeks ago. The vacuum worked flawlessly and the Cactus Juice worked as promised. I am very happy with my purchases from TurnTex. I will definitely buy from Curtis again and highly recommend his products. Andrew Ponder ( rat10588 )
My order was shipped promptly and arrived with no issues, I look forward to continuing business with Turn Tex.
Garrett Wishon ( NC )
I recently ordered some Cactus Juice from TurnTex and am extremely pleased with the results I obtained while stabilizing wood for making pen blanks. The shipping was quick and the product was easy to use and worked exactly as described. I will be ordering more Cactus Juice from TurnTex.
Bob McDougal ( Bessemer, Al. )
we recieved the 'cactus juice' almost immediately. the service was amazing.
horace smith ( austin )
I Absolutely LOVE this stuff!! One thing: for hard woods like Koa, the times given for vacuum and soak are off. I've found, after extensive testing(and checking, double checking, and rechecking all my equipment), that a minimum of 24 hours at max achievable vacuum(29+ inhg at my location), followed by a minimum of 48 hours soak(no pressure), is necessary to achieve full 100% penetration in a 2x2x5 block of Koa. Also, a good moisture meter is VITAL to this process!! You should read 0% moisture in the block both before, and after, to achieve the best results. If your block reads moisture content after stabilizing, you didn't get 100%. Thank you guys for such an amazing product!!!!!
Peter Rushton- AKA Peteskustomkoa on IG ( Hawaii )
Works geat, no problems! Great service, thanks Curtis!
Phil ( Albuquerque )
I received my order of Cactus Juice, wrapped nicely in a plastic bag. I openned the bag and there was no leakage. I put the Cactus Juice to work on some Grape Vine wood that I got from a friend. The wood was soft with cracks and voids from knots. After running through the process of stabilizing and cooking, the wood turned nicely. Thanks for the great product. I will do business with you again.
Kent Vest ( Burbank, CA )
I own a production size chamber with all the connections and gauges pre-installed it is wonderful! I can stabilize pen blanks, knife blanks and even medium size bowl blanks! Curtis is a tremedous resource. He uses the product he sells and is always willing to give you tips and pointers on what to do or not to do. Do not hesitate to purchase a complete system from turn tex. I tell you from experience, with service and a warrantee like Curtis O. Seebeck offers, you will not fail!
Jerry L Maskill ( San Antonio, Texas )
I have ordered many items from Curtis and have found that without exception they were all of the highest quality and I was totally satisfied. I recently order a stabilizing chamber and his communication throughout the process was excellent. I highly recommend Turn Tex. Neal
Neal Armstrong ( Austin, TX )
I enjoy the site and the information available. The Cactus Juice works great, the price is fair, and competitive. Shipping was prompt and courteous with emailed tracking. We will continue to do business with Turn Tex Woodworks. Thank you and keep up the good work. Eastman's Heirloom Woodturnings
Todd Eastman ( Spartansburg,Pa )
Love using the Cactus Juice and the "Juice Proof" chamber I ordered. Works amazing, straight forward and I've had any question I could ever have answered very quickly. Also using the Alumilite and again all technical questions and theories answered really quickly which has made for some amazing projects and happy clients. Will be ordering again!
Brad ( Canada )
This cactus juice is awesome. Ive been using minwax wood hardener and it was costing me and using lots of it. This juice I've been using it now for a week have stabilized 60 blanks and still have over a half gallon left.and I can really tell the difference when drilling and turning the blanks.the brass pen inserts hold better when super glued. I will order more of this juice. And very fast shipping. Thanks so much what a great product.
Marion Simon ( Waynesburg PA )
I went with cactus juice because I was having trouble with the other stabalizer I was using before. I emailed Curtis with a few questions about successfully stabalizing the wood I have. He ended up calling me very soon after and we talked for a while. He gave me great information and was laid back and easy to talk to. The next day I had a perfect batch of knife scales! Thanks Curtis.
Adam ( Oregon )
I receive Quickly and as described. Very Satisfied with this stabilizing w Cactus juice! Works fantastic! I will be buying more from this Seller again!!!
Blades In Leather ( Kiln, Ms. )
My experience stabilizing my own spalted wood with Cactus Juice has been great. Not only does Cactus Juice work nicely, but the process is very easy, and Curtis has been very good about help with any minor technical details. I would recommend Cactus Juice to anyone wishing to stabilize . Bill Kimbrough
Bill Kimbrough ( Houston, Texas )
This is my third order and and each time I'm amazed at how fast I get the product. It's nice to deal with a company that will answer questions and help a new guy get things figured out. I can't imagine any better service anywhere. Thanks again
Shawn Holt ( Idaho )
I have used Turn Tex products for 5+ years. The quality has been superb. The technical information on their website is very helpful and I have found it to be very accurate. When I had additional questions Curtis has been very responsive. I am very particular in the products I use. Would highly recommend their products. Carl Smith
Carl Smith ( Arizona )
I ordered my Turntex vacuum chamber around 6 months ago together with the "Cactus Juice" resin. I am extremely pleased with the quality of the product and the customer service I have received from Curtis. If you read this Curtis, you can count on me being a regular customer from now on. Thank you Sandy (Jacklore knives England)
Alexander Jack aka Sandy ( England )
First time user and everything went very well. Had no problems stabilizing or curing. Very happy with the results. Thanks
Doug Beasley ( Benson NC )
I recently purchased a vacuum chamber and 1 gallon of Cactus Juice. I am very pleased with the build quality of the chamber. But I'm very impressed with the customer service Curtis provides. He has answered numerous questions for me, via email, almost as if he were in my garage carrying on a conversation. He clearly is proud to operate his business at the highest standards of customer satisfaction. I will definitely continue to by products from Turn Tex!
Rockford M Hayes ( Rio Rancho NM )
I appreciate Curtis and his commitment to our industry. He produces a good product and I stand behind his integrity and product. Thank you for a great service! The Burl Hunter
Greg Dahl aka The Burl Hunter ( Grants Pass, Oregon )
No problems, Fast shipping. Follow Curtis' instructions and you will be set up to go. Works great. Thanks
Bob Armstrong
I have ordered two stabilizing chambers from Turntex Woodworks and continue to order cactus juice. Curtis has always been helpful and works with me when I encounter shipping problems due to my location. I trust their products and will continue to order from them for many years to come.
James White ( Military; South Korea )
I haven't tried the product yet but it looks very well made and I appreciate the good faith with the payment. Thanks Steve Denney
Steve Denney ( Palmer Alaska )
More than pleased with the quality of the vacuum chamber that you supplied.Cactus juice is easy to use.The wood I have stabilised so far turned out great.Will try stabilising horn next.
bill spender ( middlesbrough UK )
Sorry Curtis I forget to leave some feed back. What can I say its been about 5 years since we started doing business together and I got my first gal of cactus juice. since than I have ordered several gals and a few different chambers. I cant say enough about your newest chambers. they are perfect and so easy to clean. some days I mite run as many as 8-to 10 different batches of wood during a competition has been blown away they can't compete with the type of scales we are producing. and at the cost we are making them for all thanks to cactus juice. Thanks again Curtis you should see another order soon. Log in to our web site and see some of the new stuff we have been making
chris lopez ( denver co )
I use wood, antler, and horn for knife handles and use Cactus Juice to stabilize those natural materials. I learned how to do this from reading on the internet (many sources) and watching videos on the Turntex website. Turntex products are great! They are easy to use, cost effective, and extraordinarily effective. His videos are very informative and easy to understand. I have been totally satisfied with Turntex products (vacuum chamber and all accessories and the Cactus Juice itself) and plan to buy more juice. If there is a need to stabilize porous materials, Turntex is the answer.
Curtis Olson ( Minnesota )
Great service and fast shipping, my woods seem to love this Juice and I like what it does to my woods...!\r\nGV
George Valentine ( South Australia )
Great communication, prompt delivery and well packaged. Both the Cactus Juice and vacuum vessel/valve etc are performing as required, I wish I heard about Turntex 3 years ago! I was able to order a slightly longer vessel as my blades have huge handles, I was running out of the box in about 10 mins even with the need to heat shrink a piece of tube to fit the one supplied, in all a great service with a personal touch.
Wessex Blades UK ( West of England Nr, Bath )
Curtis is a pleasure to work with. My Cactus Juice order was here within a couple of days. The resin itself is great for stabilizing exotic hardwoods for custom cutlery. It is easy to work with and the wood retains its color and character. I highly recommend TurnTex and the products he sells.
H Biscardi ( South Park, CO )
Always have a great experience with turntex and Curtis. I even messed my order up last time and they got it sorted and sent out correct with no issues. When I've had problems with my method of getting everything right CURTIS has always taken time to help. Can't say enough positive things about this company!
Greg Vest
The owner Curtis actually called me while I was in my shop to answer a question I had. Seriously, how many owners would take the time and have the patience to talk to his customers like he did in my case? What a fantastic guy and he was able to break down the process is layman's terms so I could understand LOL. In addition, his product is bar none the best on the market! Darrin S. Tactical Combat Tools TCT Knives
Darrin Sirois ( Fayetteville, NC )
Absolute pleasure to deal with. Instant dispatch of the Cactus Juice that I ordered which arrived in excellent packaging, wicked fast from the USA. I will be order my next lot very soon. Thanks very much Curtis :-)
Matt Ryan ( Hamilton, New Zealand )
Curtis, I appreciate your quick response to my question re: the casting resin and dye. Your shipping with good will is much appreciated as I have done the same for my customers who have purchased pens and etc. from me. The quality of the products make them very easy to work with and your willingness to share your knowledge is very helpful. Thank you for the integrity you have. Dave Hunter HunterMadeProducts
Dave Hunter ( Billings,MT )
Incredible product! I'm a forester and I make duck calls. I specifically look for spalted and rotting wood. Cactus Juice turns the punkiest and most rotten wood into a solid and beautiful and usable product.
Rob Mynatt ( Little Rock, AR )
I'm a new knife maker and I've been using this product from the beginning. Anytime I have questions or need advise your are eager to assist me.
Kevin Sprouse ( South Carolina )
I have been using cactus juice now for about two years. The only problems I've had were my own fault, which after talking with Curtis on the phone I got straightened out immediately. Great product, great service, couldn't ask for a better experience all around. I will continue to trade with Curtis for as long as he is in business!
Philip Collier
Delivered quickly. Had a few questions which Curtis answered then gave me some tips for a first-time user. Stabilized my first batch of Spalted Tamarind and it worked well when turned - no tearouts or splits. Will be ordering more! Thanks Curtis.Enjoyed talking to you! Bob
Bob Montgomery ( White Hall, Arkansas )
A friend introduced me to pen making just as I was retiring, and it fit right in with resurrecting a few old hobbies that had been shelved for a while. I'm new at it, but I love it. It is very satisfying when the final product comes out well or even better than you expected. Your Cactus Juice and your service has been better than expected, adding more pleasure to the experience of pen making. I look forward to talking with you (as I do have questions) and purchasing from you again in the future. Ken
Ken Clark ( Waterville, Maine )
Hi , I received your cactus juice shipped fast to me. you don't waist any time shipping! Thank you. This juice works wonderful. I like how hard the wood is after it is treated . It's a pleasure to turn and finish my pen blanks. Thank you for making this product available. you can bet I will be ordering more from you. My half gal. is all used up. Can't wait to get some more. Lots more wood to treat.Thanks again, Bill T
Bill Trowbridge ( State College Pa )
Great service. Order was here in 2 days. The only problem was there was some leakage due to loose bottle caps. When I emailed was told that you have switched back to your original cap supplier and you would give me a discount coupon for my next order.
David Banister ( Pittsford, NY )
I have been using the Turn Tex vacuum chamber for a few years now and while I have have some problems over the years I must say that customer service has been great. With my latest order of Cactus Juice, I again had a small problem. The gallon bottle of Juice leaked during transit (only lost a little bit of liquid). However, because of the way that the bottle was packaged (wrapped in a heavy plastic bag with double-sealed top which was itself contained in another heavy plastic bag and then boxed), the mess was well contained and easy to clean up. The system works great with the newer design being a big improvement over the original. While it may not always be perfect, Curtis always goes the extra mile to make things right.
Keith Szafranski ( Montana )
No problem here, Cactus Juice was shipped fast. Stabilizer unit works the way its suppose to. Stabilized some spalted wood and it doubled in weight. Thanks Curtis for your help
Bob Armstrong
Cactus Juice continues to elevate our business with quality products. Curtis provides a superior level of customer service. He extends a wonderful blend of business and personal qualities!
Californiawoods ( Santa Rosa, Ca )
Customer service is the best in the business for sure. Always willing to communicate and willing to make things right if something goes wrong. Thanks again. Says it cleared customs, so should be here anytime now.
Chanse Regier ( Canada )
As always, outstanding service. Shipping faster than you can believe! I am a repeat customer of several years and will continue to be so. Great Job Curtis!
Richard Landreth ( Shenandoah Valley of Virginia )
Another order of Cactus Juice, again, great service, fast shipping, always a pleasure! What can I say, Curtis is what every Business person should be! He and his business model are old school ethic's with all the modern technological advance's. Quality product's and excellent customer service. Period.
Steve ( Greensboro, NC )
Awesome stuff! Works like a charm!
Jesse Rise ( Washington )
I found TurnTex products being talked about in some forums. They discussed the quality of the products and service. Every word is true, I am amazed with the service you have provided and I look forward to purchasing from you in the future. Great Job!!!
Kevin Calvert ( Chandler, Texas )
Great product, service and value. Can't ask for more...
Patrick Lorne ( Delray Beach, FL )
Highly satisfied with the service and products. I'm a custom knife maker and yes I could buy stabilized wood from several suppliers. However, I like to learn and use new products and I really like the Cactus Juice. Used it for the first time today and happy as heck. Sorry, but I had to go with another site for a vacuum chamber. I needed at least 9 inches in diameter and about 9 inches deep. Cooking my second batch now, the Juice is the way to go.
Paul H. Holloway ( Norfolk, Va )
Great product. Can't wait to use it more, just looking for things to stabilize hahaha.
Shane ( Texas )
This is my first order of cactus juice so I ordered the smallest amount to see if I like it. I like the product and I will be ordering more in the future. The only issue I had was the bottle leaked during shipping. I'm not sure of the amount that leaked out because I don't know how much there was to begin with. Great product though.
Jake Gillham ( Poteau Oklahoma )
As we refine our stabilization process we learn more each day. Ordered another two gallons of CJ for moving into dyed woods. The order was handled promptly and I received the products very quickly. \r\n\r\nI would like to recommend that we add a user group to the TT web site.. It would be quite beneficial to be able to exchange Ideas and experiences with the products.\r\n\r\nAnother useful piece of information would be to maintain a list of various woods and the characteristics that would inform if the wood was a good candidate for stabilization, and if so, recommendations on techniques for straight, single dye, multi-dye.
Reuben Prichard ( Colts Neck, NJ )
You cannot ask for better customer service! I had an issue that I could not figure out. I left a message for Curtis. He called me back within a reasonable amount of time. We brainstormed a solution and he sent me free replacement material. What else could I ask for! Thank you for the great service.\r\nRegards,\r\nGreg W.
Greg W ( Maryland )
This was my second order for Cactus juice, product works very well and delivery was prompt. Plan to use more , thank you\r\n Harold
Harold Jones ( perry county PA. )
Curtis consistently delivers on being able to provide the best value with his Cactus Juice, and trumps that with invaluable advice on using it from both practical and artistic perspectives, including help with his packaged chambers or your own. Truly, there are fewer and fewer longstanding businesses around where you call and the person who answers the phone is the one who knows the answers from first hand experience. And, Turntex guarantees are the best around! Thank you Curtis, and best of continued success with Turntex!!
Tim Rinehart ( Mint Hill, NC )
Thanks Curtis for the great service and for answering all the beginner questions that I had. I think this is number 4 gallon of juice that I have ordered and have never been disappointed with your product. Great stuff!!!
Rich VanBeek ( Kalkaska, MI )
Top service, quick response, direct delivery, what more could one ask for!\r\n\r\nThanks Curtis
David ( Germany )
As usual, my order was promptly processed and shipped. Always look forward to doing business with Turntex!\r\n\r\nRob
ROB Roby
Back for more "Juice" What can I say, I found this stuff years ago and haven't found anything close to it\s performance. It works. If you intend to use this stuff often. Buy a minimum of 1 gallon. A Gallon does an awful lot of pen blanks and knife scales. You will find other use's too. That Gallon won't be around long. As for Curtis, the guy is class. Period. Shipping is fast, always. Got a question, he knows the answer! If he doesn't know the answer, you don't need to know it either!
Burls & Wood Pens ( High Point, NC )
Thanks for the quick shipment and smooth transaction for the one gallon of Cactus Juice, Curtis!\r\nWill definitely be ordering more in the near future.\r\nTim
Tim Holt ( Vacaville, CA )
I haven't had a chance to use my Cactus Juice yet but if it's half as good as Curtis' communication and support, I won't be disappointed.
Mark Smith
I have been very happy with the service from TurnTex Woodworks. The timing of the shipping and the customer service is fantastic. I generally receive a notification the day of purchase that the product is has been shipped. I also find that the product I purchased is always ready to be used and is a very good product. I use the Cactus Juice and add dyes to stabilize wood for knife handles and pens. This product is fantastic and top notch.
Chris Counts ( South Carolina )
I have used TurnTex exclusively for my wood stabilization needs. The products are great, and the service is outstanding! Curtis, the owner, is never to busy to answer questions or help when the need arises. I am confident that if you ask any wood turner where to go for wood stabilization, Curtis/TurnTex will be at the top of their list!\r\n\r\nMark\r\
Mark Seymour ( Michigan )
Curtis, this is my 2nd order for the Cactus Juice. This order arrived with my mail, late in the evening. I did what every wood butcher would do, started vacuuming a bowl blank. Once again it worked beautifully. Tonight I just finished cooking a piece of drift wood that looks like a bird and has become so punky that I would not let anyone touch it, it came out as if it were petrified. Thank you for the great product and the fast shipping. I'll order again. Stan
Stan Helms ( Baytown, Tex )
This is a great product. I have ordered twice now, and shipping was quick. I just used it to stabilize a 3x6x6 spalted maple bowl blank that was very punky. The product worked perfectly, so I was able to turn a beautiful bowl. It would have disintegrated on the lathe otherwise. I will use this product for all of my stabilization needs. Good show.
John Bruhnke ( Spartanburg, SC )
After ordering Cactus Juice I found the response to be prompt and everything was as advertised. I followed the instructions and tutorials and got very satisfactory results. This is a good product which will greatly improve the quality of my knives.
Jared Dunlap ( Port Neches, Texas )
When you purchase a TurnTex stabilizing system you're not just getting the best system on the market but the best customer service before, during and after the sale. Having the right equipment is only part of the process. The right information can be the difference between success and failure. Curtis is always just a phone call away, ready to answer your questions and guide you through the process. It's well worth the wait to go with a TurnTex system!
Lenny Howard ( Searsport, Maine )
After building my own vacuum chamber with some pointers from Curtis, I finally pulled the trigger and ordered some cactus juice. Still have not had the time to try it out, but I can say the ordering and shipping process were quite pleasant. Product arrived in short order as promised.\r\nOne suggestion: It would be nice if we could get the activator in 2 or more smaller bottles so that we can activate smaller amounts of juice to make it last longer.\r\nOverall, I am quite happy with the product and service.
Apex Custom Woodworks ( Michigan )
The cactus juice works great. I have ordered it twice and both times it arrived in 4 days.
Richard Anders ( Greenville, SC )
Wow, as a new user of Cactus Juice products, I have to say I'm hooked! Easy as pie to use, predictable results and a beautiful finish. I will be a return customer for as long as I can! Thank you for your amazing product.
Brian Doyer ( Seattle, WA. )
Great setup. Exactly what I wanted. Works perfectly. No problems. You've been very helpful. I really appreciate it.
Cactus Juice seems to exactly as claimed. I bought a setup to stabilize wood because I had some buckeye burl pen blanks that were to nice to sit in the shelf any longer. After a few hours in CJ and then the toaster oven the blanks are solid and hard and turned like a dream! \r\n\r\nThanks Curtis!
Patrick Sikes ( St Petersburg, FL )
A plus mr!
mike stelzner ( mn )
I NEED MORE CACTUS JUICE!!!! great product amazing results now to get more
Nick @Luna Mods ( Florida )
Great guy to deal with, products are always as promised and great quality, shipped when expected. Very happy with my purchase.
Jeremy ( Oregon )
I have been very pleased with turntex cactus juice. Service has been excellent and products shipped very quickly. A great overall expierience!
Duxhavenforge ( Sulphur, la )
Hi folks, I am a woodturner who uses a lot of punky, spalted maple. After finding out about Curtis and his amazing CACTUS JUICE, it sounded like just the thing I needed to make my turnings much more easily turned and much more presentable. I bought the 6 inch vacuum chamber with all of the fittings and some JUICE to get started. Very easy and very pleased. Curtis shipped my package of goodies as soon as they were available and they arrived in perfect shape just as advertised. Now I am able to use much more of my stock of maple without it getting wasted or destroyed in the turning process. I spoke to Curtis on the phone and he was very accommodating and very knowledgeable. I look forward to doing business with him in the near future.
ROB Roby ( Lanesville, IN )
I had a very pleasant transaction with this company. Great guy to deal with. The product came quickly and at a reasonable cost (both shipping and the product). Highly recommended. 2 orders made with them so far.
Dustin smith ( maryland )
Dealing with TurnTex Woodworks has been "beyond" a positive experience. Not only was I able to reach out to Curtis during the evaluation phase of our purchase, but he provided a wealth of information that enabled our team to make what we feel is an educated decision. He never "bad mouth" competitive products, but provided solid data on the value-add features of his stabilization system. Curtis is incredibly intelligent and insightful. His technical knowledge on the entire stabilization process and underlying physics is rock solid. Our stabilization system just arrived a few days ago and we anxiously trying to find a day to start our first batch; our customers are just as anxious! Thanks again TurnTex Woodworking for helping our business become more successful. Reuben & Kevin Prichard Facebook Group: HeartWood Mods: The Grove
Reuben M. Prichard Jr. Heartwood Mods: The Grove ( Colts Neck, NJ )
Every order exactly what I ordered and in a timely matter.have called a couple times with questions about stabilizing and got the answered was looking for rate turn tex a 10 tks again
mike galloway ( tenn )
I have been using stabilizing resin for 11 yrs on my fossil products. I decided to try Cactus Juice about 5 months ago. I found it to be as good or better than all the resins that I have used in the past for this purpose. The advantages I found are lower prices, fast cooking time and better viscosity. Charles Turnage
Charles Turnage
Great customer service. Very fast turn around time on orders. Very knowledgeable and always willing to answer questions.
Mark ( Pennsylvania )
I received my stabilization chamber and after one use I immediately saw a difference in my wood blanks. My pump was working more effectively and stabilization times were much Quicker. Thank you for such a great product. Garth hansen
garth hansen ( Tucson az )
Ordering and delivery were easy and very good. Haven't used the product yet.
Art ( CA )
Excellent products shipped by an excellent seller. My cactus juice was shipped promptly and received quickly and I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Business's need to take some customer service advice from TurnTex, I am completely satisfied and will be back to do business again. Thank you
Cole Lindsay ( San Diego CA )
Cactus Juice has worked well for me over the last couple years. I stabilize and dye maple, mango, black palm and buckeye burl and have not hade a problem with warping, swelling, shrinking or twisting. I trust this product for stabilizing handle wood for knives with the wood mentioned.
Matt ( Hughson, CA )
Just want to say thanks to Curtis for the GREAT stabilizing chamber. Communication with Curtis was always timely, professional and courteous. I LOVE my chamber!!! Ive been wanting one of Curtis's chambers for a few years! Curtis has a genuine (and almost rare nowadays) level of customer support. Cant say enough great things about Turn Tex. Thanks again Curtis! Tina
Christina Bulaong ( Lorton, Va )
Great Product! Great Service!\r\nIf Curtis is backlogged on non-stock work, he lets you know it - then ships your order when he said he could.
Robert Brandt
I would like to say thank you to Curtis for providing a fantastic product at a very reasonable price.your products and customer service have helped to build my business producing quality stabilized products.having a superior product as well as a friend who cares about my needs is necessary and greatly appreciated. we are all constantly moving forward to create the best product possible and teamwork has been a key factor great experience keep up the good work!sincerely Bryan Lanier
exoticdomesticwoods ( Georgia )
Very quick delivery, packing was professional e-mail response time was incredible. The product is also GREAT. Thanks Curtis for doing what you Do. Ed
Ed Youse ( Outer Banks N.C )
Great product, works as advertised and shipping was fast.\r\n\r\nAaron
aaron ( delaware )
Good products and services at fair prices. Can't ask for more than that. Thanks Curtis.
Garry Snow ( Winchester, KY )
I knew when I ordered the vacuum chamber that it would take a while. However it was worth the wait. I received the chamber and all the hookups ready to stabilize wood. First class craftsmanship and a easy to read but very thorough instruction manual. Thanks!!
Stephen Haymon ( Louisiana )
Great service, very fast delivery. Product works as described.
David Yocom ( Everett, WA )
Curtis: \r\n I have rarely received such personable and genuine service. I will be using your services for some time to come. Your u tube videos are very good and easy to follow. Willie T.
WILLIAM TAGGART ( Sun City West, Arizonza )
I have only stabilized on piece of handle material but it seems to be a great product. When I made my first phone call to Mesquite Man he was very helpful and took the time to answer all my questions thoroughly.
Sammy Fischer ( Victoria Texas )
Cactus Juice is a great product that I am very satisfied with. I'm even more satisfied with the customer service that Curtis gives to his customers. Every time I have emailed or left a message with a question Curtis has responded within an hour. He is a class act!!!
Joe Bruno ( Buffalo, NY )
This is a great product, it gives the craftsmen the ability to keep an important part of their craft under their own control. I am able to experiment with different dyes and different woods. And after the blank is cured I am left with a quality piece of stabilized wood, without the large bill from the "professionals" or the long down time waiting on snail mail. I am a return customer, and will continue to be a return customer.
Jason Dale ( Lansing, Michigan )
Wow, what can I say. I make custom razor and razor sets, and have been toying with the idea of stabilizing and dying woods. It is important that my woods are 100% water proof. I soon joined the wood stabilizing group on Facebook. This is an amazing site and Curtis of TurnTex is a legend. I ordered 2 gallons of Cactus Juice and got to work. Curtis was at my beckoning call with any questions. I do have to say I am more than satisfied with the result. His products are top notch and when following his instruction via Facebook and YouTube you cannot go wrong. Thank you Curtis, I am now a permanent customer.
Neil Bohne of Wood-Goods ( Portland Oregon )
I got a gallon of this for my first try at stabilizing. I had some issues to work out at first, but with the help of Curtis I was able to get through it. He was willing to talk me through every issue I had, no matter time of day or night. Very helpful top notch customer service.
Daniel Hamra ( Oklahoma )
I have been using your stabilizing & dying products. I am very happy with how they have worked. I pleased with costumer service and shipping. Will continue to buy. THANKS
Order arrived in a couple of days, packaged well and double protected in a plastic bag. Instructions and tips for getting started included.\r\n\r\nThanks, for the super service.
William L Larsen ( Wenatchee, WA )
Ordered Turntex new stabilizing chamber to stabilize some locally found spalted oak with great results. Chamber is a definite improvement over the previous chambers. Now I can let wood soak in cactus juice for days at a time without worrying about the chamber. I would recommend Turntex products to anyone that is interested in processing your own pen or knife blanks.
JAMES WHITE ( Stationed in South Korea )
i love the cactus juice it works good
Ryan Benes ( montana )
This is the first time I've used Cactus Juice and I\'m extremely happy with the results. The service is excellent and I am amazed at the speed of the turnaround. Good job! John Emmerling
John Emmerling ( Gearhart Ironwerks, Gearhart,OR. )
I have always had exceptional service from this company, prompt, non problematic and the product is great and as described. I will be buying from this company each and every time all of the products that they sell that I use. I have never been disappointed!
Lee Holley VA. Hillbilly Knives ( Chatham Va. )
Product was delivered promptly and is doing what he said it would.
Harold May ( Port Lavaca Tx 77979 )
Had a problem with my chamber. Contacted Curtis and within 48 hours a new chamber (bottom only) was on the way to me. No charge. It arrived. Worked perfectly. My stabilizing equipment was out of warranty by 6 months and Curtis still took care of my problem. In my opinion that is service above and beyond what one usually receives or expects in this day and age. Thanks, Curtis.
Nadine Nelson ( Minnesota )
I purchased a gallon of the cactus juice and as always it works great. No more throwing away beautiful wood because it had become punky. Worth every penny and it arrived in just a few days. Great product.
Charles Jackson ( Georgia )
This was my first time to use the cactus juice. I was 100% satisfied with the product. I found some wood on Matagorda beach which I believe is tamarind. After drying and stabilizing it made some beautiful pens. Thanks Norman Horton
Norman Horton ( El Campo, Tx. )
I have been buying from TurnTex for almost 3 years. They say things change with time - except with Curtis. His level of service and commitment has not diminished. It is always high and consistent. A great person to do business with.
Richard Landreth ( Virginia )
Customers always ask what I use to stabilize my wood. I am happy to say Cactus Juice. They want to hear it's what I am using as it is the most trusted name in the business. They have come to expect any professional wood worker to use Cactus Juice and won't accept anything less.
Thomas Walter ( Central East Florida )
Great product and excellent service. I will be a lifelong Cactus Juice customer.
Thomas Walter ( Central East Florida )
Great service and product support. Curtis is a man who has done his home work in order to offer and understand the best product. Always willing to offer support and help with any issues. I will be a customer for a long time to come.
Rodney Hairell ( Big D area )
Cactus Juice has allowed our business to expand to another level! We are receiving a 100% customer satisfaction with our stabilized products.
Californiawoods ( Santa Rosa, California )
I have been very impressed with the level of customer service provided by Curtis. Once I had received the vacuum chamber I had ordered I have been very pleased with the quality of craftsmanship that went into it and with how well it works. I will certainly continue to do business with TurnTex. Simply put, It has been a very pleasant consumer experience all around, and that is hard to find in todays business world.
Casey Turner
Wow this stuff is great... I have been using it for various projects and I'm super happy with the results. Spalted tamarind was my nightmares, not with Cactus Juice! That stuff becomes a rock... Thanks for this awesome product! Going on my 10th gallon now.
Avimael Castillo ( Sioux City, Iowa )
Product showed up at my door step sooner than expected! It was packaged very well. I have not used it yet but, if it is half as good as all the folks on the wood working forums and youtube say it is, i'm sure it will be great.
Marvin Gardens
rcv'd 2 gllons of cactus juice,much easier to use than my old methods. i now have maple burl in red,green and black red the best.thanks curtis for providing a good product for my knife handles Wally
wa;;ace johns ( beaver forge, someplace in oregon` )
Haven't tried it out yet, but from everything I have seen and heard, it should be a great product. Ordering and shipping was excellent! Thanks much....
Frank DeFeo ( Mays Landing, NJ )
I don't normally do surveys, but Curtis at TurnTex Woodworks has such phenomenal products and customer service that I am happy to give him a Five Star rating. He is also more than willing to share his experiences and expertise with the wood working community.
Larry Cronkite ( Mableton, GA )
I just ordered a bunch of items from Curtis that had to be to me on a specific date for a demonstration I was doing for my club. Curtis made sure I had everything I needed and that it was delivered in time for my event. He also went above and beyond by donating a Vacuum chamber to our club to raffle off to help in our funding. The event went off without a hitch and was very well received. The Arizona Wood turner's Association would like to Thank You Curtis for your extreme generosity. And I thank You personally for always providing such fantastic service and support and for all the late night help when I need it. Ken
Ken Northern ( Phoenix, AZ )
Top notch product with top notch service. Even with other brands of stabilizing resin on the market now I will be sticking with the first one to hit the market: Cactus Juice! Thank you Curt for making this available to all wood turners, from hobbyist to professional.
Jeff Jackson ( Bremerton WA )
Curtis has been great to work with, He's been there with answers when needed and with Cactus juice I've gotten quality, consistent, repeatable results at a reasonable price. Also great to work with on chambers as well!
Colin Schroeder ( Minnesota )
Once again I’ve ordered 4 gallons of Cactus Juice. It was delivered very fast and as always well packed. Curtis, thank you for your attention and trust.
Zhelyo Tenev ( Bulgaria )
I received the order promptly and look forward to stabilizing some beautiful oak burl that will be used for goose calls and finials for the hollow forms that I turn on my lathe. Thank you for the great service!
dspearson ( Annapolis, MD )
My wife (to be) and I have been turning and selling pens for profit for two years now. We are always striving to offer our customers something new and exciting in a pen. This desire and some research led us to Cactus Juice. Upon looking into the product we found much more than we ever expected, relentless testing over time, countless internet articles and forums discussing how it works and most of all, how Curtis was there to help not only with any questions but to insure his customer met the result they expected before purchase. We placed an internet order for one gallon of Cactus Juice and a Vacuum gauge. The next day we had an email saying it was shipped, and then it arrived two days later. Our first group of pen blanks are now stabilized perfectly, we felt like a couple of pros after reading and watching all the information available on using Cactus Juice. The product itself is amazing and does exactly what I expected. The juice absorbed and hardened all the way through to the core of the blanks I stabilized. What an amazing product, our scrap wood bin just became our source for new and exotic pen blanks. Thank you Mr. Seebeck! Jimmy and Melissa, MJPens, Hermitage TN.
Jimmy Bielkiewicz ( Hermitage Tennessee )
After placing my order over the internet, I received immediate confirmation. The order was shipped the next day with estimated date of delivery. Everything arrived exactly as ordered with instructions on use and, if any problems were to arise, how to contact Turn Tex to remedy the situation. Great service!
David Swanson ( Libby, MT )
getting ready to do a little stabilizing, called Curtis got my stuff really fast..Thanks
bobbyb ( lake charles,la )
I was very happy with the ording process and quick shipping from your company. Only issue I have is the Alumilite dye being to thick and not viscous enough to penetrate the wood when mixed in with the Cactus Juice resin. This may have been an operator error though. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Dustin Hayden ( Anchorage, AK )
Great product and great service and a super nice guy
Rick Friend of friendknifemaking ( Seneca Mo )
Curtis is a great guy to deal with and ships fast. I needed 2 gallons before the weekend and he got them here in one day. Thank you!!!
David Ewing ( Okc, Ok )
My name is Pete (@peteskustomkoa on Instagram). I have been a woodworker, wood turner, carpenter and fine home builder in Hawaii for over twenty years. Now, as an aspiring knifemaker, I heard about Cactus Juice stabilized scales. I was hesitant at first, because I work mostly with Koa, and I have always sworn that the wood is perfect as is, with only a good hand rubbed oil finish. I was dead wrong. Proper stabilization with the Cactus Juice from TurnTex improves the wood in every way possible! What an awesome product! Smoother sanding, better glue-up, more solid joints, zero movement, smoother finish... Just plain incredible!
Peter Rushton ( Hawaii )
I would like to say that "Cactus Juice" is my #1 choice for my stabilizing resin. I have tried the others and I still remain loyal customer. Never a problem, shipping is fast and customer service is first class. Whatever your question or whatever you problem Curtis will always call or text you back. Thanks for a great product that I can count on to use in my blanks that need to be perfect.
Texas Blanks ( Texas )
Excellent product with excellent service thank you.
W.Wolf ( Alaska )
Customer service is second to none. Excellent product at reasonable prices. Orders are always shipped promptly. Being able to stabilize my own knife scales saves me both time and money. Thanks Curtis!!! ConnerKnives
Mike Conner ( Texas )
I'm fairly new to pen turning and have about a year and a half of experience with this terrific craft! I have tried a lot of blanks out there and finally got the opportunity to turn some of Curtis' blanks. There truly is a difference! These blanks are a pleasure to turn. They turn easily, I've not had any of them blow out on me, the colors have so much depth and sparkle, and the patterns and designs of the wood are fantastic. Its quite obvious to see the quality of these when you look at them for the first time, and each subsequent order are just as fantastic as the first. I also purchased a stabilizing chamber and some cactus juice and I have to say its all high-quality materials and craftsmanship. It truly is as easy as his videos show! All the information he has provided, videos he has made to help everyone, plus the fact he provides his phone number and is willing to take calls from anyone, let alone emails, and help with any questions or problems you have; just shows the sort of standard and customer service that nobody else has. Highly recommend every product TurnTex has to offer, there is no way anyone could be disappointed or have anything negative to say. Thanks, Pat
Patrick Rogers ( Shawnee, KS )
Thanks Curtis for keeping me up to date with the tracking information. The resin and dyes arrived today, safe and sound. Looking forward to using it and looking forward to dealing with you in the future. P.S. I'm also a one man operator and can appreciate the need to keep the customers happy :-)
John Smith ( Scotland, UK )
I've only used the cactus juice once I really like it however I didn't get enough,when I can I will buy more I. Would like to know. If you still make the small square chamber and if so how much. I recommend the Cactus Juice.Going on vacation in June would like to stop by
Don Bennett ( Denton texas )
I ordered Cactus Juice on line. It was shipped quickly and arrived faster then expected. \r\n
Steve ( Atlanta )
Great product (cactus juice) Used on buckeye burl, excellent results. Fast shipping too!
jay courtney ( illinois )
I can't leave feedback on the product yet because I haven't gotten my vacuum chamber built yet but... The customer service and shipping were phenomenal and fast! Even with them being out of town they got me my package in just a couple of days. And if you're looking for product reviews I'm sure you can find nothing but great reviews of cactus juice. That's what led me to them to buy it. Great company guys , I look forward to doing business with you again soon.
Red Horse Tactical ( Las Vegas ,NV )
After having a couple of different chambers I ordered one of the juice proof chambers. Now have two of these large and small size. By far superior to the others that I had purchased. Its nice to be able to see inside the chamber when it is running. I use cactus juice for my resin and have been very pleased. Penetrates to the center of the blanks when stabilized properly. Have now done 200 plus blanks saves money over buying blanks already stabilized and is a fun hobby.
Donald Galvin ( Findlay, Illinois )
Great product easy to use with first class results. Great service, fast international shipment with no additional customs charges.
Stephen Johnson ( Birmingham, England )
Thanks again Curtis, my problem is cured, I'm pulling 30" of vacuum now, I just wanted to say to everyone if you want to stabilize your own wood you buy from Curtis at Turntex because the product is the Best stabilizing resin on the Market, Also his service and tech support is A+++++++++++ I have used his products for 3 + years now and am a very Happy Customer. Thanks again Curtis
Neil Mattison ( Pt Charlotte FL )
Thanks for the quick service and delivery. Even with a shipping glitch it arrived pretty quickly. Thanks for the information and advice on my set up. Had a few problems at first but I think the last couple of batches have come out excellent. Thanks
Robert Peterson ( Duluth, MN )
Thank you fro the produt and service! Cactus Juice is really easy to use. Thank you again.
sazali saad ( malaysia )
First order. Excellent service. Great instructions. Complete satisfaction.
Joe & Susan Roetker ( Plaquemine, LA )
Great customer service with an amazing product.
Stephen ( Santa Ana, CA )
Curtis Thanks for the return call and answering all my questions. I look forward to using your products and doing business with you for years to come. Great service!! Thanks again Ron Maier Yukon Ok
Ron Maier ( Yukon Ok )
Cactus Juice is very easy to use, and the customer service is second to none. The Juice Proof container is ready to go right out of the box. The instructions are straight forward and easy to follow. Curtis, keep up the great work. You have a loyal customer in me for years to come. TJ
TJ Fackler ( Arkansas )
I am pleased with the service I receive from you and the products you sell. The service you provide is rare in this world today Thank You Curt Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Curt Stivison ( Logan, Ohio )
I have used Curtis's system for almost 3 years and love it! The stabilizing system works just as he describes it and the results are great! His shipping is fast; he is available for questions, and his products are first class. Members in my turning club have seen the results I get when I stabilize previously unusable wood for my pens and now have started asking me to stabilize things for them. Thanks Curtis!
Richard Landreth ( Virginia )
Great product! Curtis was very helpful in getting me going with my setup and is very knowledgeable about the process.
Chad Mock
Curtis does a great job to service his customers. My order was accurate and shipped in a timely manner. I emailed Curtis with a question. He got back to me within 24 hours. Well done! Greg in Maryland
Greg W. ( Maryland )
Great service! Great customer service! Thank You again.
Mark Sawyer ( Albuquerque, New Mexico )
have used every stabilizing compound available, Cactus Juice is the Only one that has performed to my expectations, and as advertised. Curtis is extremely easy to deal with, and more than willing to take the time to answer any & all questions you have. I do a lot of stabilizing, Curtis & his Cactus Juice will be the only thing I purchase, ever, in the future. ...... it's that good
One Time Designs ( Nevada )
Second order. Very pleased with product and service. Wish others would do as well. All should support small business owners.
Bob Brown ( Kansas )
Hi, Ordered 2 Gallons of Cactus juice and they arrived quite quickly to Denmark, even though the local custom check took a long time, shipping time was really fast. I look forward to using the stabilizer on various projects :) Thanks, Tue
Tue Nygaard ( Denmark, Europe )
Excellent products from tanks to juice well done Curtis.
Brad Dorsett ( North Carolina )
Every business should be like this. The shipping is so fast and the communication great.
Jim ( Illinois )
This is the second batch of Cactus Juice I ordered. This stuff is great, I won't use anything else to stabilize my pen blanks. Thanks
popome ( Mansfield, Tx )
Great service, communication, and a great product from Curtis.
Steve Hartzell ( Conroe Texas )
I'm very pleased with the product! Shipping is excellent too! Thank you much!
forest life creations ( Washington State )
The product really does work and makes the use of woods that normally could not be turned usable. Curtis is one of those rare breeds - he actually believes in and practices customer service and satisfaction. He is the man to go to when you need help with any stabilization questions or products.
The Happy Turner in Owings ( Owings, MD )
We love Curtis' product, his product knowledge and fabulous customer service!
North Woods ( Gaston OR )
Excellent product. Delivery was swift. Instructions very convenient and easy to understand. Product worked flawlessly. I will be ordering more. A pleasure doing business with you.
Curtis Ward CW Shuckers ( Elgin, South Carolina )
Really like using the cactus juice for make old dead wood usable. Product is easy to use and usually arrives pretty quick. Thanks.
James ( Korea )
Turn Tex is a great company to do business with. Curtis is always happy to talk to you and offer advice. When I sent him a question about vacuum pumps he answered my email in less then 45 minutes. His tanks are well made at a fair price and Cactus Juice is very easy to work with. If you plan on trying to stabilize wood this is the company to deal with.
Paul Madej ( Lockport, NY )
Another great transaction with Curtis! Our order arrived as ordered and when promised. Nice packaging to prevent any risk of damage. Curtis is knowledgeable about the industry, as well as the products he makes and sells! Would definitely recommend!!
Super Satisfied ( Kansas,U.S.A. )
I have used Cactus Juice for around a year. The first gallon I used was more learning how to use the system than actually stabilizing anything. I'm on gallon two, and I love the stuff! The new vertical tank works wonderfully. Anyone looking at wanting to stabilize their own materials, this would be a great system to use.
David Roeder ( Washington State )
It is always a great pleasure to do business with Curtis. He goes above and beyond to help get me product quickly and to help with technical questions. I highly recommend his products and his services. I hope that 2015 is a joyful and prosperous year for TurnTex.
Dave ( Oregon )
I perform my first stabilization with Cactus Juice and I'm very pleased. First time was with no problems. I was stabilizing a Hickory bowl that was a little punky. It finish well and I will be using coloring stabilizer on my next use of Cactus Juice with Cedar tooth pick holder.
Terry Roesner ( Cambridge, Illinois )
Just as advertized and blistering fast delivery. Curtis has great products, a great website, great info both online and willing to field calls. His product prices are very competitive, I've shopped around and decided TurnTex will be getting my business from now on. Bill
Bill Nixon ( South Dakota )
I was quite impressed with Curtis and his products. He is one of the few suppliers who takes the time to answer every question presented to him. I ordered Cactus Juice from him but haven't used it yet so I can't honestly report on that product yet. I can comment on Curtis's devotion to the customer, which I would rate 10 out of 10. Gary Salisbury San Diego, California
Gary Salisbury ( San Diego, California )
Very pleased with my purchase. Curtis is a great guy to deal with for any questions or concerns on all aspects of stabilizing. Best to get in touch with him in the evening. Very pleased with the product. Thanks a lot for all the help
Glen Floyd ( NC )
The service has been great and the product meets all expectations. I did a demonstration for this product in my local Woodturning association meeting, and it went without a hitch. Great Product!! Brian
Brian Roth ( New York )
I continue to learn the art of stabilizing wood. The Cactus Juice is a great product. I think the price is fair. It is easy to understand. I begin my next step by going from straight to tinted Juice. The most impressive Element to these product line is Curtis. I enjoy buying from honest, and creative shops. knot to pen; Roy Sanders
Roy Sanders ( Platte City, Missouri )
Great service and great prices. Delivery was fast and the items arrived well packaged. A pleasure to do business with.
Dave Gale ( Grover, NC )
I have had good luck with this product.I mostly stabilize spalted maple.The trick is to make sure it is as dry as you can possible get it.Service is top notch to.
Rick Friend of friendknifemaking ( Seneca Mo )
I've used Cactus Juice a few times and it really works GREAT for spalted woods. Of course, Curtis has the GREATEST customer service of any around. Great guy and always ready to spend time on the phone to help. Ken H>
Ken H> ( South Alabama )
Great service with a quick delivery and follow up after the sale. Appreciate all you help!
Larry Peters ( Spring TX )
Excellent company, always enjoy working with small business owners. Very fast shipping, great products and excellent customer service. Will be purchasing from Turn Tex again. Thank you!
Tai Elder ( Andover, KS )
I'm a newby to small project turning interested in turning pens as gifts. I acquired several pieces of burl wood and had issues drilling and turning the wood due to the punky and softness. After researching stabilizing i ended up ordering cactus juice to try out in my vacuum chamber. This stuff is AMAZING!! drilled and turned like butter! the finish was so smooth that i started the sanding with 500 grit. I never tried anything else to stabilize but no need as this is my go to juice now!! HOOYAH! Tom
Tom Hill ( Mclean Va. )
Super fast shipping on an amazing product. Cactus juice is fantastic and Curtis is super to deal with. You can't make a bad choice when you shop at Turn Tex. Thank You for your fast response to questions and great customer service. I am sure to return soon. Mike Embry
Mike Embry ( Sunrise Beach, MO )
Very prompt shipping, packaged very well, and I love using the cactus juice. Great product.
Dave ( New Paltz, NY )
First time I've done any stabilizing and I picked Cactus Juice. Made my own chamber out of a large clear glass cookie jar, made a top from a plastic cutting board and a inner tube seal. Worked great. The process is easy and the blanks turned out perfect. Many thanks to TurnTex for a great product that is economical and easy to use. I am sold and will only use Cactus Juice on my blanks.
Popome ( Mansfield, Texas )
I ordered Cactus Juice for my high school woodshop. Kids were trying to stabilize knife scales and tool handles. Very happy with the product. Will be ordering more in the future.
Brad W. ( Naches Washington )
Sorry I haven't done this sooner. I'm new with all this and still in the experimental stages but have been having fun with it. I refurbished and gifted an old Sabatier knife to my dad using your cactus juice to stabilize the handle. He couldn't have happier! Thank's for the tutorials and I love your products.
jd castle ( colorado )
I did not expect to be stabilizing wood 4 days after I ordered a gallon of Cactus Juice, BUT I WAS!!!! Unbelievable shipping response. Everything arrived as promised.
Richard Landreth ( Shenandoah Valley of Virginia )
I have been using Cactus Juice and one of his round chambers for about 6 months now and am very happy with the results and haven't had any issues what so ever. Shipping is prompt and if you need to talk to him he always will make time. If you don't get an answer just keep trying. When it comes to stabilizing he's the Man.....
Joe Hartmann Jr ( cape coral,fl )
Great product very fast shipping all around top notch service and products.
Danny Selby ( Bishopville md )
Ordered and received Alumilite dyes, very strong colors compared to other retail outlets, gives great coloring when double dying blanks. Shipping was fast as I had work waiting for the dying.. Talked with Curtis about needing Activator to "recharge" older Juice I hadn't used up, he was very easy to work with, and took all steps needed to make sure I understood everything about the "re-charging". Curtis is so easy to work with, his shipments always arrive before anyone elses.... Would definitely order straight from this site before I buy same thing from a 3rd party vendor.
Jerry Bailey ( Nevada )
Can not say enough about the quality of the products, service and support. Always ready to share his knowledge.
Mike Marek (lathemaster) ( Land O Lakes, FL )
Works great! Easy to use. I only have a homemade vacuum stabilization chamber but cactus juice worked much better than the minwax that i used in the past.
Tim Hodges ( Oregon )
More juice will now try my luck @ some knife scales. Thanks for the extra container Curtis!!!!
Bill Lydie ( Lewiston, Idaho )
Curtis does a great job of providing quality products at a fair price. The items I ordered arrived quickly. Charlie Wilhite Rhino by Wilhite cues
charles wilhite ( junction, tx. )
Curtis, TurnTex, and Cactus Juice are as good as it gets. From the quality of his products to the help he provides on the forums, you can't go wrong dealing with TurnTex. As a repeat customer, I can't be more pleased. Every order I've placed during the day has gone out that afternoon. Thanks & keep up the great work! --Robert
Robert Kulp ( Murfreesboro, TN )
Cactus juice is a great asset to turning custom calls!!
Philip Collier ( Arkansas )
I have tried every product available for stabilizing compounds, and have numerous failures with each one. Cactus Juice is the ONLY compound that has worked flawlessly every time and I have never lost any woods or products due to faulty materials. Cactus Juice will be the only compound I will ever use for all of my future stabilizing needs. Customer support is the best of anyone I have had to deal with, you have a question, or an issue, and they will do anything it takes to resolve and make you a happy customer. Highly Recommended!
One Time Designs ( Nevada )
We ordered the large vacuum chamber and some Cactus Juice. Try to the information on the website it took a while to receive. Once it arrived though it is quality construction and a great buy. If you have the time to wait, this is the one to buy.
Molten Gecko Glassworks ( Monte Alto Texas )
We received our order for a stabilizing tank and fittings, resin, and color. We have run through several batches of pen blanks and have been pleased with the results. Each new batch helps us learn a little more about different woods and how they respond to the resin. Thanks for being prompt in the delivery of the equipment. We look forward to doing business with you in the future. Mark Hutchings
Mark Hutchings ( Provo, UT )
Great product, fast service. I order a second time. First a gallon, and now four gallons. I am extremely pleased with the results. Curtis, thank you for your professionalism and your attention.
Jelio ( Bulgaria )
Curtis is the man! He helped me through the process using his products from how to setup the unit from start to finish. Cactus Juice works great and penetrates deep into even hard wood. Can't say enough except thank you.
Joe Hartmann Jr ( cape coral , fl )
This was my third order. I have had great success with Cactus Juice and the help you get from Curtis is wonderful.
Todd ( Greenville, NC )
Quick delivery. and everything works great\r\n\r\nBest Regards\r\nTobbe
Tobbe Lundström ( Sweden )
This is my second purchase from Curtis and TurnTex. I bought a chamber and a gallon of Cactus Juice after it was recommended to me by a bazillion people. I tried it out and tested it for my Website. I was very impressed by the quality and value of the purchase. I recently bought 4 more gallons of Cactus Juice since I have come to use the Chamber a lot. The shipment went right out when I ordered it just like the first one. Curtis saved me some money on the shipping which lowered my costs even more. I highly recommend TurnTex for all your stabilizing and dying needs.
Thomas Walter ( Florida )
We love Curtis and his products! Quick shipping and great consistent performance of Cactus Juice.
North Woods ( Gaston OR )
Met Curtis of TurnTex at the SWAT symposium in Waco Tx. We talked for several hours off and on about the stabilization process. I ended up buying a chamber from him that day. Works great!! The clear chamber makes it simple to control foaming as the vacuum is drawn down and easy to see when all the air is finally out of the blanks. Great guy with a great product.
Brian Zingleman ( Texas Gulf Coast )
Curtis, Thank you for my order of Cactus Juice. I am new to stabilizing but with your videos and instructions it has been a fast learning curve. So far I have successfully stabilized spalted magnolia and sassafras. Thank You, Jay Swindell
Jay Swindell ( Lumberton, Texas )
Stabilizing our wood with Cactus Juice continues to greatly improve our ability to showcase our products in the best manner possible. As a result, we have a 100% customer satisfaction.
Californiawoods ( California )
Bought the whole stabilization set up [ 8x8 ] tank. Been dying buck eye burl.the color and finish are great.The system works great.Next I have to buy the taller chamber to do pepper mill blanks. Thanks, mike
mike cherry ( port jervis,ny )
I cannot say enough good things about Curtis and Turn Tex Woodworks. He offers outstanding products, reasonable prices, great packing, and fast shipping. But, it is really the service after the sale that is truly outstanding. He personally answers questions by phone, and in fact encourages calling if you are having any problems. He spends considerable time to be sure that you fully understand his explanations. He obviously has a desire to pass along his vast knowledge on the subject of resin stabilization of wood, turning techniques, and related subjects. Turn Tex gets my highest recommendation.
MLZ ( Coastal North Carolina )
I have three of your Round "juice proof" chambers and each work perfectly. The most resent being a 6" diameter X 12" tall one. That one saves me lots of time and work. Love it. These chambers are well built and I am pleased with each of them. Thank you Curtis for making a quality USA product that I can trust. Ray
Ray Vivian ( Central Texas )
Good product with excellent service.\r\n\r\nI recommend the products and services of Turn Tex to all of my woodworking associates.
Bob Gates ( Cocoa Beach Florida )
I bought the resin and for me it is the best and the less expansive (about the other products in France), i never got any problem. Everything is perfect and i don't want change.
Schunck Gérald ( France )
Curtis makes a superior product in his newly redesigned vertical tube chamber. It works exactly as advertised. It is priced below what he could get for it, but don't raise your prices Curtis! The documentation could be better. I learned more about how to use it in a telephone conversation with Curtis than from the printed instructions. Anyone looking for wood stabilization for the small wood shot cannot go wrong with the hardware or the Cactus Juice.
Steve Fournier ( Marysville, Wash. )
Curtis I just though I mite drop you a line so I could let the rest of the world know how happy we have been with your system. since we started using Cactus Juice about three years ago our knife sales have increased about 45%. the Quality of our blanks have increased 100% we produce about 15 to 20 knifes a week and over 1/2 of them are with stabilized materials. We have been dyeing just about every type of wood you can think of. we have stabilized everything from bone to brain coral. still haven't found anything that it doesn't work well on, The chamber that we purchase from you over three years ago has hundreds of uses on it and it is holding up just fine. When we have questions you are only a phone call away with the answers. We here at LCL Hunting want to extend a big thank you out to turn Tex for helping us grow our knife business. Keep up the good work Curtis. If anybody else out there has any questions about our experiences with Cactus Juice or turn tex please feel free to call me 303 419 2184 Chris Lopez Pres. Of marketing and sales LCL Hunting. Thanks again Curtis
chris lopez LCL Hunting ( Denver CO, )
Good stuff.
jeff ( oklahoma city )
I purchased the 10in Juice Proof container and a gallon of Cactus Juice. It's fantastic. I've done two batches of spalted Maple and they've turned out great. The container is solidly built, easy to use, and clean up is a breeze. I'm very happy with this product. Thank you.
Tim Falk ( Tallahassee, FL )
A great product. Very easy to use and cleanup is a breeze. I can not be happier with the end results of the knife scales that I have stabilized. I wish I had of bought a gallon.
Michael ( North Carolina )
Turntex makes industry leading products, we currently use many of Curtis' products. Including multiple vacuum chambers, and a good stock of Cactus Juice. With Turntex, you are not just buying a product, but a lifetime of experience. This wealth of knowledge is simply a phone call away. Sincerely, Very Happy and Returning Customer
Jason Olson ( Florida )
Excellent service, above and beyond what was required. The new "Juice Proof" chamber is really nice and the hold down idea is pretty clever. Thanks Curtis, I really appreciate how quickly you filled the order and the quality of the work you do.
Ken Weinert ( Northglenn, CO )
I have not used the product yet, but if it is half as good as the ease of purchasing and product delivery I am set. Thank you.
Lori Frank ( Spring Branch, Texas )
I recommend all of the products at Turn Tex without reservation. Recently, we ordered a 14 inch cylindrical vacuum chamber in order to stabilize knife handle blanks. So far, we have used the equipment to stabilize stag horn, Osage Orange, Paduk, Walnut, Black Locust, Persimmon and figured Hickory. ALL of these materials stabilized perfectly following the directions found on-line at Turn Tex. The materials buff out very nice and the hardness has increased significantly without brittleness. Thanks Curtis!
Gaelic Forge ( Missouri )
Curtis, you always exceed my expectations. My order of Cactus Juice arrived in record time. Keep up the great work, my friend. You are a bright light in our business and craft. Thank you again, Lauren
Lauren Rants ( Spokane Valley, Washington )
I tried another company's Stabilizing Resin as it was easy to get locally at one of the chain stores. The instructions that came with it were wrong in that the catalyst resin wasn't packaged as it stated. I called on a Friday afternoon and ended up waiting all weekend to get help. They explained when they called me back that they had changed the packaging just not the instructions. I called to order cactus juice instead this time and figured id leave a message as it was 8 at night. But they answered and helped me get the right thing. Now that is service.
Ken Northern ( Phoenix, AZ )
This note is just to let you know that I really appreciate all your help for this \"newbe\" in the stablizing process. I have had great success in the end results and things will only get better as I learn more. Your help has been link to my success. Cactus Juice is the best. Thanks Rich
Rich VanBeek ( Northern Lower Michigan )
I had a small problem with a back order and Curtis fixed it immediately. Thanks for the fast shipping.
Duane Gebhardt ( Cascade, Montana )
We have been selling turning wood for over 10 years. Our customer base has expanded by stabilizing our buckeye burl with Cactus Juice. We look forward to doing business with you for a long time!
Californiawoods ( California )
The Cactus Juice is a great produce Super fast service and super people to do business with.Bob Buckner
Bob Buckner ( Forest City N.C. )
Items were shipped quickly despite the fact that you were out of town! Thanks!
Deb ( Montrose CO )
Fantastic, easy to use, easy to clean. This is my second Juiceproof both are worth the wait. Thanks
Mark Spear ( Leavenworth, IN )
Ordered a gallon of stabilizer and received my order in 3 days. My brother and I are knife builders and have found nothing better TurnTex\'s stabilizer for our blanks. This is our third gallon. The stabilizer mixes with dyes well and turns out beautiful wood scales. We also bought a vaccuum chamber from TurnTex. Rest assured TurnTex products are second to none for all your stabilizing needs.
Leo Lopez ( Northglenn Colorado )
What can you say about Curtis and his operation, other than OUTSTANDING!\r\nIt is a class act with the best communication of any other products I buy for my knife making business. As far as Cactus Juice, the best on the market hands down. Super fast service with that personal touch. Curtis treats all his customers like they are long time friends or family. I\'m sold, he has my business forever and I spread the word to other knife makers and new knife makers along the way.
Bob Jankowski (Jank Custom Knives) ( Burleson Texas )
I have a 10 inch tall Juice Proof chamber and like it so well that I also bought a 16 inch tall chamber. They both work superbly. The quality of these chambers is top notch and second to none.\r\nI hope to get a new 8 to 10 inch diameter chamber in the future when and if they become available.\r\nRay
Ray Vivian ( Waco, TX )
:) Hi Curtis, Thanks for the great service and taking care of me when I messed up my first bottle of stabilizer. You will be get all of my stabilizing material supply business in the future.
Pat Connell ( Alabama )
Great service! Keep up the great work!
Guadalupe Martinez ( San Antonio )
I received my order and it was all I expected and more. The system worked very well and I was impressed by the craftsmanship put into the system. The instructions were dead on and very easy to follow and the outcome was some exceptionally well stabilized wood. I couldn’t be more pleased by the system. It was well worth the wait.
Dan Riley ( Kountze, Texas )
Curtis and his crew are great!!! I now have a vacuum chamber and it is great.\r\nBeing in Texas, I was able to pick up my chamber directly. He gave my wife and I a tutorial and he did a great job providing advice and guidance. We tested my chamber to ensure that it works correctly. He took the time to answer all of our questions; and, at times, provided more information than we expected. His knowledge and ability of stabilizing and casting is fantastic. I highly recommend Curtis and his equipment to anybody needing to stabilize material.
Ronald Blakemore ( Friendswood, Tx )
Just received a shipment of 4 gallons of Cactus Juice from Curtis. Strange man this Curtis. I tried to fill out his online order blank and through user error screwed it up so just decided I would turn it off and wait for us to call each other. By the time I got hold of him on the phone the UPS truck was pulling in the yard. I doubt that type of service is available in many places.\r\n\r\nCurtis, I appreciate your service.\r\n\r\nDavid
David Winston ( Starkville, Ms. )
Cactus juice is the best product for stabilizing and dying wood I have found in 20 years of looking and trying various products. There are no harsh chemicals that hurt gaskets in the vacuum pump. No toxic fumes. Items can soak for weeks if desired, where some other products have a set up time limit. Curtis is prompt with orders , good about answering questions, has reasonable shipping costs, and comes across like his customers are his fiends and it's not just about the money. This leads me to feel if there are any problems he will work them out with me. There are hefty discounts for volume orders.:D
Miles Martin ( Nenana Alaska )
Curtis is great to work with. I appreciate his commitment to his customers. My new Stabilizing Chamber is well made with high quality materials. I am looking forward to using his system to stabilize exotic woods for my custom cutlery.:)
H Biscardi ( Colorado )
Works as I wanted it to and no problems with the products (Cactus Juice and chamber) at all. I would have liked more detailed instructions included on the parts and how to best use the vacuum chamber. The metal grate inside I still do not use, I am however satisfied with the results with how I do use it and it was worth the wait to get it.
George Plummer ( Santa Ana CA )
I\'m a knife maker from the UK ( who, thanks to Curtis, got involved in stabilising my own knife handle materials and am now reaping the rewards. Yes, there are others who sell \'Stabilising\' stuff, but none compare when it comes to providing an efficient personal service as you get from Curtis. I\'ve now had the pleasure of dealing with Curtis for long enough to really appreciate the way he does business and the extent of help he so willingly provides. With some business folk you often feel that all they\'re after is as much money as they can get from you for minimal time and effort on their part. I never feel like that when dealing with Curtis; in fact I feel as if I\'m just communicating with a pal who\'s more than happy to help me out. The product is good, as is the man behind it - what else could one wish for...\r\nMany thanks Curtis - Paul
Paul Fenech ( Northumberland, England )
Started purchasing from Turntex just after first of the year(2014). Excellent products(cactus Juice) with excellent customer service. Phone support is free and not from India from someone reading from a manual. Direct from Mr Seebeck himself. Always friendly and never has tried to hurry me off the line but takes the time to answer my questions. Have ordered several times since then. I like the products and the customer support. A welcome place to shop and I know they are willing to assist if needed. Tony \r\nI can send pics of finished products using Cactus Juice. Not for sell just for reference only, if Turntex provides my address to you. :D
Tony Lilley ( Missouri )
The customer service is most outstanding I have seen in years other businesses could learn good business pratices from this company. Package was packed very well fast delivery. Product knowledge is very good and helpful on answering questions. I would very highly recommend this company.
Karen Balcombe ( Ellma, Washington )
Very pleased with my new vacuum chamber, high quality work and great service. Thank you.\r\n\r\nMark.
Mark ( Lancaster, England. )
Very helpful and information was valuable. Prompt shipping, have not really had time to use product. Will buy again
Robert Ebersole ( Manheim, PA )
I have ran a few batches now using the Catus juice and am very happy with the results. I had some questions in the begining and Curtus took the time to answer them even tho it took quite a while to get thru all of them on more than one occasion. I have sent some of the wood of to friends and they all have said good product as well. Will keep using the product and already need to order more in a day or two for some bigger projects. I highly recomend this product \r\nRandy Gill\r\nRetriever Game Calls
Retriever Game Calls ( Azle Texas )
I got the older style sq tank from Curtis and it was everything I expected it to be. Worked great right out of the box. Thank you for a quality product.
Eric D ( Hamilton, Ohio )
Each time I have ordered Cactus Juice from Turn Tex it has been shipped without delay. I have priced other stabilizing resins and have found that Cactus Juice is the least expensive. Fast shipping + low prices = Happy Customer
Mike Broberg
I ordered some cactus juice and it is amazing. Turntex has the best customer service and quick shipping. I will be ordering again. Mark
Mark ( Orlando )
This is the first time I have used Cactus Juice, It will defiantly not be the last. Out here in western SD we have lots of wind, so I handcraft triple reed predator calls to really reach out there. I use buckeye burl and bocote for my fancy calls, without the Cactus Juice buckeye burl is about like turning paper mache. after the Cactus Juice its like turning the bocote. It's a great product and Curtis is a great guy to deal with. Highly recommended.
Craig Chilson ( Rapid city, SD )
Nothing but great things to say about TurnTex. I ordered some cactus juice late in the afternoon, the order shipped the same day and was on my doorstep two days later. So far I've stabilized and dyed an bunch of pen blanks with great success. I will definitely do business with Curtis in the near future.
Mike Krumrine ( Delaware )
The workmanship and care with which this vacuum chamber is constructed is without equal. All seams are carefully joined and the lid has a distinctive logo carefully engraved on the upper surface. The chamber was packed with ultimate care and arrived here in pristine condition. Well worth the money spent and I am sure absolutely indestructible. Thanks for caring enough to do such a fine job. Tom
Tom Baldes ( Two Harbors, MN )
I recently bought a Juice proof Chamber from TurnTex and all i can say is that Curtis is the man! I can not say enough good things about the level of service that he provides, highly reccomend Turn Tex products to anyone looking to get into DIY wood stabilizing. Sheharyar Asad, Owner, Bronte Creek Rod Crafters Oakville, ON, CAN
Sheharyar Asad ( Oakville, ON, CAN )
I recently received my Juice Proof Chamber. Yes, it took a while to receive it, however it was worth the wait. It is high quality and works perfectly!
Jim ( Rock Springs, Wyoming )
ordered cactusjuice and a chamber late this winter and told Curtis I was not in a hurry (I only work during the cold months) arrived a month ago and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the chamber and the care in the packing honestly a professionally made chamber and a professional service
Giacomo Agosti ( quebec )
Curtis,I am well pleased with the speed in which my order was filled. Also, the Cactus Juice seems to be working well for me, haven't had enough time to give an honest opinion. The application for this product in my case is not making pen blanks, maybe I can share that info at a later date. Definitely will be ordering more.:):) Thanks, Byron
Byron ( Valdosta, Ga. )
Hey Curtis. Thank you for the attention, the answers of my questions and for the fast delivery. Great service. I sure will order again! I wish you successful business!
Jelio ( Bulgaria )
love your products
Richard Gilbert ( Shamokin,Pa )
Just got the juice proof chamber the other day, well about 2 weeks ago. I really like the new style much better than the chamber you have to clean. Much easier to pull vacuum and not worrying during the soak time is great. The way you fabricated the tube with the "O" ring in the top is really nice for removing and getting the vacuum started. The hold down system for the blocks is a stroke of genius, makes everything at the end so danged easy. Thanks for the great product. Bob Hawley
Robert E. Hawley ( Castle Rock, Washington )
HEY Curtis. You manages you just fine. very pleased with proudkt and deliveries. You will hear from me again Regards Tobbe
tobbe Lundström ( sweden )
I just bought a second vacuum chamber from Curtis, and had the old one repaired (I dropped it!) Great service, I enjoy visiting his shop because I always learn something from him. I have used at least several gallons of cactus juice, the chambers have worked well, and other than "learning experiences" the cactus juice has worked well. I would have no heartbreak continuing to use Cactus juice or the vacuum chambers.
Jim Stinson ( Eddy, TX )
I purchased the round vacuum chamber and it was well worth waiting for. In fact, after stabilizing my first small batch of wood, I ordered another gallon of Cactus Juice! My rig included all the gauges, etc. needed, so all I had to do was connect it to the vacuum pump (I bought the Robinair model that Curtis recommended) and go. It worked flawlessly. I also purchased some of the dyes... the droppers dispense TINY amounts of dye. If you try to make the hole any bigger, use caution - it's a two-part bottle. Don't ask me how I know this. By the way, a product called Reduran removes dyes from skin very effectively - Curtis - you might want to add this to your line of products. :D Bottom line -- I highly recommend the vacuum chamber and the Cactus Juice resin. Will definitely be a repeat customer!
Betty C ( Southern California )
great guaranty and service.
Jerry Fisher ( Sacramento )
I like cactus juice lot. I had been experimenting with acetone based plastics, but the acetone hurts the vacuum pump and acetone is not good on my skin. Epoxies were ok but set up faster then desired and are not runny enough. Mini wax sort of works but is not as hard. Cactus juice has no order, does not hurt the pump, can soak as long as you want, is cost effective, accepts the dyes well, is simple to use. I stopped looking around and experimenting with different products. This is it! :D
Miles Martin ( Nenana Alaska )
Received my stabilizing chamber and Cactus Juice just the other day. Workmanship is flawless! I haven't used the rig yet, for lack of finding a suitable vacuum pump. But when I do find one, I'm sure everything will work great. Curtis sent me my order in good faith, I hadn't paid for it yet. How's that for customer friendly. I will certainly do business again with Turntex.
Gert ( Tilburg, Netherlands )
I've been using many gallons of the Cactus juice, without any issues, the product does what its says it does, if you follow some simple instructions. Shipping charges are a little "painful" for me but, that is nothing with Curtis, he always gets my orders in the mail within a day or two of ordering so, that is good service. Australia is a long way from Texas in the USA, so far, nothing was lost during transit, that may have to do with the very careful packaging and some of the steps Curtis introduced to seal each bottle/container, and avoid leaks, so far, it has worked wonders...! I like to deal with Curtis, he is a honest and fair bloke...! Cheers George
George Valentine ( Australia )
All I want to say is AWESOME! Curtis shipped super fast and the product is really good quality! THANK YOU CURTIS!!
Dianna ( Okc,Ok )
Worked great, the videos were clear and even tho my oven malfunctioned and burned the heck out of my first batch, my second batch (and new used oven) came out great! Curtis answered all my questions and was a big help. Thanks!
Phil Hontz ( Albuquerque )
I bought some of Curtis's C. Juice about a yr ago and have used it for several kinds of wood. I made a homemade vacuum pump and used it on some very punky wood, some so bad I could stick my finger in it with little resistance. Always with great results. I just ordered some more and unfortunately didn't get anything like enough. After talking to Curtis, I had great results and was using it all, and I mean all wrong. I hadn't let it set up long enough and kept it under vacuum pressure all the time. I felt pretty stupid, but if I got the results I had and used it wrong, what's it going to do using it right? Can't wait. Curtis is a very informative and Patient man. Thanks Curtis. Ray Finchum, Wetdreamin' duck calls.
Ray Finchum ( Melissa, Texas )
awesome product, great speed on shipping and everything was PERFECT.
jimi halliburton ( lake jackson tx )
Stabilized my first set of blanks with Cactus Juice and they turned out fantastic! I couldn't be happier. I've got about 40 more blanks ready to be stabilized. Curtis, get ready for another order soon!
Brian Scocchio ( Murfreesboro, TN )
Curtis makes a great product and is an honest businessman and craftsman. We had a problem with the lid to our chamber which just happened to be two days out of warranty. Curtis immediately shipped a replacement lid at no charge. The new lid was a new design which eliminated the possibility of a repeat of our problem.
Jeff Harrigan, Gypsy Bladeworks ( Friendswood, Tx. )
great guy to do business with, second time buying cactus juice with great results both times very satisfied
Terry ( texas )
I have received my order very fast and just as ordered. Great product.
Leland Hoeltzel ( Libby, Mt )
I had to give the cactus juice a try. It is easy to use and works better than anything I had previously used. Product was shipped promptly. I will be doing business with TurnTex for a long time to come!8)
Steve White ( Eustace )
I am so glade i watch You Tube that is where i was first introduced to the cactus juice stabilizing resin and see through chambers, I had just ordered a larger vacuum system just before i seen the turn tex site. To make a long story short I paid to send the pro vac system back and got in touch with Turn Tex. The customer service was top notch just like the products and they stand behind there stuff willing to set for hours on the phone to help with your system which there wont be much these systems are top of the line all the way around and I picked up a small 3 cfm single stage pump from e bay for 74 bucks and the 8 x 8 chamber goes perfect together. Cant go wrong with Turn Tex.
Chuck Russell (Three Leaves Carving) ( Jackson,KY )
I have been a professional woodworker for over 20 years, I work both in the flat board world and as a turner. I am also an instructor who teaches various woodworking subjects nationally. Over the last couple years I have ordered lots of resin, several sets of dyes, and a very large custom sized vacuum chamber from Turn-Tex. I have been more than pleased with everything I have purchased. The products are exactly what they are marketed as and their quality is unquestionable. The customer service is outstanding and responses are very timely. Curtis has answered any and all questions I've had and is very helpful and open with his knowledge of the process of infusion or stabilization and dying. The DIY info on his website is very helpful as well. I have referred many people to Turn-Tex and will continue to do so. Keep up the great work Curtis!
Mark Hedin
After using my chamber for over a year I developed a problem. I was not able to get full vacuum while stabilizing. Curtis deduced that the lid was not sealing properly and replaced it at no cost. I am very happy with this system and the results I get. Thanks Curtis.
Terry Quiram ( Illinois )
Thanks for the great service. I appreciate the effort you have put into your website and the tutorials etc.
Greg ( Edmonds WA )
I just finished stabilizing 75 buckeye burl blanks, and they turned out great! I have used this product for about a year, and have never had a problem. Thank you Mr. Seabeck
James McCollough ( Hernando Ms )
I have been dealing with Curtis for years. I have had flawless performance from everything I have ever purchased from him. When I have had questions regarding his product or usage, thereof, he has always been exceedingly helpful. Because I do not use exclusively and make many of my own Resin blanks, I don't have need for a LOT of his materials, but when i have spoken to him on the phone, with questions, etc, you would think I was the only customer he has. All I can say is Turn Tex Woodworks is a wonderful business experience.
Joe Fyffe ( Indianapolis, Indiana )
Very Quick shipping. Thank you. I can't wait to use the Cactus Juice I ordered.
Matt Manley ( Blue Springs, Mo. )
Curtis has been very helpful on the phone and his customer service is great. i have been coming back for more resin and dye this stuff is change the way I work with duck calls. Thanks
Nathan Carpenter ( Billings Montana )
I waited a while for my stabilizer but it was worth it. I blew thru 2 gallons of juice in a week and ordered 4 more gallons. Received them in a few days and went thru another gallon. Super fast service. Curtis has returned every call and let me pick his brain for info and tips every time I called. I've already made enough blocks and scales for probably more knives than my bud and me could make in a life time- but now I have amazing wood for horse trading! Product is top notch-easy to work with and works as said it would. Next run will be bone and antler then fossil mammoth.
tom k ( fla )
I enjoy all the educational videos on your site and have referenced them several times. My order was promptly sent, arrived when expected. I have stabilized my first batch, which did well, but I had a bit of a learning curve, so my future batches will be great. Thanks for a great product, great service and great videos.
docsimm ( Birmingham, al )
I bought the cactus Juice. First time user, works perfectly.Very helpful with my order.
Billy Edwards ( Bristol, Florida )
Curtis was fast; my order came within a week. One item was back-ordered and came within another week or so. I am really looking forward to trying this project out, and while there have been some delays, Curtis has not been one of them! Thank you Curtis!
Mark Jones ( Grand Junction, CO )
Got the Juiceproof 16". Fantastic. Solid, quality workmanship. This is very easy to handle and use. Thanks!
Mark R Spear ( Leavenworth, IN )
What an amazing product, following instructions set out I managed to turn some worthless wood into useful wood and the result exceeded all expectations, delivery was fast considering my location and the communications was excellent, will definitely buy again and I will not hesitate to recommend Cactus Juice. Regards Mal from down under. :):):):):)
Mal ( Melbourne Australia )
I really enjoy using this product for my hobby business. It's easy to use, safe, and a great quality. One of the best features is the cost savings on stabilizing wood. I don’t purchase $5-$8 blanks anymore. My goal is to use only native woods from my local area. I enjoy studying the types of wood, going to the woods to hunt specific species, the best kind to use. So far I have gathered Live Oak, Hackberry, Mulberry, Beech, Dogwood, Magnolia, Red Oak, Elm, Weeping Willow, Pecan, etc. Try buying all that off the web in stabilized; it would cost you a small fortune. The Cactus juice makes available a uniqueness to your pen turning and wine bottle stopper practice that no other product could, it also greatly adds to my profit margin My clients bring me tree limbs or specific woods from great grand parent’s property, old church pews they sat on as a child, old furniture of sentimental value. The pen becomes a memorabilia Using “Cactus Juice” has made my hobby a standout among all other wood turners
Daren Hood ( SW Louisiana )
:)Finally a person/business that returns emails and voicemails. Customer service is superior to all others. Very knowledgeable and willing to help in any way. Keep up the good work. Randy LaMay, J and R Game Calls
Randy, J and R Game Calls ( Ogdensburg, NY )
So far I've placed one order and I guarantee I'll be placing a lot more. When I find a person who has a great product and backs it up with great customer service I make sure they keep getting my business. Thank you Curtis!
Brian Scocchio ( Murfreesboro, TN )
super easy to deal with .... all products are top quality... will be buying from again.... the system is easy and fun to use... my first batch turned out super and i was surprised that i didn't have any problems with the directions on the disk,, clear and easy to follow thank you .....
jim behrendt ( wisconsin )
I've had my Juice Proof chamber for about a month and have only ran 2 batches of pens blanks. 100% satisfied with both the chamber and the cactus juice. This is not only a result of the products performance but of the amount of support information and directions Curtis has made available on the internet. To be perfectly honest I must add one negative comment. The wait from placing my order to receiving my chamber was excessive as I waited months instead of weeks. That is behind me now and I'm looking forward to years of expanding my wood turning capabilities using Turn-Tex products. Recently I placed an order for more Cactus Juice and received it in a matter of days and without damage. I followed the shipment through 10 UPS depots and fully expected to receive a wet box and empty jug. That's what I call a modern miracle!!!
Mike Chechak ( Meadville, PA )
Absolutely the best customer service I've had from anybody I've dealt with. During a phone call, Curtis took the time to go over all the details of the stabilizing process with me. He pointed out many of the subtle details I wasn't aware of.
Bob Klassen ( Knoxville, Tennessee )
Very happy with my purchase of my stabilizing chamber. Curtis is very helpful with the information I need. When I need more juice it ships quick. Being that I'm in Texas as well ground shipping is pretty much overnight. I will continue to purchase his products and Cactus Juice.
Chris McLean ( Houston, Tx )
Got my new Round chamber. Very well made. Will try in a bit. Thank you for a great product.
Bearmanric ( Tenino Washington )
Works great does a good job\r\n\r\n
Fred slatts ( melbourne fl. )
I was very satisfied with your service. The quality of the product was great. You went the extra mile. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future. :) :D
John ( Westfield, N.C. )
:D:D Ordered at the end of the IAP bash and had my Cactus Juice in less than 3 days. Awesome service!!! I have used it before on crosscut black palm and it cuts like butter. This stuff is awesome. Going to try some double dyes and I will let you know how well it works. Thanks Curtis.
Edward Cypher ( Denver )
Ordered a bottle of cactus juice and dye, good communication, fast delivery ! \r\nRecommended
Oystein Eide ( Norway )
I bought the smallest of the cylindrical chambers and a gallon of Cactus Juice. The system and the juice work exactly as described. I'm very pleased with the results. Curtis' customer service is top notch.
Martin G. ( Austin, Texas )
I have ordered from TurnTex several times and the result has always exceeded my expectations.
Jim ( Arvada, CO )
I love the stabilizing resin that I have got from Curtis.It is very easy to use and make working with wood fun.
Nathan Carpenter ( Billings Montana )
I'm having fun with the vacuum chamber. It works just the way it was explained. Thanks for the quick delivery on the cactus juice. I'm on my second gallon. Great product! Thanks
Garland J Barras ( Broussard, La )
I am impressed with the service Curtis has provided to me. Besides answering my questions to help me get started as a novice at stabilizing wood, he makes sure his customers are fully satisfied with the results. I recently placed an order which was delayed because a technical problem. Curtis more than made up for the delay by enclosing a surprise gift with the delivery, his way of making sure his customers are happy. Besides having a great easy to use product, Curtis is an honest straight forward person. It is great doing business with him.
Craig Jorgensen ( Ephrata, WA )
If there is anyone in the San Diego area who would like to see the system work I'd be happy to show them...It's great and Curtis is always their to help.......Butch Amundson
Butch Amundson ( Escondido, CA )
I purchased Cactus juice twice for my friend in Korea. The response to my inquiry was very quick and precise. I would purchase items from this store again.
David Koh ( Seattle )
The products have all worked extremely well and the end results have been outstanding. (See what we are doing at However, I would say that the most valuable of services we have received has been the Q/A sessions with Curtis. He is very gracious in sharing his time and knowledge in the world of stabilizing. And bottom line, we are selling products two weeks after we began. Can't beat that!
Tim Moulis (Lone Jack Forge) ( Lone Jack, MO )
Great product fast deliver exactly what ask for
Armando Briseno ( Danbury ct )
Materials arrived quickly no problem. I will report back on my results later. Great service!
RW Keeton ( SW VA )
love this system... used the cactus juice on about 50 blanks so far,,, no problems.. system is easy to use and produces great results...curtis is easy to deal with and a great teacher in his vidios....would recomend 100% to any one....
james behrendt ( west allis ,, wisconsin 53227 )
Thanks Curtis for the call and keeping informed. Between the bad weather here on the east coast and UPS damaging my first gallon of juice it arrived yesterday! \r\nThank you, \r\nTim\r\n\r\nJ. Hue Pen Company
Tim Kipps ( Va )
Curtis has excellent customer service. The quality of the product is outstanding. I will always use his products as well as recommend it to anyone who wants to stabilize wood. Keep up the great service.
Michael Dromey ( Kansas )
I received my order of "Texas Hybrid" blanks in just a few days and the email communications with updates were great. The blanks were even more beautiful in person than on the website. I turned a few of them that day and the resin Curtis uses cuts and turns like butter. The Texas woods and resins he uses are unique and better looking than most of the imported exotics. Great for high end pens. I receive more positive comments on the pens made with these blanks than on all the others I ever made combined! I will definitely be ordering more. Thanks for a great product, I recommended your site to all my friends.
Gene Zellman ( New Jersey )
Cactus Juice is a fantastic product that I would recommend to anyone wanting to save any brittle or soft material. Its a pity there are no products like this in the UK, but the shipping is fast and so I am happy for TurnTex to have my business ;-)
Norman Mansell M.B.E. ( Bristol, UK )
I can readily recommend TurnTex products to anyone who wants to take their turning experience to the next level. I have numerous blanks in my shop which will be stabilized using a TurnTex commercial chamber and Cactus Juice. These blanks would ordinarily be too soft and punky to turn so this is a great plus for me. Curtis is a meticulous craftsman and the fit and finish of his chamber is top shelf all the way. His guarantee is industry leading so you can't go wrong buying from him. His product line has him very busy with lots of orders so you will have to be patient. However, your patience will be well worth it when you get your chamber. Happy turning to all. Walt M.
Walt M. ( Melbourne, Florida )
Good service and products works great .
Bob Brown ( Kansas )
This stuff rocks! My buddy gave me severely spalted hackberry that he wanted pens from. It was impossible without Cactus Juice. Curtis Rocks! When my vacuum chamber stabilization didn't seem to work, Curtis gave some timely advice and my latest batch came out PERFECT! Can't wait to see my friend's face for his new pen. Next up, casting blanks like Curtis does... Thank you, thank you and thank you!
Carpenter Carpentry ( Madison, Alabama )
Love the cactus juice it works great. Even better than the cactus juice is the support you get from Curtis!\r\n\r\nI highly recomend this product..
Kris Moyes ( Salt Lake City, Utah )
Curtis, thank you for your excellent customer service. It has been pleasure emailing you to determine what is the best way to purchase just what is best for my needs. The items arrived as promised, and exceeded my expectations. The value per dollar of your products is very high. Joe Rideau
Joe Rideau ( San Jose, CA )
Going on my fourth gallon of Cactus Juice (C.J.) and still nothing to complain about! Just TOTALY SATISFIED with the product, support and the integrity of TurnTex's owner, Curtis. I am on my 38th pen for FREEDOM PENS and this process of using C.J. has just gotten better when I use local wood. Figuring in the cost of the C.J., shipping, my time, and still I make money reclaiming FREE local wood and juicing them up, versus a pre-made blank. :D Thanks for the GREAT Customer Service. Handcraftedpens2012
Richard Ray ( San Antonio, TX )
I got my juice order in a timely manner. I am using it to stabilize wood used in Traditional bow risers. I put the juice to work soon after getting it. I have used it on Zebrawood a thin piece of osage and a sizeable piece of birdseye maple. Just a word of caution. I got some of the resin in my vacuum pump (my fault) It lockrd the pump up.So my thoughts would be to use a catch chamber between your main vacuum chamber and your vacuum pump just for safety to the vacuum pump.
Mike Miller ( Indiana )
I ordered a vacuum chamber for my son in law for Christmas. Mr. Seebeck went above and beyond to ensure that we received it by Christmas. My son in law is so happy with his chamber. I would definitely recommend TurnTex Cactus Juice and vacuum chambers to anyone in need of this type of equipment! Customer service is excellent and products are amazing!!! Thanks Pat Gwaltney:D
Pat Gwaltney ( Weaverville NC )
Thank you Curtis, Purchased the round chamber for pen blanks, knife scales and pepper mills. Great craftsmanship Curtis, I'm all about detail. I have an old AC vacuum pump and cart that I'm using to set it up, can't wait to try it out. Love the videos most informative, great to work with people willing to share. Thank you again, Jerry
Jerry Cripe ( Meridian, Idaho )
I bought a quart first time liked it so well I bought a gallon along with some colored dyes excellent product but the jug it came in leaked in the seams so I lost about a quarter of the product other than that all good. Rick Busch [color=red]My note: I am sorry for the trouble with the leaking bottle. We try to package everything to withstand the rigors of shipping but occasionally things happen. I suspect we had a weak bottle which allowed for the leak. A coupon code has been sent to you by e-mail to compensate you for the lost Juice on your next order. Again, my apologies.[/color]
Rick Busch ( Graham Texas )
Awesome Customer Service Curtis!!! I had some questions regarding some resin we had purchased last year. No sooner did I hang up the phone Curtis called me right back and answered all my questions and then some. Our new order was shipped quickly and arrived in perfect condition.We stabilized some Buckeye burl the other day and it turned out very nice with the dye (blue) penetrating all the way through showing it was completely stabilized.We will be long time Customers.... Todd and Nancy
Todd & Nancy Abel : Pens Etc By Broken Roads ( New Berlin, Wi. )
Just rec my second gal of juice and extra dyes very happy with the product and the service Thanks again Rod
Rod Hoover ( California )
Awesome! It has been a couple of weeks now since I received my vacuum chamber from Turn Tex. I wanted to wait until I had the chance to really use it a few times before I provided feedback. What a great product, and even better customer service! The chamber is provided with a single page set of directions that is very easy to follow. I have ran four batches through the chamber now and all I can say is that I am hooked! It is nice to purchase an item that does what it is advertised to do, and then some. Great product and great customer service. Well worth the wait and money. If you are considering stabilizing your own pen blanks do not accept anything less than the best and Turn Tex is where the best is! :D
Wayne Sharp ( Mount Jackson Virginia )
this is the second time i have ordered from turntex and this is a great company to do business with very fast service and shipping. cactus juice is a great product.
DW Custom Knives ( Orange, TX )
Thanks for the prompt shipping. Used the Cactus Juice to stabilize about a dozen pen blanks and have turned 1 pen so far. It was a heavily spalted Japanese Maple Burl and the pen turned out great. Seems like the stuff does what it is advertised to do.
John Kreitler ( Decatur, IL )
Got more juice and hope I don't need to seek counseling for my new addiction to "Cactus Juice.":s I pitched the catalyst to the juice and will let sit in my old storage frig in the shop for a week before using. Might need to do a 4-gallon order next or contact Cactus Juice Anonymous (CJA) for some help!!!!!:)
Bill Lydie ( Lewiston, Idaho )
Fact is that I have not used it yet. Set everything up and it appears to work fine. Easy switching between chambers. Will let you know when I try it out. Thanks Derrell :D
Derrell Montgomery ( Near Conroe )
You are supplying top quality products at very reasonable prices. You have excellent service, thank you very much. I will definitely do business with you in future, and I highly recommend your products to other people!!! THANK YOU :)
Etienne Viviers ( South Africa )
I would like to say thank you for a great product and excellent service. I don't do a great deal of stabilizing, but when I do the Cactus Juice does everything it's supposed to do. It's so easy to use that it's still fun to stabilize blanks. With soap and water clean-up, no waste and great results, there's no need to try anything else. I would like to say thanks for your willingness to answer all questions as honestly as possible. I think that is the best part of how you run your business. Kenny D.
Kenny Durrant ( Sachse Texas )
Curtis is a great guy, got my vacuum chamber, got my cactus juice, now it's time to go to work. thanks Curtis:D
Terry Burden ( Tx )
thanks I just started processing my own wood I have a lot learn you fill a real need supplying the individual thanks for your help
john ( nv )
Turn tex's product is working quite well. I have been looking for a product to stabilize woods myself to save expense of sending to one who does stabilizing. I am happy with the results, and with the communication of Turn Tex. I highly recommend this product. Charlie Haines dba Knives by Charlie
Charles Haines ( Sheridan, TX )
About a year ago, I came into a decent supply of Spalted Maple. Not being a novice to turning, I tried to make a few pens only to find terrible results and so much waste because of the nature of the wood. I did a lot of research on stabilizing the wood. After trying some of the alternatives available, I ordered some Cactus Juice from Curtis. With some easy instruction and practice,I can now turn the pens with little to no waste!! I build stringed musical instruments in my spare time when I am not in the classroom teaching. ( I make pens for the fun of it. It is important for me to give feedback to my students so they can identify what works and what need to be changed. Thumbs up to Curtis and "the juice"!!! (just don't tell the science teachers in the school that I had to borrow the vacuum chamber and pump) Seriously. Awesome stuff. No other way to go!!!
Don ( Bunker Hill, WV )
14 inch chamber with all goodies works great and ran 2 batches of 12 pen blanks/run and used all of my 32 oz bottle. Just ordered more "Juice" and all works as advertised and Curtis has excellent customer support. Be patient because I hear it usually takes up to 12 months to have a Lamborghini built and this is the Lamborghini of stabilizing equipment. Thanks again Curtis :)
Bill Lydie ( Lewiston, Idaho )
Thanx for your help . Cactus juice was just what I needed to finish my latest project. easy to use and excellent results. fast shipping and great customer service :D I'll be back when I need a refill.
Mike B. ( Joshua Tree )
I purchased a vacuum chamber and cactus juice, the process worked as described and results are excellent.
Russell Dieterlen ( Indiana )
Got my 2nd gal. of the Cactus Juice great stuff really works well and fast. Thanks
William ( Longview ,Tx. )
very good product, fast shipping, very nice contact\r\nthanks\r\
Kramer Jürgen ( Austria )
Great service and fast shipping,will be back for more resin and stain.Thanks!
Curt ( Idaho )
This was my second order. Started with a quart, this time I got a half gallon. Had a small issue with my fist batches but I called Curtis and he quickly diagnosed my problem. He really is there to make sure you get the best results. Haven't started with this batch yet but I know the results will be fantastic. Thanks Curtis for your help and a great product!
Todd Olson ( Greenville, NC )
I saw the Turntex videos on you tube and saw the answer to how to use many years of reject wood. I called and talked to Curtis he was and continues to be very helpful and a wealth of knowledge. His products and customer service in my opinion cannot be beat. Thanks Rod
Rod Hoover ( California )
100% satisfied. Order was shipped immediately and arrived in a couple of days. Everything was perfect as I expected and had heard it would. You will definitely be getting more of my business.
Mike Kauffman ( Denison, Tx )
Placed an order for a gallon of cactus juice and a set of coloring dyes. The order was process and shipped the same day. The tints were backordered and arrive a few days later. Excellent customer service.
Roger Smith ( Cullman, AL )
Great product and your personal service is great. I'm looking forward to using more of your product as it really stabilizes the woods that I'm using now. :)
Johnny W. Tolly ( Austin Texas )
Curtis is an honest hard working family man....He keeps his customers informed and makes a superior product..
Joel Freund ( Ontario Canada )
After paying over $100 for three small peices of stabilized wood, I realized that I had to find a more affordable source for my knife handles. I already had a vacuum chamber and pump, so cactus juice was a great alternative. So far, it has worked as advertised. I'm looking forward to trying to make my own cactus scales. Thank you for a great, easy to use product.
Rusty ( Whitehouse, TX )
I'm very satisfied with the customer service I received. You called me as soon as I emailed you. The product is great. However I did have a hiccup in shipping but that's not your fault. I rate you 5 stars! I will be a repeat customer and I recommend your product to my friends on the facebook group Pen Turning I use the tags #turntex and #cactusjuice
Brady Dennis ( Roaring Spring, PA )
I purchased some cactus juice and ordered the large vacuum chamber with the resin saver pen blank insert. Curtis is a man of integrity and goes the extra mile to do his best to satisfy his customers. I have not yet had the opportunity to actually use the products. I hope to get to that later today. :D
Dennis McManaman ( Amarillo, Texas )
no problems, weather caused a delay in delivery but i dont think turntex caused it.otherwise very fast delivery. for a one man show Curtis does a great job. i will be ordering more cactus juice later.
ron newton ( indiana )
Fast service. On time. Thanks. Mike
mike igo ( spokane wa )
I have been using one of Curtis' vertical chambers and Cactus Juice for about 2 months now and I have got to say of all the setups I have tried over the years - his is the most straight forward and clean setups I have ever used. The Cactus Juice works exceptionally well as a stabilant. Will be getting one of his acrylic chambers for larger slabs as soon as I save a few more pennies.
Ross Tyser ( Spartanburg, South Carolina )
Thank for your great service. I received my Chamber and Juice, and cannot wait until they are put to use. Thanks for everything you do for all your customers:D
David ( So Cal )
Hey Curtis, I don't buy a lot of your products, mostly Cactus Juice(a great product BTW) certainly got no complaints about it nor your service. My last order over the new-years week/holiday may have taken a few days longer than usual but that is understandable given the time of the year. Also enjoy your posts over on the IAP and Sawmill Creek.
James Combs ( Owingsville, KY )
Great product Easy clean up
Mac Bourque ( Ville Platte, LA )
order was filled quickly, order status posted in a timely manner. 8)would definitely buy from this soutce again.
voodoodoc ( kentucky )
I am newbie to the art of vacuum stabilizing wood for pen turning. The equipment and stabilizing resin I purchased from TurnTex made for a very short learning curve [and that was a big plus]. By following the TurnTex video tutorial I was able to make perfect, stabilized wood blanks for my pens with my first batch. The vacuum chamber and resin was surprisingly easy to use. I recommend the TurnTex vacuum chamber and resin products 100%. Thank you, Mr. Seebeck for your support, help and encouragement. Chris Mallory Fair Oaks, CA
Chris Mallory ( Fair Oaks, Ca )
I think you have great products and I will order again Thanks John
John Hearn ( canada )
I purchased a small pen chamber and CJ from Curtis and it arrived in great packaged shape. The fit and finish on the chamber is very professional. Followed Curtis's video on YouTube to color stabilize some spalted punky sycamore which turned out great in craft supplies aero pens. I would recommend chamber and process to anyone.
Bill Tichenor ( Greenwood, Indiana )
I ordered a quart of CJ and while waiting on delivery I built a small vacuum chamber(since ordered one of the Juice Proof chambers). Once the CJ arrived I added my dried scales and began. Following the directions from this site carefully. Baked as directed. Perfect end results the first time! It is refreshing to receive a product that works as advertised! Buying stabilized wood is not what I like to do as I am very selective as to what I use on my knives when using real woods. This will allow me to pick my wood and stabilize it in house. Will order more for sure. Thanks for a great product!
Jimmy Chrisawn - JK Custom Knives ( Rock Springs, Wyoming )
I put my order in for a vacuum chamber some time ago. I knew then that there would be a wait and I was in no rush. It did take me quite a while to actually get my chamber, but Curtis kept me informed of each delay and its reason, and offered to prioritize his customers based on their urgency. As I was still in no particular rush I let him get to me when he got to me. I ended up with a later edition of the chamber than I had originally ordered but based on Curtis' offer. All in all, despite the delay I would strongly encourage anyone sitting on the fence to consider doing business with this gent. His products are top notch and his guarantee is quite simply as good a guarantee as you can get. Full Stop.
Mike ( Greenwood, Nova Scotia )
I purchased the pen vacuum chamber and cactus juice from Curtis. Followed his directions and was able to successfully stabilize some beautiful wood on the first try. I turned them into Christmas gifts which everyone loved. Curtis built a chamber with American ingenuity and quality - MADE IN AMERICA!!! Thanks for a great product Curtis. Jim Recourt
Jim Recourt ( San Diego, Ca )
Couldn't be happier with the service I received from Curtis. Prompt delivery. Pleasant to talk with.
Curt Stivison ( Ohio )
My order of Cactus Juice and dye was processed the following day and sent to me. Your quick processing is appreciated. I am looking forward to my next order and understand the manufacturing delay. :)
Ivon ( Oregon )
Curtis, Everything arrived promptly. Thanks for the great service. I am looking forward to getting started. I can't start using it until a couple of months due to my shop temperature. Looking forward to experimenting with some of my flute tone controls, some flutes & knife scales. I have been impregnating my flutes for 15 years with lacquer and I am looking forward to trying the Cactus juice. I know it will be an improvement. I have to get a gas oven and install it in the shop. Flutes are to large for toaster oven. I have some chittam wood burl with red specks in it that I am looking forward to stabilizing also. I will send photos when I get started. I learned about the impregnation system while working on the NASA Space Program. They developed this system many years ago using a similar material that was not water soluble & had to be cured by radiation, many years ago to impregnate electrical transformers. I put my system together based on that & my chamber uses vacuum & pressure. I was happy to hear this material is now available in small quantities. I could never afford a 55 gal drum or the material. Thanks Jim
James Gilliland ( Madison, Alabama )
Curtis is the man! The most helpful person I have come across in a long long time. He goes out of his way to help others in any way he can. I am proud to call him my friend. I recommend cactus juice and his chambers to any do it your selfer or professional for optimal results in stabilizing. I also recommend his knife scales! No one does a better job.
Garett Finney ( California )
All, if you have not bought from TTW, then it is your loss! Customer care is what brought me to order a Production Chamber. The time and detailed information is 2nd to none, ether on the web, e-mail or in person, Curtis will not let you leave without being satisfied and informed. I went to his shop by invitation, once my chamber was completed, and I was very pleased with the chamber and his wiliness to answer my questions and make sure my used vacuum pump, bought with his helpful information I found on his website, would be sufficient, it was. Curtis was very concerned that I was 100 percent satisfied with the ordered chamber, that he was willing to trade up to one of a different style chamber with no cost. This type of Customer Service is hard to find. I left with more than I had ordered and cannot say enough about his "Policies and Industry Leading Guarantee", except this kind of service and care is what America was built on, by our founders. The chamber has worked without any issues, and I use his Cactus Juice Stabilizing Resin, which works fantastic on porous material. Stabilizing with Cactus Juice turned my soft, wood material into beautiful, usable blanks comparable to any professionally stabilized blanks. I have stoped throwing away those unusable blanks and just use Cactus Juice on all my wood after drying! Can you spell: REPEAT CUSTOMER.:):):):) Thanks Curtis, looking forward to a long and SATISFYING business relationship!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Richard Ray ( San Antonio, TX )
I bought a tomahawk handle from Turntex who stated it was a very unique piece.. Well, they were wrong.... It is better than that..... This is by far the best handle I have ever bought [img][/img] As you can see, this curly maple is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the great support as they were incredible on the call. they answered every question and worked with me to find out exactly what I was after... Thank you..
dean makkos ( Florida )
I am a knife maker and like many knife makers, I wanted to do all processes of making a knife myself. After about 10 years of trying to stabilize my handle material and never being satisfied, I found Curtis and his website. I knew instantly this was what I was looking for so I ordered a chamber and some cactus juice and made arrangements to meet Curtis and ask a lot of questions. I found him to be both very friendly and knowledgeable and very free with all information and many tips as to what you should do or not do. I spent two hours with him and it seemed like a few minutes. I am still in the process of getting my vacuum pump, so I haven`t used the chamber or juice yet, but I have absolutely no doubt both will perform exactly as they should. I will be a longtime repeat customer and will refer him to anyone I know who is in need of this chamber or stabilizing solution. Thanks Curtis . Larry Doyle
Larry Doyle ( Austin Texas )
Great,fast service.Have not used the Juice yet.Will order again.\r\nDoyle
Doyle Chandler ( Snyder,Tx. )
Great product, fast shipping, amazing to see how it works. I think a lot of knife makers would like to know about this. Look forward to learn a little more from you, and to get more cactus juice and dye. Thank you, Mark
Mark Kochaver ( Blaine Mn. )
Great products with great service. What could be better?
Steve Montgomery ( Iowa )
product works great. just as advertised. called with a few questions. tech support was outstanding.
alan ( hilton ny )
I haven't turned the blanks that I ordered but I am very pleased with the quality and the color of the blanks. I am anxious to use them! Curtis is over the top as far as being helpful! I called and visited with him about the pressure pot and the process of creating polyester resin blanks. He was very willing to share his expertise. I would highly recommend Turn Tex!
Don Hickey ( Hugoton, Kansas )
Curtis was excellent on the phone, as he was patient, knowledgeable, and overall great to converse with. I've yet to use the cactus juice, but I have enough information to get some test pieces done on the cheap until I buy the proper equipment. Buying from a one man shop is always better than a large company when it comes to customer service, quality, and commitment. Why? Because I'm a one man show that caters to my customers, and now on the other end I can truly appreciate what good service is. Anyways purchasing from Turntex is an excellent idea and you won't regret doing so.
Joshua Martin ( Paauilo, Hawaii )
Got my Resin couldn't be happier. Excited to get the new Round chamber. Thank you Curtis. Rick
Rick Robbins bearmanric ( Olympia Wa. )
I received my Cactus Juice in a very prompt manner, it seemed like I just ordered it and it showed up. We will do business again. I like dealing with with individuals, instead of a big business who could care less about their service. Thanks Tom Militano
Tom Militano ( Jacksonville, AL )
I picked up my Vacuum chamber several weeks ago and love it. I've been going through some choice wood for stabilization and just need to clean out my garage so I can find the vacuum pump and then I can actually use it! I've used a friend's several times and it's fairly easy, just some setup regarding the process to yield the best results. Curtis' design with an included vacuum breaker makes it a cinch to stabilize wood. I've got tools worth thousands of dollars, but I'm most proud of my vacuum chamber. May have something to do with the fact that I'm an engineer and get the explain the mechanics of it to those who ask. My wife is starting to roll her eyes though. I just tell her to go back to her Mary Kay and let me get my guy on (did I mention I'm outnumbered at my house?). Thanks again Curtis, great product, as per usual! Definitely worth the wait. Mike Myers aka Gerber Mike aka Mako Mike
Michael Myers ( Katy, TX )
Thanks, Curtis. Your Cactus Juice product is one of the best stabilizing products I have come across. I am able to take what would be unusable spalted woods, and make beautiful knife handles. I have been buying Cactus Juice by the quart, but I will have to start moving up to the half gallon size. Once i get started stabilizing, it's hard to stop. Thanks again for your products and customer service; both are excellent Michael Rice Rice Custom Knives
Michael Rice ( San Antonio )
I waited to write this review because I wanted to be sure I gave the product a fair shake and be sure I had all of the bugs worked out of my vacuum system and my process that may have caused a lack of performance. As it turns out, there were quite a few. I have been attempting to stabilize 1-1/4" X 8" maple dowels to be turned into handles for stainless steel fire pokers I manufacture. Given that my processes involve some custom jigs to hold the dowels on the lathe while turning, I could not use the standard of wrapping them in aluminum foil to cure them. Additionally, my vacuum chamber was not adequately sized to hold the production run of 64 dowels, enough Cactus Juice to insure permeation, and enough head space to allow for foaming (due to air escaping the wood) without the foam getting into my vacuum lines and pump. I called Curtis for insight and help and oh what help he gave! Because of Curtis and his Cactus Juice product, I can honestly say I think I've found the answer to a prayer. I had all but given up on being able to stabilize my handles having gone through a process involving a venturi pump (not enough vacuum) and polyurethane (excessive cure time, lack of penetration). Curtis helped me work out the bugs in my system and although I still have a few, due to Curtis' expert advice and knowledge, I now know how to resolve them. It's been a learning curve for me, but Curtis has been both kind and patient in helping me get the results I've been dreaming of. I look forward to a long and profitable relationship with Curtis and TurnTex Woodworks. So, here it is. Cactus Juice: Great stuff. Easy to work with. Does what it's supposed to. Curtis O. Seebeck: Great man. Easy to work with. Does far more than he's supposed to. Give them both a try. You won't be disappointed. Sincerely, Duane R. Winters Durwin Enterprises LTD
Duane R. Winters, Durwin Enterprises LTD ( Michigan )
I have used the Cactus Juice for 1 project so far. I have some OLD,DRY cottonwood that looked like it would show some pretty grain in a bowl project. By using the Cactus Juice I was able to stabilize a rough bowl blank. Lots of air in that old wood. The finished bowl turned out to be very pretty. Looking forward to using more of the cottonwood soon.
David Plante ( Stockton, Kansas )
I received my Cactus Juice in a very prompt manner, it seemed like I just ordered it and it showed up. We will do business again. I like dealing with individuals, instead of a big business who could care less about their service. Thanks Tom Militano
Tom Militano ( Jacksonville, AL )
I have been using Cactus Juice for over a year now and am constantly finding new ways to use it to stabilize my pen blanks. I can stabilize and dye woods that are just falling apart to the point that I can make beautiful pens from what would have been not usable, punky and just past usefulness. These woods are just beautiful after stabilization with Cactus Juice. If you would like to see what can be done with Cactus Juice please visit my pen site and you will see the results of this great product.
Michael Schmitt ( Claremont, NH )
I was a little worried at first, as this was my first time stabilizing anything. The Cactus Juice was easy to use and I found myself stabilizing any wood I could get my hands on. LOL I've almost used up a gallon already, and will be ordering more soon!!! :D
Ed Proper ( Poquoson, VA )
Cactus Juice is a great product and doing business with Curtis is always a pleasure. Excellent communication, quick service and products perform as advertised.
Joseph Heath ( Post Falls, ID )
Great service, great product,, The Cactus Juice... Will order some more...:D
jerry corbin ( lubbock texas )
I ordered one gallon of Cactus Juice. Shipping was fast and efficient. Haven't had a chance to use it yet so will report on that later Overall very happy with the service and pricing Thanks, David:D
David Samp ( Fountain, Colorado )
Great Products, and fast service. I will be getting more products, and have a Chamber on order.
David Brown ( Mission Viejo, Ca )
Thank you for the fast shipment of the gallon of "Cactus Juice". I believe this is my 4th or 5th gallon of this product and it still works as good as the 1st gallon. Absolutely a great product. I have expanded into dying my knife handles in solid colors by using the red, blue or green dye. My blocks of maple burl are 1-1/4" x 1-1/2" x 5" long and the product penetrates all the way through the block, provided the wood is 6% dry or better. (I use a moisture meter for measuring moisture in the wood)
Vit Rudzitis ( St. Paul, Minnesota )
Hello, to any that are looking for great product and customer service no need to look any further. I've been a wood turner for years and could never find the right stabilization solution until I found turn tex. Cactus juice.
Daphne ( Houston,Tx )
I bought the pint, but really meant to buy the quart. Still, as soon as I got it, I made a smaller vacuum chamber with a mason jar, put in my buckeye slabs and made up the deficit of resin with marbles until the wood was well covered. The buckeye burl was on the verge of being punky so it was full of air and very light. I vacuumed it for a total of two hours, or until the wood sank and barely any bubbles. Cured the slabs in the oven as directed and noticed they had indeed hardened, and had retained the extra weight they had gained from the process. As a test, and after sanding(The treated wood takes substantially longer to sand than untreated blanks) the excess resin off, I took a treated piece along with an untreated one and touched them to a buffer that had red rouge on it. The untreated slabs picked up the red color and were grooved. The Cactus Juice treated part took a shine and no color from the rouge or distortion of the surface. Very satisfied with the product but will be sure to order a larger amount next time around. Thank you for the great service! Paul S. from Tampa
Paul S. ( Tampa, FL. )
As usual, wonderful product. Outstanding customer service and fast shipping. Thanks!
Kevin B ( Lancaster, PA )
EXCELLENT PRODUCT!!!! Great customer service!!! i used cactus juice for the first time last week, and it has changed the way i look at wood for pens, now i can turn pieces that would have been scrapped before. its easy to use, and gave great results the first time i used it, turning a piece of spalted ash burl into a beautiful, usable pen blank, that would've otherwise probably ended up coming apart when I turned it.
John Squires/ Summit Pen Works ( Fort Wayne, IN )
Excellent produit pour stabiliser et durcir en profondeur une petite piece de bois plus ou moins poreuse, par injection sous vacuum. Une fois cuit, ce produit reste neutre. J'ai essaye d'autres produits mais Cactus Juice de Turntex reste le meilleur. Il est aussi sans odeur contrairement a d'autres et avec une excellente penetration. Le mode d'emploie est facile et tres bien expliqué par ecrit et par video. Vous allez l'adorer. Merci a Turntex et a son service apres vente hors pair!:D
c dugre ( quebec )
I ordered just two bottles of Cactus Juice to see if it was as good as what I've used in the past from a different supplier. It was delivered as scheduled and was better than the products I've been using. You will be my supplier from now on. I'll have to try your other line of products. Thank You! DeWayne
DeWayne Stephensen ( Sacramento, California )
I have had great success with this product. It is very easy to use with great results. Shipping is very reasonable priced and product is shipped fast to customers.
Chad Kelller ( Jenks, Oklahoma )
:) I am a newbie to the wood stabilization world, so I have much to learn. However, based on my first experience with this product, I am very satisfied with the quality, service, and price from Turn Tex. I will be coming back as a return customer in the future.
Dan ( Michigan )
I'm very satisfied with the Cactus Juice and colorants.They fill my stabilization needs, :D:D:D:D:D
Gorst Duplessis ( New Orleans )
I would just like to say. Curtis has outstanding customer service. Before I ordered I had heard nothing but great things about him and his product they were all true. Thank you again Curtis. David Seaba
David Seaba ( Broken Arrow , Ok )
I recently took up stabilizing my own pen blanks. The first run of blanks in the cylindrical vacuum chamber created a lot of questions -- detail that is encountered in any new process. I emailed Curtis and received quick responses -- often in a few hours. Each time the questions were answered in a clear and helpful manner. The first batch came out very good. Thanks Curtis...
Fred Floyd ( Issaquah, WA )
I order the catus juice for stabilizing my call blanks and some knife scales and I feel this by far the best product I have ever used. Curtis is a great guy. Willing to help you any chance he gets and truly takes interest in what you are doing.
columbia river game calls ( astoria or )
:D this is my first try with Cactus juice after using min wax wood hardener. By far the cactus juice was a superior product and did everything that was said. The one thing I liked best is that it truly did stabilize my spalted mesquite. Thank you very much for coming up with such a good product.
Billy Cloud ( Aransas Pass Tx )
I purchased a Vacum Chamber from Curtis. It was a pretty long wait but finding that it was due to production changes and conversing with Curtis about his new production plan, I was more at ease. During SWAT this year, Curtis gave me the chamber he was using for demonstrations so I would have my chamber. I feel that to be a great gesture on his part to please a customer. Also when ordering Cactus Juice, it arrives very quickly. Turn Tex Woodworks to me is a great asset to woodworkers..Thanks Curtis. Ray Vivian
Ray Vivian ( Waco )
I have found Turn Tex products to have a degree of perfection that is seldom found in today's world. Curtis does an exquisite job of the vacuum chambers, pen blanks and pens. On top of that he is willing to part with "pearls" of wisdom and advise. He will get more of my business in the future.
Jim Stinson ( Eddy, TX )
I wanted to go ahead and thank Curtis for the outstanding craftsmanship he sent me this week. I ended up opting for the new cylindrical chamber and could not be happier. Everything is working as stated, and this product is insanely durable. My first run this evening seems to be doing well. I allowed my blanks to sit in my oven at around 175-200F for 30 hours prior to placing in ziplock bags and then in a tupperware to cool off. After cool, I popped them in, poured Cactus Juice on top, and away we went. My only issue was the bubbling never ceased. I had the usual bubbles that I see in videos, and then 3-4 hours of light bubbles. Not enough bubbles to foam, but bubbles none the less. 4.5 hours under -29# of vacuum. After reading here on the site, if the blanks had any sort of moisture I can expect the longer vacuum. After no change I am going to allow them to sit over night and soak. Regardless, these issues are ME related that I am sure I can work out. Overall, I am totally satisfied with my purchase, and after tomorrows results, I am sure I will be ordering Cactus Juice by the gallon. Thanks for the hard work Curtis.
DanielC ( NC )
I have been through 5 gallons of cactus juice, stabilizing turning squares for use in pool cues. I couldn't be happier with the results. I recently cut some spalted curly maple & gave some to a friend. He sent his off to be stabilized & it was rejected as being too spongy. I have used cactus juice to stabilize about 50 squares of it so far and every single one has turned out solid & sound. The blanks gain an average of triple weight. Cactus juice is allowing me to utilize woods that would otherwise be simply too punky & deteriorated to use. Thank you Turntex! [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
Eric in NM ( New Mexico )
received my new round vac chamber the other day it works great, very happy with the results.:):):):):):)
George Vasiliou ( fl )
Curtis at Turntex really came through on providing a quality made chamber. I was very excited to receive the chamber and get to work, the best part was Curtis had spent a few hours of his time already answering my questions and helping me out on ideas that I was not clear on. I have also ordered and used many of the pen blanks made by Turntex and have been nothing but impressed at the final product. I have and will recommend Turntex to anyone that asks. Thanks again Curtis
Steven Fraser ( Texas )
Just tried my first batch with the Cactus Juice. The Cactus Juice worked as stated. I will be ordering more soon. Some fellow turners want in on the stabilizing. Thanks Kevin
Kevin Gilbert ( Nottingham NH )
curtis, i am working on second turning blank right now and everything is fine so far i am very pleased with product. i am using a gast pump pulling 26 in. and seems to be ok for what i am doing. thanks bob
bob brown ( bryan tx )
Curtis is a great guy. He worked with me to develop a new chamber design for pool cues. The product he produces is very efficient, and made with a professional touch. I would highly recommend his chambers and the cactus juice. Dennis Cash Cash Custom Cues
Dennis Cash ( Wichita Kansas )
I purchased the product when Curtis experienced great business growth difficulties and received nothing less than a superb support and effort to provide the best service possible. I had to wait longer than normal however I ended with a product of outstanding quality. My greatest appreciation comes from the fact of his dedicated desire and action to provide exceptional service through his support and responding to question with honest and detail information. I appreciate and am confident to be one of Curtis client. Reg A:)
Reg Ashby ( Calgary, AB, Canada )
Curtis I received my replacement Guage and I would like you to know it works like a charm thanks for getting it to me and keep up the good work. :)
Lomax Butler ( Jacksonville Fla )
I just treated my first batch of wood. I used a spalted maple burl that was so soft and heavily figured that it could not be sanded without gouging chunks out of the surface. The results were amazing. The stabilized scales (about 1/4" thick) are hard and sturdy. Sanding to 120 grit yielded some spectacular looking pieces, and I believe they will be truly eye popping once they are taken to final finish as knife handles. Treatment with Cactus Juice made otherwise useless wood into very high grade exotic scales. Thank you.
Brian Campbell ( Irion County, Texas )
Curtis, Everything arrived very quickly and as ordered. Thanks for the great service. I am looking forward to getting started stabilizing and coloring some woods for turning projects. Your website has been very educational and is deeply appreciated. Dave Olig, Fargo, ND:):):)
Dave Olig ( Fargo, ND )
Great product ! So easy to use. Fast service.\r\n\r\n\r\nDave
Dave Dobbs ( IL )
It worked just like you said. I am very pleased with it. As soon as I get a better vacuum system, I will order some more.\r\nThanks,\r\nCharles
Charles Stephens ( New Braunfels, TX )
I purchased a circular pen blank vacuum chamber and had two minor issues. First, the weight was a little too big for the chamber, which I ground down to make it fit better in the chamber. The second issue was that I wasn't getting the proper vacuum, according to the gauge. I called Curtis and he immediately diagnosed the problem. There is a clear sticker on the gauge which tells you to cut the rubber tip on top of the gauge, it then worked great. Curtis has been great at helping me with my problems and questions. [color=red]My Note: The weight is designed to be a little bigger than the chamber and this was not a mistake. It is designed to be put in on an angle. Then, once the weight is on the wood, you push down on the high side and it wedges in place. Making a weight of this size that is heavy enough to hold down large batches of blanks would be difficult and cost prohibitive. This order was most likely one of the early orders and now I am including instructions with pictures of how to use the weight. I am also putting a new, fluorescent sticker on the gauge over the one from the factory to bring the need to vent the gauge to customers attention better.[/color]
Ardell Dobson ( Phoenix, AZ )
Always a pleasure working with Curtis. Have some issues with being unable to order from the site due to being an APO address. Curtis took the time to help me get the order placed. Shipping sometimes takes a little longer due to shipping to Korea, but still arrived fairly quick. Great service. Thanks.:)
James White ( US ARMY South Korea )
Curtis, Great product, I am very happy and impressed with the finished product of both the knife scales and pens I am producing.I am using a lot of local woods for pen blanks that I would not be able to use before. I am also experimenting with some punky woods and roots with good success. I took your advice and I am now letting the wood soak for double the amount of time of vacuum time in the cactus juice after vacuum process. Thanks again!
Matthew Rehman ( Calgary, Alberta, Canada )
Once the juice was sent, it took only 9 days to get it in my hand Very fast delivery to Sweden. Thank you Curtis and Mr postman I bought a gallon for some time ago to try it out, and it works very well. The only thing I noticed is the first quarter that I catalyzed has become slightly thicker after about 18 months. When I use it. I dilute it with a little fresher resin. Michael
Michael H ( Sweden )
I ordered 4 pen blanks which I received in only 3 days. They are quite frankly the most impressive pen blanks I have ever ordered. I am impressed with the entire experience and definitely order again. Thanks, Moe:)
Moe Houtz ( Elkhart, KS )
After some bad experiences with my knife scales delaminating from the blade tangs, I learned of Cactus Juice from one of the knifemaking forums. Following a little research, I ordered some, and built myself a simple vacuum chamber. My first two samples, bocote and tulip wood both turned out nicely. Great product, good product information and instructions online. Happy customer so far. -Kurt
Kurt Krueger ( Minnesota )
I received my gallon of cactus juice in about 3 days. So far it has vastly exceeded my expectations. I will likely be a regular customer. I appreciate bring able to buy this product.
Earl Tharp ( Arcadia Indiana )
My order was wanting for me @ my hotel in Covington Ky. I haven't had chance to mix up a batch yet I only got home this past Tuesday . If I have any question, I'll you a text or call, Thanks Eric
Eric Bardell ( Garson ontario Canada )
We have bought pen blanks from Turn Tex a few times now, and I have been extremely pleased with our transactions. They have been prompt with my orders, and have gone above and beyond what I would expect. After mentioning how my children are beginning to turn pens they included a special pen blank for my daughter! Talk about customer service. We will definitely continue to purchase from them in the future.
Crystal Kunz ( Washington )
First and most important factor to me regarding Turn Tex Woodworks is the information shared by Curtis Seebeck and his employees on not only the items Turn Tex sells but how to best use them in conjunction with raw materials such as wood for the very best possible end product. Very seldom have I called with a question that Curtis didn’t answer the phone himself and if we did miss each other you can be for sure he returns the call. Having all of his extensive knowledge at a finger’s touch away is a great relief because you can be for sure that anything he knows he would gladly share it with you even if those phone calls get long. I often tell him that I have no idea how he makes any money with the time he spends on the phone with me alone, not to mention how many other calls he is sure to get daily. He tells me he enjoys each and every call no matter how long for one of the biggest reasons he enjoys what he does is because of the many different people he meets that too share the common joy for woodworking as much as he. The product I buy the most from T.T.W. is their Cactus Juice Stabilizer. There has never been a time that I placed an order that they didn’t have it in stock. The turn around time is just awesome! 99% of the time I can place my order and it goes out the very same day, even if it doesn’t get made until late in the day. They take every order very serious no matter how large or small they all get equal attention. I could go on and on praising what I love about T.T.W. but in a nutshell I would have to narrow it all down to Mr. Seebeck. I enjoy placing orders and calling with questions for he is absolutely a joy to just chat with! Jeremy Pierce North Carolina
Jeremy Pierce ( North Carolina )
As usual Curtis provided great, prompt service on my order. None better\r\nAloha Curti!
Dennis Smith ( aiea, Hi )
Needed some Alumilite dye and checked prices and shipping from many other locations; Curtis (TurnTex) was the best all around. This is the 3rd dye I've purchased from Curtis and they always come quickly and exactly as expected. Great Service! Thank you, -David Lowell
David Lowell - Of Wood & Vine Designs ( Port Saint Lucie Florida )
TurnTex sells a great product and provides exceptional technical information for the DIY wood stabilizer. We have been using the TurnTex resin system for the past 18 months and have been very satisfied with the results. Chamber quality is first rate and Curtis has always been available to answer any questions that have come up. The new juice-proof chamber is a good design improvement for the die-hard stabilizer doing production work.
Eric Goertz - BangleGuy.Com ( Colorado )
I have used blanks from TurnTex (Curtis) over the past few years and now my latest purchase, the new cylindrical “Juice Proof” chamber. I could not be happier with my purchases from Curtis. I purchased it "ready to use". Took less than a minute to hook it up to the pump and load it with wood and "juice". I have stabilized two chambers of pen and bottle stopper blanks since receiving my chamber a couple of weeks ago. Followed the directions on the TurnTex site and everything worked perfectly. I stabilized spalted beech and birch, yew, elm burl, crab apple and cactus. They turned out noticeably heavier after curing so the next thing was to turn a couple. Turned great! Finished great! Very low odor, hardly noticeable. I would not hesitate to stabilize and cure in a “basement type shop”. Curtis has the best guarantee around for his blanks and his chambers/juice and his willingness to answer questions is unsurpassed from my experience. My only disappointment, I only ordered a quart of “juice” and am now waiting for a gallon to arrive. :)Thanks Curtis.
Nadine Nelson ( Sauk Rapids, MN )
Great products! Enjoying both my Pen vacuum chamber & cactus juice. The customer service you get from Curtis is what really stands out!!!
Billy Tallant ( Corsicana, TX )
Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed talking with you on the phone. It is always great to talk shop with a fellow CNC router guy. Your help in making my own vacuum chamber was insightful and very much a help. Products arrived quickly and just as advertised Thanks Charles
Charles Coppedge ( Birmingham, Al )
Product worked better than I expected. It was really painless to use.Saved a lot of money doing my own stabilizing. Thanks for a great product.
John pytka ( Pennsylvania )
First time I've ever used Cactus Juice to stabilize wood ... all I can say is that I'm very pleased with the results. Had a set of Amboyna Burl scales that needed stabilizing, in around 40 minutes under vacuum they were saturated. Covered them in foil, into the oven for an hour and a half at 200 -and they were done. All the small cracks checks were filled and the final product showed greater resistance to grinding and finished up beautifully. Great product! Thank you.
Marcus Lin ( Los Angeles )
Curtis allowed me to come down and visit with him at his shop and answered questions for me. I am very interested in casting and stablizing wood. Great guy and a wealth of knowledge! Thanks for your time and your products
Mike Westbrook ( Georgetown, Texas )
I reviewed other sources similar to Cactus Juice and keep going back to TurnTex. I ordered a gallon of Cactus Juice. :) The order was filled and updates on the order were sent and it arrived on time. Honest and straight forward. Will order again from TurnTex. :):)
Richard ( Rome, Georgia )
I'm absolutely thrilled...This option will allow me to open door to different kind a pipe thing...Thank You, Curtis. It is right what I need right now. Cheers.
Maigurs Knets ( Lake Geneva, WI USA )
This product works great, makes bad wood look good,if you like stabilizing your own wood try it,very easy to use,I would recommend strongly.
John Hyde ( Alabama )
The Cactus Juice has proven to be one of my best acquired tools/products, to deal with a large number of wood blanks that, would be nearly impossible to utilize, without it. There has been many gallons used and many more to order in a near future, I have made a comment recently where I said that, some people may think that I drink this stuff, from the quantity I imported since June 2012, I used a lot, in fact...! The product does what it says it does, the product is carefully packed and Curtis is a great guy to deal with, a good combination for success...! George
George Valentine ( South Australia )
Curtis is an absolute joy to do business with. He is also always ready to share information and tips to help you get the most from his products. "Cactus Juice" rocks. If you lurk around the IAP website, you will get to "know" Curtis very quickly. Level headed, honest, and intelligent.
Joe Barnett ( Minnesota )
I tried turning some 30 year old oleander stumps I salvaged when a condo association was replanting. The wood was a beautiful white color but very fibrous and a bit pithy near prune stubs. No matter what I tried and how sharp I honed the end grain looked like a tooth brush. I stabilized 2 blanks with cactus juice and they turn easily and smoothly now. :)
Glenn ( Seabrook TX )
I just finished my first set of handles stabilized with Cactus Juice and could not be more pleased. The wood cut, sanded, and finished as well as any wood I have purchased from the professional stabilizers. The Cactus Juice is AWESOME and Curtis's customer service is fantastic. I look forward to doing business with Curtis in the future knowing that he has the best products and customer service in the industry. Thank You for your help and your great products. Mike Embry - Embry Ridge Custom Knives
Mike Embry - Embry Ridge Custom Knives ( Sunrise Beach, MO )
I just need to say thank you and a big shout out to Curtis for having great response to my questions and having a product that is just as good as his service. Thank you for taking to time to teach me how to vacuum wood with Cactus Juice right. Be Blessed Greg "The Burl Hunter"
Greg Dahl aka The Burl Hunter ( Grants Pass, Oregon )
I've been dealing with Curtis for almost two years, the product and customer service is outstanding. I'm looking forward to more dealing with Curtis in the future! I do consider this professional stabilizing, if the process is followed correctly. All my blanks sink.... Thanks, Curtis Tim Kipps J. Hue Pen Company
Tim Kipps ( Va )
Hy Curtis I have only just received my order (23/Sept/2013)as soon as i try it i will give you some feed back.I have one Question to ask. I would like to dye some blanks.If i do,will that contaminate the juice. Jim Hobson
jim Hobson ( Barrie,on, Canada )
Thank you for the Cactus juice, and the dye, and especially the help with the vacuum pump questions. Looking forward to doing more business with you! Very much enjoy the website, too. Cheers Bob Herr
Bob Herr ( Washington )
Watched more videos and read more comments than you can imagine. The outcome was that I wanted to try Cactus Juice. I tried to order some one night and finally gave up. As I told Curtis when he found my attempts, I was born before God started issuing computer genes. I have just started turning my first treated wood and it looks beautiful,when I put some sandpaper and finish on it will be piece my wife will will treasure. Thank you for a great product! Stan
Stan Helms ( Baytown, Texas )
Not only does Curtis provide a great product with his Cactus Juice, but he truly loves his customers. He has been very generous with his experience and skills in helping me learn and become proficient at stabilizing a variety of materials. His prices are reasonable and the service great.:)
Henry Chidgey ( Burnet, Texas )
Hi Curtis, Love the cactus juice, works excellent on spalted woods. Fast delivery and great customer service. My only complaint is its just to dog gone expensive or I'd be buying a lot more. Good luck and Thanks for sharing your secrets. Take care, Clay
Clay Tweedy ( Minnesota )
My second order from Turn Tex Wood works, went as great as the first one. The service you get from Curtis is second to none.\r\n Al May
Albert May ( Vinita,Ok. )
Just tried out Cactus Juice for stabilizing wood for knife handles and scales. My first successful attempt was done on some Spalted Maple. It worked out awesome. The scales look fantastic and are appreciably harder than what I started with. I had a failed attempt on some Zebra wood....It seemed to produce small spots that appeared to be wet when sanding. I figured it was a curing issue. I was right. I went the following day and got a new oven thermometer and did some homegrown calibrating on the toaster oven to ensure correct temperature for curing. Then tried the maple....It worked beautifully. Can't wait to see these scales on a new blade!
Darren Robichaud ( New Brunswick Canada )
I have one of the new Juice Proof round chambers and it's very well built. I hitched up my HF vacuum pump and it pulled full vacuum very quickly. It's a snap to setup and all of the fittings and connectors Curtis is using are sturdy and high quality. I'm very pleased and will be doing business with TurnTex for many many years I'm sure. Thank you for putting so much thought and design into your chambers Curtis; it's really appreciated and rare to get such a quality product for a reasonable price. I give it a 10+:)
David Lowell - Of Wood & Vine Designs ( Port Saint Lucie Florida )
TurnTex cactus juice is a GREAT product, the service you get from Curtis can not be beat by anyone. For information and service TurnTex could not be better. Al May
Albert May ( Vinita,Okla. )
This first time I've tried Cactus Juice resin and I am very pleased with it. NO mess and no bad fumes is a plus.I used it on some giraffe bone and am really pleased.
Gary D. Jones ( Canton,NC )
I was very pleased with the fast delivery. I am very happy with the cactus juice and will be back.
Tim ( Washington )
Fast Shipping!! Great Transaction!! Thank You!! AAA+++:D
Richard Gilbert ( PA )
Found out about Cactus Juice when I was googling wood stabilization. Read some reviews on forums and decided to order a 32oz bottle. Came within the specified shipping time. Tried it out on some Buckeye burl and could not be happier with the results. Followed all the directions (online) and had zero issues. Just like it says on the website, it didn't cause any noticeable color change in the wood and turned a piece of extremely soft buckeye burl into something workable. I'm definitely going to get some more once I run out.
Ben S. ( S.F. Bay Area, California )
I purchased a vacuum chamber from Curtis about two years ago and have used it pretty regularly. Last month a glue joint on the chamber failed and Curtis replaced the chamber and lid with no questions asked.That's great service!
Dave Mueller ( Texas )
I was delighted to find and Curtis Seebeck's unique products. I am a lapidary and silversmith and use Cactus Juice to stabilize my raw rocks before cutting and finishing them. TurnTex products are excellent quality, reasonably priced and the delivery and service are excellent. I strongly recommend them. :D
Michael Wheatley ( San Jose, CA )
I just stabilized my first set of blanks. I can tell you I would've been a lot more nervous if I hadn't got such details and informative information on the phone. This guy knows his stuff. Not only of the product he sells and how to use it but he also understands the science behind it, that means a lot to me. Oh the blanks they came out perfect.:)
Bill ( Arkansas )
Just received one of the new stabilizing chambers. The new top looks great and worked really well::D
Art Majerus ( Ca )
I have bought 2 half gallons of cactus juice from Curtis, Great product. Did some spalted maple and it came out great after getting the toaster over to the right temp. Going to make some really nice knife handles. Tried some rosewood and it turned the juice dark. Doing some zebra wood now so we will see how it turns out. Thanks Curtis for a really great and easy to use product.
Jerry Metcalf ( Texas )
Recently recieved my vacum chamber. This is some very nice work. The wait was a little long but well worth it, as this is first class workmanship! Thanks Curtis. :)
Wes Riesland ( Midwest Wy )
I make semi-custom grip panels for revolvers as a bit of a for-profit hobby. I had settled on a contract stabilizing outfit in the midwest as the best that I could find after trying several with varying degrees of success. Over time I became tired of waiting 2-3 months to get my material back and the price that I was paying wasn't too cheap either. I found Cactus Juice one day during an internet search and watched every video that I could find. I opted to build my own vacuum chamber out of PVC, but Curtis was very quick to answer all of my questions regarding vacuum pumps. I just placed an order for a Cactus Juice resupply because I was so happy with the results that I have had with spalted and burl woods.
Carl Schultz ( West Allis, WI )
:D I must say Curtis has to be one of the most friendly people I've had the privilege of meeting and how he takes the time to share his extensive knowledge at no charge shows his concern for his customers. Many times he and I would spend at least 20-30 minutes on the phone with me asking questions that doesn't even have anything to do with what he sells. He does it because of his love of woodworking and the appreciation he has for new and returning customers and do to this I will be a returning customer for a long time. :D
Jeremy Pierce ( Stantonsburg, N.C. )
this was my 4th order and decided to get the 4 gallons this take a wood like flame boxelder, which can be quite punky to work with, stabilize it with the juice...and you've got a nice piece of wood that turns evenly and finishes equally nice... On top of that, Curtis has listened to me ramble on about my q's and has given several pieces of useful advice... Curtis, you've got a customer for life:D
eric winney ( buford, ga )
TurnTex woodworks is with out a doubt,the best place I have ever ordered supply from. Curtis,sure does know how to take care of his customers. Will do a lot more buying from him. Al May
Al May ( Vinita,OK. )
My first time to do business with--Turn Tex-- I,will say that Curtis is one man that goes all out to take care of his customers. I couldn't be happier with the service and the product. Al May
Albert May ( Vinita,OK. )
I purchased a system and after I received it I quickly realized it was going to be too small. No problem, Curtis worked with me to exchange for a larger unit no questions asked. I went through 1 gallon of Cactus Juice pretty quickly and ordered 4 more along with dye. I am very pleased with the ease of process, quality of product and the end results.
Terry Quiram ( Illinois )
Excellent customer service!!! I've never ordered from Curtis before. I placed an order for some cactus juice. I wanted some dyes to go with the cactus juice but his website was showing out of stock. Curtis sent me an email letting me know that his website had been updated with the dyes I was interested in. I then placed a separate order for the dyes I wanted & asked Curtis if he could combine this order with my cactus juice to save on shipping costs. For some reason my paypal order did not process my first order & pay Curtis for the cactus juice. The second order for the dye went through with no problem. The next day while checking my paypal account, I realized that Curtis had received payment for the dye order but not the cactus juice. Before I had time to call Curtis to straitened this out, I received an updated invoice showing both orders had been shipped out. This is excellent customer service...Curtis sent my order out with only partial payment. Will be definitely ordering more cactus juice in the future...
Billy Tallant ( Corsicana, TX )
Curtis has a great product very professional, always willing to help with any questions. I will definitely be a repeat buyer from this gentleman thank you Curtis:)
Carl Thomas ( South Mississippi )
second batch of cactus juice..well pleased with results on the wood :)
Bobby Bordelon ( Lake Charles,la )
Hello this is Sam at LDC. I am in the process developing a new product which is a line of custom inlay wood pistol grips. I have the first batch that are ready for finish after treating them with the cactus juice, so far, I am very happy. I will send you some photos that you may share with your customers if you like. I would also like to say thanks for your quick response to my phone message. Also, I make jewelry out of very unique pieces of wood. I plan to stabilize the next batch to make them more water resistant. I will include photos of the jewelry as well.
Sam Leu ( San Fernando, CA )
Hey guys , after using Cactus Juice for a while now ,I have decided to use it exclusively and have had 0 complaints on my product:D that being said , Curtis is a super nice guy and will help you when needed on an array of things . Faron Moore/Moores Customs
moores customs ( Cushing TX )
Curtis is very helpful with your questions. I make grips for the .44 Auto Mag pistol yep the one Clint Eastwood used in the movie (Sudden Impact) and The Cactus Juice works really well with some of the exotic woods I use to make them and it has cut about 3 weeks off my stabilizing time as to what I was using and it's thin enough to get in the wood and added about 50% or more to the weight so it's getting good penetration which is needed. I'am very happy with it and will be ordering more Cactus Juice from Curtis soon.
William Bryant ( Longview,Tx. )
Curtis at TurnTex supplied me with what to me was a new product, Cactus juice for stabilizing wood for knife handles. He has experimented with a variety of products and came up with his own concoction that works, and offers it to the public. Now the general public can do their own wood stabilizing with a minimum of equipment or special knowledge and get professional results. I had great results the first time I used it. This cactus juice is way superior to anything else I had tried. I have used mini wax, water soluble polyurethane, acetone soluble plastics, 3-4 types of epoxy, fiberglass resin thinned down, superglue, etc. Another seller of great stabilized wood told me his process is a highly guarded secret! It insulted him I would ask what product he used. Curtis , as a stranger, and me, a first time small order buyer, spent almost an hour of his time talking to me on the phone, giving me pointers, tips, advice, for my specific needs. He did so without trying to push his products on me, but out of genuine interest in helping people out. This saved me dozens of hours and money stumbling along figuring it all out on my own. I’ve shopped around and his prices are better than elsewhere for similar product. There are hefty discounts for buying more volume. I liked the no profit in the shipping and he sent priority 3 day to Alaska for only the shipping cost. Others want to charge as much as the product for shipping! The cactus juice has no fumes, what is not sucked into the wood can be saved, is not harmful to my vacuum pump or containers, is not toxic on my hands, sucks in the wood well, accepts dyes well, takes a nice final high polish, adds good strength to my spaulted crosscut wood. In short, has all the qualities I want in one product. :D
Miles Martin ( Nenana Alaska )
Curtis you make a wonderful product. I am very pleased with chamber I bought from you. My only complaints would be, lack of communication. From the time I ordered the chamber I received only one email telling me I had bought the chamber. And the length of time 3 months from the time of order until shipment was a bit much. That wouldn't be a problem for me, if I had received regular updates on what was happening. I realize that you must be very busy, but I do not know you from Adam. I live so far away from you, no one I know has bought anything from you. So even though it may not have been necessary for me to pay up front I did and not hearing anything from you as the 2 month time came and went caused me more than a little concern. An email update telling me how the progress or lack there of would have done much to reassure me. But that is in the past like I said you have a wonderful product and you craftsman ship is excellent. Bob Hawley [color=red]My notes: Thank you for the constructive criticism Mr. Hawley. As we discussed on the phone, I did send out a couple of general updates to everyone on the list which you did not receive. That said, I do realize that I need to find more time in the day to better communicate with folks that are waiting on chambers. In an effort to increase production, I have spent a lot of money on a CNC Router which will help improve my lead times. It is also allowing me to produce even better lids that are more durable and produce better ultimate vacuum.[/color]
Robert Hawley ( Castle Rock, Washington )
I am a knife maker, and recently came into a bunch of Elk Antler, which is very porous. and definitely needs to be stabilized for knife handles. This stuff works great! I ordered my Cactus Juice online and received it about 3 days later. Very Fast Delivery!! I need to order some more!
Gregg Graber ( Colorado )
I've been stabilizing spalted maple using one of Curtis' original tanks and lids. I ordered up a second and, now, a third tank based on a little test I did. I had a block of spalted maple from which I cut smaller blocks with the intent of making stabilized bricks for knife scales. I clean and true the brick and then slice the bookmatched scales and sand them in a Jet 10-20 drum sander. Well, I noticed the new gauge appears to be drawing significant vacuum and the bubbling quit in the old tank while the new tank got the job done quicker. I liked that, but then began to wonder whether the lid made a difference. I repeated the process. Same result. Weigh-in of blocks showed more juice went in the new tank and lid. On the third run, when the new tank was done, I switched the new lid to the old tank and it was pretty much a strong bubbling action like the initial draw down at first evacuating air from the tank. I've learned also to put on as much time to equalization after stabilization as it took to stabilize to where the bubbles stopped coming out of the wood: better penetration, better product. I really couldn't be more pleased. Curtis's product improvements are great. I'd like to see him make some tank inserts, perhaps from 3/16ths clear material more resistant to the juice, a liner, if you will, to serve as an overnight soaking tank for the equalization process or as a soak tank for double dyeing. I kind of chuckle. There is a national competitor well-known for making vacuum lathe chucks who has come out with a stabilizing system. It can't draw much vacuum, the tanks are round (whoever thought a square stick fits a round hole, anyway?), and you can't see the bubble level on drawing first vacuum. Dumb and dumber. Don't know what the chain stores are thinking marketing this stuff, but it's not us. Folks, just go with TurnTex and Cactus Juice. You won't be disappointed. He'll always be there as your mentor and coach. And the product has so much science and common sense behind it, you'll soon realize anyone else doesn't have your interests in mind. The guarantees prove it. Matter of fact, I would be willing to pay a little more for production tanks because I think it's worth it. Curtis's tanks are under-valued with respect to performance. And in this day and age when you encounter a fella who refuses to weasel out from his responsibilities should there be an issue, you just gotta respect and honor that vendor with both praise and loyalty. It's such a rare thing in business. Wish the bureaucrats and politicians understood that kind of credibility, ergo, do what you say you'll do. Curtis for President?
Malcolm L. Koch - Koch Calls ( McMinnville, Oregon )
Good product, good service.
John lloyd ( St. Louis )
It has been several weeks since I received my order of Cactus Juice. I have now had time to confirm that it works very well for stabilizing the sagebrush and other "herbaceous wood" that I use for various projects. Actually, I already knew it would work because this was my second order. The service was fast and the product is excellent. Now I only need to get as good at using it to make blanks as beautiful and unique as Curtis makes himself.
Mitch Wolgamott ( Eastern Oregon )
Just ordered another gallon of cactus Juice, it's definitely the best stabilizing resin, and Curtis is great to do business with. I have now used like 6 gallons of the cactus juice, I am very pleased with his products. Neil
Neil mattison ( Verona Island )
[b]~~~A ROCK POLISHERS DREAM PRODUCT~~~\r\nI am a lapidarist (rock jewelry maker) and I slice, shape and polish many beautiful types rocks, that I get from all over the continent. \r\nCurtis\'s Cactus Juice works Wonderfully on stabilizing rocks, and is the answer to working with fragile or fractured or brittle rock/stones that otherwise would crumble/fracture into pieces when cutting them with my rock saw or grinding them into shapes to make jewelry.\r\nIt was Amazing to me, to see the huge amount of air (bubbles) rising from my rocks in a vacuum chamber, as the Cactus Juice took it\'s place inside them!\r\n\r\nBefore using this Excellent Cactus Juice Stabilizing Resin product, with some type stones, I had to settle for making small pendants, ear rings, etc., because those type rocks would fracture, and fall apart while slicing and grinding them.\r\nNow, that is Never a problem~!\r\n\r\nAnd I Really like that it is such a Very Affordable One Part resin, which means it can be reused repeatedly, when stored at cooler temperatures.\r\nWhen the vacuum has pulled all the air out of the stone (yes, there is air inside rock) and replaced it with the resin, all that was not used in the process, can be reused, over and over again, until the product is gone. There is *NO Waste*, at all as with 2 part resins!\r\nThat makes Cactus Juice Very, Very Cost Effective~!!!\r\nIt is clear in and on the stone.\r\n\r\nThe following easy heat curing treatment to solidify the resin is fast, and cures in Minutes, does not need high heat for Hours to do it\'s work, and can be done in a toaster oven typically.\r\n\r\n***Thicker slabs, need to be cured in an aluminum foil \"cup\" shaped to hold resin to the top of the slab to insure no cracks or porous area is not filled.***\r\n\r\nI had the very fortunate opportunity to meet Curtis, because he is located only about an hour from my house. And when he saw my mailing address on my online order, he called and invited me to his shop to save me the shipping cost, and spend some time with me (out of his very busy day, I might add), showing how the process works.\r\nThat\'s the kind of great guy he is.\r\nI recall him saying to me, while I was there, that for him, \"It\'s not all about the money, it\'s about helping people\".\r\nSo, that afternoon, I not only found a very low cost, Incredibly Great product, I met a new friend!\r\n\r\nDon Jackson[/b]
Don Jackson ( Leander, TX )
I am very satified.
Louis H. Jean ( Lac a la Tortue, Québec, Canada )
Curtis has been vey helpful and Cactus juice works just like it is advertised. \r\n\r\n.
George Baird
Great web site and was a wealth of information on the phone. Will continue to do business with him. Very knowledgable.
Roger Blalock ( Longview, Texas )
No better service anywhere. Cactus juice works as advertised and allows the knife maker to professionally stabilize his or her handle blanks.\r\nThanks Curtis!
Wayne Echols, Echols Made Knives ( Clarkesville, GA )
Curtis was excellent to deal with prior to purchase, answering my questions and helping me with arranging the most appropriate purchase for my needs. Postage was quick and well packaged. Both before and after postage this juice is better priced than the competitor too. I have had a quick play with the Cactus Juice and have been very pleased with the results. It has performed exactly as hoped/expected and I'm looking forward to trying a few different things and seeing the results. Cactus juice means I can confidently put Aussie hardwood burl on my knives and not worry about it. Great stuff!! :D Thanks for making this available Curtis.
Matt McVicar ( Australia )
Worried about doing business over the internet? Not familiar with TurnTex? Curtis is highly professional and stands behind everything he does. You couldn't ask for a more honest person to do business with! I would recommend TurnTex to anyone! :D
Anna Williams ( New York )
Recently purchased some of the Allumilite Dyes and received them very quickly from Curtis. \r\n\r\nThank you for he quick turn around time!
David Lowell - Of Wood & Vine Designs ( Florida )
Curtis,\r\nI have used your system three times since the MAPG. I have been extremely pleased with the process and the quality of the blanks I stabilized. The system works just like your demo and with that kind of success, I am a very satisfied customer.\r\nEnjoyed meeting and working with you at the MAPG!\r\n\r\nBill Sampson,Richmond
Bill Sampson ( Richmond, Va )
I've recently purchased a stabilizing chamber from Curtis and the gallon of cactus juice with a few dyes. Curtis was very clear up front about his turn around time on the chamber so no surprises there and I appreciate the honesty; I would rather know he's taking his time and doing it correctly then receiving a product like so many other companies out there provide with is rushed and low quality. I know when I receive it I will have zero complaints. Now another side note which gives me a very good feeling about working with Curtis in the future is that when I ordered the cactus juice he shipped it and I had it within a very reasonable amount of time so great turn around time. I will place another post after I use the vacuum chamber and have more input on the results. Thank you Curtis I know I'll be doing business with you for many years to come. Sincerely, David Lowell "Of Wood & Vine Designs"
David Lowell - Of Wood & Vine Designs ( Florida )
I make Duck Calls and this stuff is great,you can make spalted wood look so good,if you are a Knife maker, Duck Call maker, what ever,you have got to try this stuff.
ClucknDuck ( Alabama )
:D However many stars there are, this is what Curtis gets. Top notch product and always willing to assist with advice. Thanks Curtis!
Joe Fyffe ( Indiana )
This is an amazing product so easy to use, even easier to mix. The results are great and penetration is exactly as shown in the videos. Thanks for a great product and service, Jack "Pappy" Lewis....
Jack ( Lilbourn, MO. )
We like the product and the service. Thanks Curtis.
Dennis Sims ( Alaska )
You have always been "top notch " to work with. Shipping is extremely fast and orders are processed asap. Highly recommend
wayne fitch ( weatherford, tx )
Thank you so very much for the great product, for the diy stabilizer! It works awesome!8)
Andrew W Ward ( Bridgton, Maine )
The product was delivered perfectly and fast. The product is as advertized. I have not tried it as of yet, but all looks to be a solid product. I'm glad you are in business and offer these products. Thank you Brian
Brian Roth ( New York )
great product, but awesome service, .. i had wanted the 'juice' by the weekend, so i selected '3day ups' which was an upcharge, with in minutes of placing order, curtis called me.. told me the shipping time from him to me was 2-3 days anyway and he was refunding the shipping difference .. thanks
wayne syler ( bryant,ar )
This stuff works great I was able to use on a couple of sets of knife scales they were mesquite. I sanded them down to 1500 then put a coat of super glue of it to fill the grain looks great. Great product and fast shipping.
Dustin Williams ( Orange, tx. )
Sorry it took so long for the review Curtis so here we first time ever stabilizing wood would not try anything else wonderful product and wonderful person to deal with not only did everything work the way Curtis said he helped me get an old vacuum pump going. Thanks again will be placing an order real soon as I am in need of more juice. Mike Morton
Mike Morton ( California )
Great product (MesquiteMan\'s Cactus Juice) for stabilizing the wood blanks I use to make gun grips. I have tried other stabilizers and this is the best I have used. Thanks again.
Tim Perkes II ( Orem, UT )
I ordered a quart of Cactus Juice of which I haven't tried yet, so I can't comment of that. But I can comment of the great customer service. I received my order fast & it was well packed. I will definitely buy from him again.
aBadMojo ( Walker, Louisiana )
I am more than pleased with the blanks. I will be purchasing more in the near future. I am keeping watch on your inventory. Is it possible to get a notice out to me when new blanks become available? Thanks again
Garland ( Broussard La )
Super Fast shipping and spot on order. Thanks Curtis!!!
Jason Emory ( South Carolina )
I have purchased various pen blanks from Curtis for about 3 years now, and have been disappointed. His products are the best out there, of their type. Have had numerous conversations with Curtis, and his customer service is some of the best. Recently purchased a vacuum chamber and accessories, and am further impressed with the quality, fit and finish of it. Turntex is a great company to deal with.
Tom Heard ( Maryland )
Again, thank you very much for your quick ship while you are on vacation. The cactus juice sure works great on my maple burl wood. I have even tried dying some of this burl and it penetrates throughout the wood. Thank you for the order. Vit
Vit R. ( St. Paul, MN )
I don't generally write reviews, but since I have been so impressed with this outfit I decided to take the time to give my thoughts. I've ordered Cactus Juice from Curtis a couple of times now, and have been consistently impressed with both his product and shipping times. I've used a number home stabilization techniques and Cactus Juice is hands down the best home stabilizing product I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Beyond that shipping is always extremely fast, I can never believe just how quickly my order arrives. Thanks Curtis for all your hard work and for bringing such a wonderful product the realm of hobby use.
C. Rule ( Texas )
I haven't used it yet but I received my juice Thursday and I ordered it Wednesday crazy fast shipping. Also it is nice to receive a hand signed thank for ordering receipt. Can't wait to try it I haven't heard anything bad about your product.
Dustin Williams ( Orange, Texas )
Sir, Just wanted to say how impressed I am that a placed order is delivered the next day. That is why I like to do business with small, one man or family owned suppliers. They take care of business like I do because it's their livelihood. Kudo's to you and much appreciated !! Mike Sharpe
Big Bad Mike ( Horse Country, TX )
I have today recived my first shipment of Cactus juice. Looking forward to try it.:D
Torgeir B. J. ( Norway )
Flawless Victory. Everything I ordered worked as stated. Curtis was a pleasure to do business with and I will be back to purchase again and again. Thanks for the great service and products.8)
Garett Finney ( Loomis, California )
Thank you very much, for the quick shipping, and great product. It is the easiest and best way to stabelize wood blanks! 8)
Andrew W Ward ( Bridgton, Maine )
I pre ordered the vac chamber from Curtis and waited the 2 to 3 months for shipment. When i got it in the mail i was pleasantly surprised from the packaging which was pretty neat how everything was well protected from damage. The vac chamber was better than i thought it would be with its rounded edges and custom wood top. Thanks for the attention to detail and it was worth the wait. Thanks Steve
Steve P ( New York )
As is usually the case with Curtis, he exceeded my expectations. The vacuum chamber is beautifully crafted, and it works perfectly. Curtis is always giving with advice when I have called, and is a credit to our craft. I hope he gets filthy rich, ...but he better make'em a little faster if that's going to happen. Thank you for restoring my faith in quality craftsmanship! Lauren
Lauren Rants ( Draper, Utah )
fast delevery on the last order. great stuff
mike igo
Thanks so much Curtis for an incredible product. I was impressed by the quality of the tank. It works great too. The Cactus Juice is wonderful. Using it the first time I knew it was a great product. You can have a piece of wood that is falling apart and then vacuumed with the Juice and heated in toaster oven. You don't even need a finish, just sand to how ever shiny you want the finished product to be. Deputy Sheriff Eric Ward
Eric Ward ( Mabank, TX )
Well, so far I haven't "turned" anything that I've stabilized with Cactus Juice. I did run two batches thru (one clear, one with red dye) and they seemed to stabilize well. I'm using a 2 stage 5 CFM Rotary Vane Vac pump and a converted 2 gallon aluminum cooking pot I use as a "chamber". It pulls down to 29.5 inches so yeah, it sucks! (I live at 33' above sea level) I'll be gettin' back to you as soon as I get a chance to turn some of my blanks. I do have to say, I like how easy it is to clean-up everything afterwards, just rinse with water !!
Mike ( Fountain Valley, Ca. )
Curtis is fantastic to deal with and his products are second to none. He just does not sell you the product and leave you to try to figure things out all on your own. He provides very informative videos and world class telephone and email support to get you going in the right direction. His responses have been very timely and very complete to any and all of my questions. Thanks to him and his products, I am producing the stabilized blanks I wanted to produce and they are coming out as good, or better than I hoped they would. For me, there is no other supplier to deal with when it comes to stabilizing my wood products. Thank you very much Curtis for your quality products and your excellent Support.:) Sincerely Fred Strauss Vice President Busy Beaver Lumber, A division of F & K Designs
Fred Strauss of Busy Beaver Lumber ( Fort Wayne, Indiana )
~~100%~~ All I can say is 100% , Turn Tex Woodworks and Curtis O. "MesquiteMan" Seebeck 100% . Products and the Man are 100% ! Buy a product, need help call him , 100% Did I mention 100% ? :D
Larry L. Wilkinson ( Coldwater ,MI )
Recently purchased a pen chamber from TurnTex. An amazingly well put together vacuum chamber. I am quite impressed with the construction and it's ability to hold a vacuum. All others I have used are sub-par in comparison. As a side note - cactus juice is another top notch product. TurnTex will receive ALL my business for future stabilizing needs...
Jason Stedwell ( Auburn, AL )
I am very satisfied with the equipment and the end result. Curtis is great to work with and will explain anything and everything you ask about.
T. Quiram ( Central Illinois )
Cactus Juice is awesome! I've been able to stabilize some pine that I've had for a special project that I haven't been able to turn without it blowing out. Now it turns as smooth as butter! Good stuff! My only regret is not ordering more.
LT ( AL )
I make custom pool cues and a few knives and use the catcus juice for various applications. Curtis provides excellent customer support and a good product. If you are a first time user or want to switch from your current method, I would highly recommend TurnTex products. Dennis Cash Cash Customs
Dennis Cash ( Wichita Kansas )
Thanks for a great transaction!! Wish we had more suppliers like you. I plan to buy one of your vacume tanks in the near future. Keep up the good work Larry Inman
Larry Inman ( Greers Ferry Ar. )
I purchased my first 'sample' of Cactus Juice last February (2013). I bought a quart just to give it a try. I had been messin' about with all sorts of other approaches to impregnate reel seat blanks for use on custom bamboo fly rods and nothing was working. I've been a pretty serious amateur woodworker for quite some time so I've had experience with impregnation techniques such as PEG, Plexiglas/acetone, diluted PVA, etc and I was able to get each of these techniques to work to a certain extent. But they all had significant downsides associated with them. Curtis' Cactus Juice represents a substantial, and very welcome, improvement over all the other techniques I've ever tried. There's essentially no mess, you can take your time or do it quickly, and most importantly -- the stuff works, consistently good and predictable results. I just ordered and received my second quart.
Bryan Coles ( Whitefish, MT )
[b][/b]Great service.\r\n
Phil miller ( La crosse, Wi. )
This was my first time to stabilize my on wood,this stuff works great.I would recommend Cactus juice to anyone,and the service is great,thanks again for all the help.
John Hyde ( Scottsboro Al )
Very fast and prompt shipping. Spoke with Turn-Tex on the phone for clarification on some stabilization points. He was great, willing to share and offer tips and suggestions. I have not had a chance to use the cactus juice as yet as the temp chamber (pickle jar) was dropped and broken Saturday. Looking forward with much anticipation for the arrival of my chamber. Still searching for a good reasonable source for wood to stabilize......
Dennis McManaman ( Amarillo )
I purchased the large tank, small insert and a gallon of juice. When the package arrived, I found it very well packed. No damage at all which was a good sign. When I ordered the equipment, I had expected good quality components as a result of reading the descriptions and looking at the pictures on the web site. I was very impressed with the quality of what I found when I unpacked my box. Everything is very professional and the quality exceeded my expectations. Great Job by TurnTex. Now I just need to start using it to see the results of the juice. Thanks for a great product, Scott
Scott ( North Georgia Mountains )
Thanks for sending my order so fast.I could not be any happier with my vacuum chamber and cactus juice.I have stabilized several hundred blanks with no problems.Thanks for you good service & products. Thank You William Taylor
william taylor ( pearsall tx )
Cactus Juice does just what he says. It allows me to do pens out of many of the woods I like best but are too soft to work with. The process is not difficult and the results are excellent. Dave
David Walsh ( Dover Pennsylvania )
This is my third order of cactus juice. I love it. Thanks Curtis
Jeff ( Oklahoma City )
Great products. Easy to use with very good results. All worked as promised. Really better than I expected. \r\nMade a vacuum chamber out of a large pickle jar and a brake bleeder pump. Will move up to a better chamber soon.\r\n:)
Dan Metzler ( South FL )
The cactus juice is great, I used it on a piece of antler today and you can really feel the difference. It when from a light dried up bone feel to a solid feeling material that feels good in the hand. Its very easy to use and works better than I anticipated. Thanks for a great product.
Craig Falls ( Citrus county, Florida )
I am very happy with the product and service provided. The cactus juice works great stabilizing porous materials, I will be back to purchase more in the future. Thank you!
I recently got my order of Cactus Juice and had well over a dozen scales I wanted to infuse. Following the directions, I put 2 sets through the process. I didn't have the success I'd hoped for and went back and revisited the steps. As it turned out, I was only able to achieve 23 Hg and the directions clearly say 28 is the number to reach. I called Curtis and we spoke for around 45 minutes about how to get better results. Excellent customer service, in the process of taking advice to make the next round a success.
Curtis S ( N Texas )
I recently received a stabilizing tank from Curtis, and I couldn't be happier!!! As soon as I started unpacking the parts,I could just see I purchased a top quality products. The millwork and machining are very clean. The parts all fit nicely, and are well thought out. I am very picky about things I buy, and as my wife tells me, I set my standards high. I honestly can't find a single thing to nit pick!! I almost don't want to use it, but I will!! The system will be used for stabilizing reel seat blanks for the bamboo fly rods I make. I have recently started making knives as well, so it looks like I will be stabilizing my knife scales with this tank. Curtis was also very helpful before and after the sale with very good sound advice in regards to the process and additional tooling such as vacuum pumps. I would not, and will not hesitate to purchase additional tanks and product from Turn Tex in the future. Turn Tex is on my list of "Go To" suppliers. In a nutshell.........very well done and professional!! Thanks again, Paul McRoberts
Paul McRoberts ( Napa, California )
Curtis is great to do business with, he has a wealth of knowledge that he is more than willing to share. I have spoken to him numerous times both on the phone and thru email and he has helped me with every question that I have had. The workmanship in his vacuum chambers is fantastic mine works flawlessly. I look forward to doing more business with Turntex Woods. Thanks for all the help Curtis.\r\nRickey
Rickey Lowery ( Monroe, LA )
The chamber appears to be everything advertised, very nice finished package and well constructed. I have yet to attach to a pump and try it out, and probably will not be able to for some time as this is coming to my busy time( no time for hobbys). I was dissapointed in the time it took to arrive and hope the function more than makes up for the wait.
Bill ( Colorado )
Great professional business ethics, greatly appreciated for your honest and fast service Curtis. Thank you Gaetano
Gaetano ( Guy ) Moschella ( Samford Valley Queensland Australia )
I have placed several orders for Cactus Juice and pen blanks from Curtis and have never had any problems. Once at SWAT, I mentioned to him that on one of his hybrid pen blanks all of the wood turned away and he just said to pick another one at no cost because they are guaranteed. Doesn't get any better than that.
Dave M ( College Station, TX )
I bought the Hobby Pen makers chamber. As others have noted, and I'll confirm it's a work of art, excellent workmanship combined with top shelf materials. So far I've stabilized blanks for duck and goose calls, pens, bottle stoppers, and even a small box blank. I've used it for dying while stabilizing too and that works okay, it's really dependent on the wood type and density. Do it in a plastic bag that you set inside of the chamber, it's much easier to clean up and store the tinted juice. HINT = Buy more juice than you think you'll want so you don't have to take a break from the fun while you wait for the UPS truck.:( I give the Chamber and Cactus juice ***** (5) stars. :D
Tom ( Madison, Wisconsin )
I purchased the large chamber with the pen blank insert. The quality is outstanding, almost too nice to use! I haven't had a chance to to use the chamber yet, still looking for a pump 8) Well worth the wait for a high quality handmade product. Curtis' pride shows in the construction, fit and finish. Thanks for the great product!
Rob T ( San Luis Obispo, Ca. )
:)First of all, I am very satisfied with the stabilizing products, because it just plain WORKS. The process is explained very well on the web page & all you have to do is follow the directions for a great end result of your turning blanks for pens, or as in my case it is knife handles. I purchased the production size vacuum tank with the gauge, shut off valve, and the quick disconnect. The shut off valve controls the bubbles on inside of the tank when you start the process and is a must. I had some questions and concerns about the process and my wood, therefore I called Curtis and he more than answered all my questions plus gave me some advise how to prepare my wood to make sure that it was good and dry & would stabilize better, so listen WELL when you talk to him about your issues and take notes. You are talking to experience. By the way, I ordered some addition supply of "Cactus Juice" and the product shipped the same day. Curtis is definitely committed to complete customer satisfaction which showed in his words and deeds, and I just met the man over the phone. He will get all my business for his "Cactus Juice". Shop with him with confidence... Best Regards, Vit
Vit ( Saint Paul, Minnesota )
We received our full size general purpose chamber in Feb and have been able to use it just a few times. All I can say is that we love the finished product. We have done Myrtlewood, Black Walnut, Maple Burl, Spalted Myrtlewood, Texas Red Cedar, Almond and a couple others. I just ordered our second batch of material and plan on putting it to good use. All of our contact with and service from Curtis have been first rate. Thank you Curtis for a great experience.
Coos Custom Calls ( Coos Bay, Oregon )
I am very pleased with the Cactus juice! Just finish some maple burl and it looks awesome! Haven't worked it yet but I know it is fully impregnated with resin. The blanks are much heavier than before stabilization and feel much harder to the touch.
Jeff ( Oklahoma City )
No problems! So far learning my way around stabilizing. Have not done much yet but 1st batch clear with buckeye burl great. Reading up on site s as how to dye. Thanks for all your vids as well as The Bangle Guy. It saves me alot of time and money. DO have a question cause the more I read the more i get confused.Casting worthless wood. Stabilize 1st then resin, or resin then stabilize? One more if I may, mica powders where is good place to order. I have order in for alumilite, alumidust, also have some colors of pearl ex. AM I on the right track and do I still need mica powder? Wow last time i will ask that guy for feedback! Thanks you have an excellent product and great service. Mike Lundy
mike lundy ( seminole alabama )
In this world of corporate fake promises and gimmicks, it's nice to know TurnTex (Mesquite Man), is one that still values good ole American values of honesty, integrity, customer service, etc. Curtis has spent long time on the phone with me to guide me with not only how to's but also business end of things. I appreciate it Curtis. Thanks Munawar \"Manny\" Soomro Functional Crafts.
Munawar Soomro ( Plano, Texas )
Super! Super! product and service! I ordered the stabilizing machine with cactus juice and blue dye. I watched the video and then fired the bad puppy up and stabilized my first set of pen blanks to turn and place on Cigar Pens. My wife said you have created a monster because I have been dragging home dead wood to stabilize and am having a blast. Talk about simple yet efficient and reliable. Wow with a 10 is all I can say. I look forward to doing much more business with you in the very near future. Thanks very much for your good work and reliable products. Terry
Terry Robinson ( Syracuse, NY )
Curtis personally follows thru on orders and provides an excellent product at a competitive price. Shipping costs are very reasonable and excellent job on packaging. Thanks Curtis! :D
Tim Rinehart ( NC )
I purchased the TurnTex system one year ago. It was the call makers system for stabilizing larger blanks. Since my purchase I have stabilized about 75 blanks and have had no problems. Blanks come out as good as the blanks I have bought else where. I like the fact that I can just do a few blanks at a time in between making calls. It has dropped my cost 2/3rds over what I was paying others to do. Larry
Prairie Game Calls ( Illinois )
I just received my 3rd order of Cactus Juice, and as usual it arrived fast and safe. Thanks to CJ, I am now buying large slabs of wood and cutting my own knife scales. Some are dyed and stabilized, most just stabilized. All turn out great and I am saving a lot of money. I love reading comments on this page, just to find out what other people are using the CJ for. Thanks to Don L. in Texas, I now know that I can stabilize some of my beautiful stone found here on the farm. Will be trying that out this weekend. Thanks Curtis, for all your help.
Martin Adams ( Northern KY )
All was well handled (as expected). Will be back again when I need more cactus juice. Thanks for the prompt responses. Ken in Juneau
Ken Vaughan ( Juneau Alaska )
Curtis, First I would like to thank you for all the help and info you gave me on the phone. It was greatly appreciated! I got a little worried when the Cocobolo did not cure right away. Secondly I think you have a great product in Cactus Juice, it seems to work as described. It also works great ! Which in this day and age there are a lot of things on line that do not deliver what they say they will. Your product not only delivers as stated, but your follow up help/service is fantastic ! There are not very many people out there that would go as far as you do to make sure a customer is happy. Along with giving info out freely!! You have taken a service that I am sure many people find not only expensive but a hassle and put it with in range. Thank you! Dan Burnette :D If you get a chance checkout my site
Rebel Blades Custom Knives ( Clermont Florida )
I've tried many others, but cactus juice is the best I have tried, it does everything you said even better. Thanks for the fast shipping and all the info on how to use it.
george vasiliou ( boynton beach, FL )
[size=100]~~~A ROCK POLISHERS DREAM PRODUCT~~~:D I am a lapidarist (rock jewelry maker) and slice, shape and polish some exotic, but all beautiful types rocks, that I get from all over the continent. Curtis's Cactus Juice works wonderfully on stabilizing rocks of all types, and is the answer to working with any fragile or fractured or brittle rock/stones that otherwise would crumble/fracture into pieces when slicing them with my rock saw or grinding them into shapes to make jewelry. Before meeting Curtis and using his Excellent Cactus Juice, with some type stones, I had to settle with making small pendants, etc., because some type rocks would fracture into pieces while slicing and grinding them. Now that's never a problem~! I Really like that it is a One Part resin, which means it can be reused repeatedly, when stored at cooler temps. When the vacuum has pulled all the air out of the stone (yes, there is air inside rock) and replaced it with the resin, all that was not used in the process, can be reused, over and over again, until the product is gone. There is No waste, at all. That makes Cactus Juice VERY Cost Effective~!! It is clear in and on, the stone, and can even be very highly polished on it's own, if wanted. The easy heat curing is fast, and does not need high heat to do it's work, and is done in a toaster oven typically.[/size]
Don J. ( Leander, TX )
Five star service! Looking forward to a long relationship.\r\n\r\nThanks Curtis.\r\n\r\n
Tom Costanza ( Langhorne PA )
Took a while to get my chamber, Curtis was swamped over the winter. However, the wait was worth it. Workmanship is top notch, fit and finish are worthy of a pen maker. I have run four batches so far, need to refine my technique some, but every blank is usable. My only comment is it would be nice if there some standoffs in the bottom of the chamber to keep the blanks elevated. I have been using popsicle sticks for this. Overall, a 4.0 grade. Well done. [color=red]My comments: I used to glue in some standoffs but stopped since it made the chamber harder to wash out. I recommend using bamboo skewers since these are cheap and can be removed to clean.[/color] Jake
Bryce Jacobson ( Tennessee summer, Arizona winter )
Since receiving my order of Cactus Juice I have stabilized 5 sets of box elder scales. The first set of scales I immediately place on one of my forged blades. The scales are beautiful and the Cactus Juice worked like a charm. Super product. John Giannini (Lion of Judah Forge)
John Giannini ( MN )
again Curtis, I am enjoying using the juice I just bought. I have some wood with worm holes I am planning to use just to see what it looks like in a call. I will plug the holes give them a shot with the c.j. Hopefully I will be able to send pics soon. Ray Finchum @ Wetdreamin\' Game Calls (Duck and Goosedreamin\' calls)
R. Finchum ( Melissa, Tx. )
Hi Curtis, My name is Ray Finchum. I purchased the Cactus Juice several weeks ago and just had the opportunity to use it. I had some spalted Tamarind that I made a call from and used ca to finish, hoping it would seal some of the holes in the wood. I could put my finger over the exhaust and blow and it would sound like a whistle. Even with the ca I still had to seal holes. I also had some walnut with nice grain but each time I got right down to the last few cuts it blew up, literally. Wood everywhere. I used the cactus juice in a home made vacuum(pickle jar with a cheap brake bleeder). After about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. I took it out and baked it at 250 for 1 hr.I thought it was ruined. Juice caked the outside and looked awful. When I turned it, the wood was beautiful and hard. No discoloration on either one and they turned like a dream. I am thoroughly impressed with the product and am going to try to order a v. chamber soon with more cactus juice. I have some punky box elder to condition and use so I am looking forward to using the dyes also. I will let you know how it works out and try to send pics. Thanks again. Ray Finchum
R. Finchum ( Melissa, Tx. )
Very happy with the product works amazing easy to use just fellow the instructions thanks greg graham Ps ill be8) back for more...:D
greg graham ( knox in. )
Chamber is a little smaller than I thought but size is as specified. Very well constructed, clean lines and flawless seams. Visually appealing, if not for the hose attachment on the top, would appear to be a designer fish tank. All in all, a well constructed and beautiful product.:D
James White ( Joint Security Area, South Korea )
I thoroughly enjoy my chamber. Can't thank you enough for the replacement due to the fact that i wasn't man enough to read the directions and left the cactus juice store in the tank! Warning label on the tank is a good touch. I'll do better
Dave Smith ( Lilburn Ga. )
Very fast service. Turn Tex has to be the world leader in being dedicated to the 100% satisfaction of ALL customers.
Pete ( Pleasant Grove, Al )
I found the willingness to share information very helpful. It also gave me confidence I will get the results I want with the Cactus Juice. Your service has been exceptional. \r\nThank you,\r\nScott K.
Scott K. ( Pozo, CA )
Great Product! Excellent Service, Fast, Delivery, Thank You Curtis.
Joanna White ( Manchester, MI )
I have not had a chance to use to cactus juice yet because I am still working on a vacuum chamber and pump but the juice got here in a timely manor and without problems
Keith Brown ( La Porte texas )
Great service and cactus juice is a great product.:D
warren glover, bubba knives ( georgia )
I received my vacuum chamber after a bit of a wait, but the wait was well worth it. I've had some slightly punky spalted maple and spalted big leaf maple burl laying around my shop for years. I didn't want to throw it out because the color and grain in these woods would make exhibition grade pen blanks. I tried a couple of different stabilizing ideas that I had read about on the web with disappointing results. Then I found Curtis and his Cactus Juice. Cactus Juice and the TurnTex vacuum chamber lived up to, and exceeded, my expectations. The system is straight forward and Cactus Juice is easy to use. I expect to be able to make up my initial investment easily. It has definitely saved some spectacular wood in my shop. Thanks Curtis!
David ( Macomb, Illinois )
I am in the middle of curing my first knife scales. The Mesquite Man vacuum chamber is extremely well-built. Top notch. Fit and finish are excellent. Craftsmanship is alive and well in San Marcos. It also works exactly as described without any drama (which is the way it ought to be). Now the rest is up to me. Hope my skills are up to the job.
David ( Texas )
I placed my first order for a gallon of Cactus Juice on late Friday and you kept me informed of the steps you were taking with my order and by Monday evening it was delivered. What service, normally I wait five business days before receiving anything I order on line.
Joseph Berreth ( Palestine, Texas )
Great products and services.I enjoy working with Curtis.He spent 3hrs with me going over my vacuum chamber and gave me a lot of pointers:I look forward dealing with him in future. William Taylor
William Taylor ( Pearsall Tx )
Dear Curtis, Thank you for all your help on the phone with us answering our questions and for your helpful web site. We appreciate your fast response to our order and your attention to detail. The quality of your products is excellent. We enjoyed the craftsmanship and beauty that is evident in your photo gallery. Sincerely Yours, Joanna and Maryanna
Joanna and Maryanna White ( Manchester, Michigan )
Hey Curtis, Great stuff and quick shipping, this juice is awesome. I really like the way it finishes like real wood and not the plastic feel like the other junk on the market. The way it works on Spalted Maple is amazing. Thanks for your help and input, very helpful. I'll be back, Clay
Clay Tweedy ( Minnesota )
Cactus Juice is superior to anything I have used in the past, making turning a pleasure rather then a project. This is my second order and I will order again as long as there is wood out there needing stabilization. Not only is this a superior product but the customer support is exceptional, Thanks Curtis for all your helpful advice.
Ernie phelps ( Florida )
I recently purchased a quart of Cactus Juice to see just how well it worked. The first thing I used it on was some spalted Tamarind, it worked just like it was suppose to !!! I then proceeded to try to stabilize anything I could find, which led me to the woods out back. I found the worst, most crumbly piece of wood I could. If you squeezed this stuff it would crumble. I carefully sawed it to a useable size and proceeded to stabilize it. When it came out of the oven it was hard as a rock. I drilled it and tried to make a call barrel from it. It was the most god awful looking thing (because of the large cracks in the wood), but it worked and I was even able to press on a brass band. I then decided to stabilize some antler I had laying around and it to worked perfectly. I must say that this stuff that Curtis sells is more than fantastic. It will do exactly what he says it will do !! I would recommend this to anyone working with spalted wood or anything porous that can handle 45 min at 200 degrees.. I loved it and will definitely be ordering more in the future..
Trent McBride ( Sand Springs , OK. )
This was mny frist order,and it will not be my last. It a pleasure to deal with a company like this one.
Bill Smith ( Brownsville Tx. )
Fantastic product,Fast Shipping,Highly Recommended...Good Communication.
charles payne ( clover sc )
Great service on a great product. Cactus juice does a fine job.
warren glover, bubba knives ( georgia )
Curtis has been very diligent in keeping me apprised of the status of my vacuum chamber and has filled my orders for Cactus Juice very quickly. The quality of the chamber and it's construction was beyond my expectations and should provide years of service. The Cactus Juice works as described and has been a life savor on some Buckeye Burl and Myrtle Burl that I am using for projects other than pens. [img][/img] Thanks Curtis, for all the assistance! Tom
Tom ( Spring, TX )
I recently received my LARGE vacuum chamber from TurnTex Woodworks. I did have to wait a while, which was fine with me. The status of the order was always communicated to me and I was always given the opportunity to obtain a refund. I never took the refund and patiently waited for my product to arrive. When the order shipped I received communication about the shipping and tracking number. The package arrived in perfect condition and everything was packed to handle any 'mis-handling' by UPS. The craftsmanship of the large chamber; inner chamber and complete accessories are amazing. The lid for the container is also a beautiful piece of wood. I can tell everything is done with [b]pride of ownership[/b]. The video on how to use the chamber is great. He willingly offers assistance and as long as I buy the Cactus Juice from him; my warranty on the chamber is in full force forever. What an amazing world this would be if every company had customer service like TurnTex Woodworks. I am a proud owner of the Large Stabilizing Chamber and will remain a customer of the fine products from TurnTex Woodworks. Mark Gum
Mark Gum ( Denver Colorado )
This is the best stabalized wood I have used bar none. I will be purchasing more in the future. The service us great. Thank Allan
Allan ( salt lake citu )
Quick shipping on 2nd order of cactus juice. Love the stuff and Curtis' availability to answer any question.
Richard Landreth ( United States )
I was warned that it would take some time for my order to be prepared and that was accurate. The chamber arrived about a week ago and my report could not be more positive. The workmanship is perfect and the level of performance could not be higher. Quite frankly, I really feel that it would be a good value at twice the price. I purchased the largest chamber and a couple of gallons of the liquid.
James Bodman ( Chicago, Illinois )
I'm very happy with my TurnTex vacuum chamber and Cactus Juice.
Bob Comerford ( Rhode Island )
Hi I just wanted to say thanks again Curtis for the fast ship time on my items. I enjoy stabilizing all my wood. Its so great to work with the wood after stabilizing it, also recently i have been adding some dyes to the cactus juice, and it works great the dye is vacuumed all the way through the wood. thanks again Neil8)
neil mattison ( pt charlotte fl, and Verona island Maine )
I recently ordered a 32oz bottle of Cactus Juice from Curtis and I was very pleased with his responsiveness. The order was processed quickly and when I asked a question via e-mail Curtis responded in a very timely manner. Very good service. The important thing is that the stuff really works. A few months ago I rigged up a set of equipment to impregnate reel seat blanks for fly rods. I bought a used 1/6hp rocking piston GAST vacuum pump that will pull a 27inHg vacuum off of eBay, made some Delrin lids with O-ring seals to fit into the mouths of re purposed' pasta jars (I didn't have any pickle jars on hand at the time), and started to experiment. I tried PEG (polyethylene glycol), thinned PVA, plexiglas dissolved in acetone, all the standard agents. The plexiglas/acetone pretty much worked but it was a messy hassle and the acetone had undesirable side effects. Curtis' methacrylate was recommended on a bamboo fly rod forum, I tracked him down through the IAP, and placed an order. Over the past few days I've tried the juice with several species (punky spalted maple, holey Ramon root, buckeye burl, etc) and all my results have been very satisfactory. My impregnation/stabilization problems are now considered to be solved. The only negative comment I can make is that the shipping costs are high. But that is pretty much becoming the nature of things. [color=red]My note: I only charge actual UPS negotiated rates shipping. The shipping on this order was high, probably due to location. My cart charged $17.01 and my actual shipping was $15.63. Retail rates would have been $16.43. As per my shipping policy, I have refunded $1.38 in excess shipping to Mr. Coles. Next time, I will know to use USPS for this location. I am committed to not wasting customer money on shipping any more than what I have to pay![/color]
Bryan Coles ( Whitefish, MT )
I ordered my first gallon of Cactus Juice from Curtis recently. Product was received in a timely manner. This stuff is all that it's cracked up to be and more. I've used different products over the years to stabilize the scales for my knives, some bought and some home brew but nothing I've used in the past can even compare with Cactus Juice. I even ran some scales through the process that I had already stabilized with another product and was amazed at how much air was still in the scales. Guess I just thought they were stabilized before but now using the Cactus Juice I KNOW that they are. A great product and this definitely won't be my last order. Thanks for a great product, Mike Conner ConnerKnives
Mike Conner ( Texas )
I have not had time to use the Cactus Juice I received from TurnTex as yet but I do want to congratulate Curtis on his very quick shipping and his concern with customer satisfaction. I learned about the product from a fellow knife maker who is very satisfied with his results. Feel free to try this product for your wood stabilizing as Curtis will quickly refund you money if it doesn't work. He has the best warranty in the business.:D
Wayne Echols, Echols Made Knives ( Clarkesville, GA )
Hi Curtis, I have ordered a new vacuum pump so that we can do a proper job with the juice. The little air driven one that we were using wasn't up to the task.​ As soon as we get the new one we will do another batch or two and then I will give you a proper update on our experience's. So far we have enjoyed working with you and has been very much a pleasure. Now we're just waiting again with high anticipation. It's funny watching two senior citizens acting like little kid's waiting for Christmas morning.
Jack Chaney dba Coos CUstom Calls ( Coos Bay, Oregon The other God's country )
Thank you for making and delivering a great line of products. I love the vacuum chambers, the juice and dyes you sent. I used to wonder how people could make such beautifully stabilized scales. After watching your excellent video series, I purchased all necessary items from you and tried my hand at it. I was amazed at how well my first set of scales turned out! And as time goes by and I fine tune my process, the end results get better and better. Also, I can’t thank you enough for your outstanding customer service! You’ve come to my aid a few times and you always provide accurate instructions and are patient with me. \r\n\r\nAgain, thank you for providing the best products and service on the market. I greatly appreciate all you do to help me make truly custom knives! \r\n\r\n\r\n:D
T. J. Brennan ( Massachusetts )
I purchased a couple "juiced up" stabilized pen blanks and "Texas Hybrid" pecan blank. After an order snafu (that was resolved to my COMPLETE satisfaction via a short phone call with Curtis) the blanks arrived. Being a novice turner the little experience I had turning stabilized wood blanks prior was pretty disastrous but I was pleasantly surprised when I turned the first of these. My prior experience the stabilized blank turned like turning stone, i.e., was hard to turn. These blanks, while being harder to turn than just wood, were only moderately harder to turn which made it an enjoyable experience both in turning & finishing this product. The "texas Hybrid" pen turned super easy and once I talk to an expert (that's you Curtis) on how to correctly finish this combo wood & acrylic pen I'll be adding a super gorgeous pen to my collection.
jvmccrum ( Clarksville, TN )
I haven't tried the product yet I'm still working getting a vacuum setup. Nonetheless what I can say is that doing business with Turn Tex was one of the best dealings I have ever had with a company. Living in Hawaii dealing with mainland companies is usually an interesting experience. What made the difference is personal service, but more than that a person the cares, really cares for his customers and the quality of service he provides. In my 22 years of experience as a businessman in Hawaii, I can honestly say if you have a problem with this company YOU have a problem. Honest and trustworthy beyond expectations. Thank You Larry Peck
Larry ( Hawaii )
This was my first order with TurnTex. It exceeded all expectations. More orders to follow. Thanks Curtis.
Tom Costanza ( Langhorne PA )
We visited with you at SWAT at Waco 2012 and found your product interesting and you were very informative so much that we decided to visit your shop and see first hand what all you were doing. Since receiving your product(s) we have been stabilizing many things of interest to what we do in our studio. I think your product has no limits. We have stabilized deer antler and colored them to our satisfaction. Colored deer antler pens look just great and add a feature to pens that few will ever see unless they use your products or buy pens from folks like us.
Joe and Jan Berreth ( Palestine, Texas )
I'm on my second gallon of Cactus Juice Stabilizing Resin...this is a SUPERB product that is within almost any budget. My budget is very limited but I will ALWAYS find a way to "get my Juice!!" I turn a lot of limb wood, mainly spalted (and quite often very punky) Oak and Red Cedar limbs. Limb wood is extremely unstable wood with compressed AND relaxed growth rings, cut a piece and in a few days time it's splitting/cracking. In the past I had to literally chase the splits with CA or I would lose the piece...I've lost a lot of wood until now. With many thanks to Curtis and his MesquiteMans Cactus Juice I am able to save the wood I find. I've even stabilized wood that was already cracking and the Cactus Juice stopped it from propagating. In fact I have NOT LOST ONE PIECE that has been stabilized with Cactus Juice!! Besides, Curtis Seebeck is a very professional and pleasant man to do business with. Thank You Curtis, Sterling Moeller
Sterling Moeller ( Choctaw, OK )
Absolutely stellar product! The workmanship is precise and the clean lines lend themselves to something that was manufactured at a European luxury car manufacturer. Very satisfied with my purchase, although I would recommend getting a size larger than what you initially think you need! The chamber is built like a little tank and the attached gauge an fittings are neat and professionally installed. I'll purchase again in the near future. Hawk
Hawk Pilot ( Non-Gun Free Zone Alabama )
Curtis, I have been playing around with stabilizing knife scales for some time with minwax wood hardener and other types of sealers with less than favorable results. I just want to say that after one time of using your cactus juice I'm sold. You can really tell the difference just by the weight of the scales after they come out of the oven. I'm using a glass jar with a commercial rotary vain vacuum pump right now which limits me on the amount of scales (2 pair) I can stabilize at one time. I can't wait for the stabilization tank that I ordered from you. Another thing, I really appreciate your attitude of sharing knowledge. Thank you for the phone tutorial on moisture content yesterday. Thanks again for everything, Allen Haney (custom knife maker)
Allen Haney ( Farmersville, Texas )
I've bought 2 gallons of Cactus Juice from TurnTex and Love it! I work with a lot of old wood, so it is important to stabilize the pieces before drilling or turning them into pens. Before placing my first order Curtis spent a good amount of time with me on the phone helping me understand the process and what I would need. It has been both time and money well spent and I would not hesitate to recommend Cactus Juice.
John Greco ( NJ )
I bought some of Curtis' Cactus Juice to do some stabilizing and had questions thru the process of trying it out on different and unusual materials. Curtis was very helpful and even offered to try out some of the material that I was looking to stabilize. It's suppliers like this that give that extra little service that make it easier and more pleasurable dealing with and will continue using his products as a consequence. :D:D:D
Mike Brouillette ( NH )
Turntex Cactus Juice is great stuff and Curtis always gets my orders turned around quickly. Thanks for offering such a great product.\r\n\r\n
Eric Goertz ( Colorado )
great product would recommend it to anyone wishing to stabilize wood
d hall ( holland ny )
Ordered 1/2 gallon Cactus Juice, shipping quick and professionally packaged, thanks.:)
MSpear ( Leavenworth, IN )
The wait was well worth it! The quality - fit and finish exceeded my expectation. I've always enjoyed finely designed and finished tools--Curtis does things only one way--The Right Way. Hats off to him for filing a need and doing it with a level of quality you do not often see today.
Colin Haase ( Chicago Suburb )
After reading so many good things I thought I would give this stuff a try. I had some nice curly koa, buckeye burl and some other woods that were too soft for knife scales. My first try using this stuff and they were rock hard. Great penetration and very easy to use. My wife didnt even get mad when I was using it in the house, almost odorless! Thank you for providing such a great product! Craig Butler
Craig Butler ( Edmonton, Alberta , Canada )
Hi all, i just received my second chamber from Curtis, It works like a charm, i do a lot of stabilized spalted maple, and i presently using some of the alumilite dye in the wood. Curtis has been great i know he has been wicked busy with orders,But if you have one ordered you will be really happy with the workmanship. I have made a few calls to Curtis with questions and he is always very helpful with answers. Thanks again Curtis This product has made it very nice for stabilizing your own wood, as opposed to sending it out and waiting and paying lots of shipping. Thanks Neil8)
neil mattison ( verona island Maine summers/Pt Charlotte FL winters )
I purchased the large unit and am very satisfied with the quality of the unit. The care taken in packaging the system and it's components is outstanding. The only negative I had is that the lid has to be pushed down to start when applying vacuum to set a good seal. I had a few anxious moments until I figured that out. Being a one man shop, Curtis got slammed with orders at the time I ordered mine so the delivery time was longer than expected, but worth the wait. I wish the resin had more crack filling ability but that is the nature of the beast and the quality of the wood I am using. I found it is best to fill the cracks in the wood with CA prior to using the system to get a good solid blank. The system has allowed me to get usable pen blanks out of wood that otherwise would have been thrown away. [color=red]My comments: Richard, the lid should not have to be pushed down. It most likely warped a little due to humidity changes. If it does not get better, please let me know and I will send a replacement[/color]
Richard Landreth ( Shenandoah Valley of Virginia )
Curtis my wife sent this to me since I'm the one using it. I asked for the Cactus Juice for Christmas as well as a toaster oven. My in-laws stopped by 2 days before Christmas on their way to South Texas and I opened the oven I received from them so needless to say it was a long 2 days waiting for the C.J. The stuff works great. I stabilized several pen blanks and so far all has turned out well. I have some Birch Burl that broke before stabilizing and I glued it back together with Titebond 3 and it stabilized with no problems and looks good after turning. Cactus Juice is a product that is easy to work with and does a great job. It is also a piece of cake to clean up. Thanks for all your help through your business Turn Tex and the IAP. Kenny D.
Kenny Durrant ( Sachse Tx )
This is just my 2nd order of Cactus Juice but will never go back to my old stuff. I even had a problem with some knife scales (not product related) and Curtis called me two times with tips and SOLUTIONS! You will never go wrong here. Thanks Curtis! Martin Adams
Martin Adams ( Kentucky )
Thank you for this product. I have been looking for this for a while. A product that does what it say"s it will do. It has allowed me the freedom to do my own wood,my own way! I will be ordering more very soon. My order arrived quicker than I had expected. Go ahead & give yourself a pat on the back. I am very pleased with your product & your company. Thanks for everything! Bear Goode,owner Bearknives .
Bear Goode ( Navajo Dam, New Mexico )
Service extraordinaire!!! Fast shipping, on in stock items. Quality products! Bends over backwards to answer questions and make use of the equipment and materials as easy as possible. Haven't had the opportunity to test the guarantee as nothing has failed! That's a GOOD thing. Top Shelf Operation!!!!!
Joe Fyffe ( Indianapolis, Indiana United States of America )
The vacuum chamber arrived in well protected packaging. The quality of the workmanship was flawless. The instructional video on the website as well as the FAQ's were extremely helpful.
James Watson ( Lake Charles, La. )
This is my first experience with stabilizing wood and since the pieces I stabilize are at least 12" long my technique had to change slightly. Once I got everything figured out it went well and I am extremely please with the "Cactus Juice" and will be placing another order soon. My next step is to try dyeing. Curtis was very helpful and prompt on a few questions I had.
Bob Flynn/Denali Pool Cues ( Covina California )
Cactus Juice is a GREAT product, I didn't know how good "stabilized" wooden blanks could be. The service from Curtis is great also.
Martin Beauford ( Van Alstyne, TX )
Great service. Orders arrive promptly. Use Cactus Juice to stabilized knife handles-product works very well. Wood looks and works great.
Daniel Moye, knifemaker ( Watkinsville, Ga )
Shipping was quick, product was well packaged, and pricing was fair. I'll definitely do business with Curtis again!
John Daugherty ( Tennessee )
Curtis,\r\n I want to say thank you for getting this to me in a timely manner. I love my new chamber and have already put it to good use. I will be using it a lot in the next few weeks, and know I will have nothing but great results. Again, thank you for such a fine product.\r\n\r\nRegards,\r\n\r\nSteven Willis
Steven Willis ( Friendswood, Texas )
This was my third order for Cactus Juice in as many months. I am stabilizing spalted, punky oak limb wood...oak is very unstable unless it's kiln dried, limb wood is EXTREMELY unstable due to compressed and relaxed growth rings...IT WILL CRACK!! I have been using MesquiteMan's Cactus Juice Stabilizing Resin for 3 months on bottle stopper sized pieces of the limb wood with EXCELLENT, AMAZING results!!! If there are any small cracks that are present in the pieces the Cactus Juice stops them from propagating...period. I can turn the stabilized pieces next week, next month or next year and I will know that when I pull a piece out of the box to turn it will be as good as the day I took it out of the oven all because of Cactus Juice. If you are skeptical about trying it, be a skeptic no at least a quart and try it...YOU WILL LOVE IT!!!
Sterling Moeller ( Choctaw, OK )
As usual, quick delivery and I love Cactus Juice! Allows me to stabilize experimental stuff without having to send it off and wait. Thanks Curtis!
Mark Willey ( Atlanta, GA )
Being so far from the product manufacturer and the distributor in the USA, I have found a great supplier of this Cactus Juice, Curtis @ Turn Tex. I have had a enormous need to stabilize many of my woods Pen blanks), that are sold mostly on eBay and since I became aware of this product and its results through IAP forum, I knew I had found the solution for my soft woods. From order #1 to now, the "solution" arrives (2 x gallons) and within 24 hours the bottles are empty so, I have been trying to keep ahead but that was impossible now I'm ordering double the order each time and I can clearly see the improvements Curtis has implemented to address some minor issues to do with international/long distance orders. Curtis has been very professional and keen in resolving even the minor issues, so that they never turn into big issues, all to do with packaging and leaking prevention and that he has been spot on in improving those issues. As for the product itself, (Cactus Juice) it does exactly what is made to do and advertised, the results are great and very consistent, any failures will be operator error (as Curtis, says...!). I only wish that most of my woods, wouldn't be as vicious to "drink" this stuff, they just love it, the empty bottles tell it all...! Great product, professional supplier, what else can a person ask for...??? Regards George Valentine
George Valentine ( South Australia )
I had a rush stabilizing job for a fellow turner. Although I didn't ask, Curtis paid extra to get my Juice here in a hurry! Thanks buddy!!
Jim Burr ( Fresno, Ca )
Ordered more Cactus juice, best stabilizer I've found. I use it in Curtis' vacuum chambers and both work great, they make even the weakest punkiest wood hard as granite yet silky smooth to turn. As I said, best stuff I have found for use at home or in small shops. Fast shipping, lightning fast! As always, doing business with Curtis is a pleasure!
Novel Pens ( High Point, North Carolina )
I ordered on of the small units to try out. So far, everything is working great. I've shown some of the finished wood to my knife maker friends and already have taken orders from them. Great product!
Michael Moeskau ( Deer Park, Texas )
I am new to turning and ordered stabilized blanks from about 5 different sources I found online. They were all delivered the same week and when I unpacked them all, the difference between them was immediately obvious. Yours were the only ones with beautiful color, and a very even consistency to the wood. And they were actually rectangular with clean edges, clearly labeled, and nicely wrapped in plastic. Many of the others were bent, unlabeled, with blotchy chemical stuff all over them. Your blanks were by far the easiest to drill, turn and finish. Thank you for putting your time and talent into creating a superior product! :D
Len Kaltman ( Monroe, Ohio )
I received my vacuum chamber and a gallon of “juice” three days ago and turned the first of my newly stabilized buckeye burl blanks last evening. What a difference over turning an unstabilized blank! They turned and finished beautifully! No more soaking with thin CA to make them hold together. This is a great product! It took me longer to unpack it than to get it hooked up and start stabilizing my first batch of blanks. The fit and finish is exceptional as was the packing. Only two problems: 1) I didn’t order enough juice with the original order and 2) I didn’t buy a big enough toaster oven. P.S. I discovered that lightly spraying the foil with Pam before wrapping the blanks makes pealing off the foil a snap.
Steve Pritchard ( Atlanta area )
I just received my first batch of "Cactus Juice" stabilizing resin. The order was processed efficiently and promptly. The stabilizing resin and several Alumilite dyes arrived in perfect condition and on time. Now for the best part......... I just finished stabilizing, curing and finish turning my first pieces of Buckeye Burl and the results were just beautiful. This product works as advertised and was simple, and relatively safe to use when used according to directions. The only disappointment was that I should have ordered a larger size since I can see all sorts of possibilities for coloring, and double dyeing! Now I need to get some more for the new ideas! Mr Seebeck is a solid and trustworthy businessman and his info and tutorials are spot on!
Dick Mahany ( Chevota Guy ) ( Morgan Hill, California )
The quality of these vacuum chambers is top notch. The attention to detail can be seen in the quality of the workmanship. Even the packaging was beyond my expectations. TurnTex is a first class operation! I had the chamber connected to my vacuum pump within an hour, poured in some Cactus Juice, stabilize the included Texas Pecan pen blanks, cooked them in a toaster oven, let them cool down, and turned them. All I can say is I could not tell the difference between these stabilized blanks from the ones I buy that are professionally stabilized. Curtis, Thanks for an affordable high quality product. I'll be back for more.
Stephen Ross ( Newbury Park, CA )
Brewed up my first batch of stabilized blanks today and have to give the whole experience a 10. Followed your advice on tutorial and every thing went according to plan and then some. Curtis, thanks for all your help and a great product. The vacuum pot is a work of art and performs like it. Will be ordering some dye and more juice soon as i finish this. Tom
Tom ( Dallas -Ft Worth area )
Great quality blanks, equipment, and cactus juice. I was just dabbling in pen turning until I ran across TurnTex - now I'm hooked. Learning to stabilize my own blanks has been such fun. While the process is straightforward and produces good quality blanks, Curtis has always been happy to answer any questions I have - and he stands behind his products as well. I also ordered some of the hybrid blanks Curtis makes - WOW - they turn wonderfully and look beautiful (not my turning, but his blank. Thank you!!!!
Dawn Adams ( Baltimore, Maryland )
Curtis: Thank you so much for making the extra effort to ensure that I received the stabilizing chamber in time for Christmas. Your attention to customer service is rare in today's business climate. The extra efforts you put into taking the time to promptly process orders, promptly answer emails, and provide detailed information over the phone show your total dedication to top-notch customer service. I look forward to doing business with you in the future.
Dennis Castle ( Lake Mills, Iowa )
I absolutely love every blank I have received from TurnTex!\r\nAnd now I am enjoying my new vacuum chamber.\r\nThanks!
Scott G. ( Cincinnati. )
I am new to pen turning. I am impressed with the quality of the Stabilizing Chamber and the extra mile Curtis went to explain the process to me. This is a company I plan to deal with for a very long time!
Larry Lorance ( Plano, TX )
I ordered the Hobby Penmaker's Vacuum Chamber and found the quality to be superb. I am very happy with the quality and workmanship and the cactus juice works well too. I am a very satisfied customer.
Mark Willey ( Atlanta, GA )
Great product easy to use. would recommend to anyone! I use a lot of drift wood in my duck call production. The catus juice allows me to use the wood that would be tossed by anyone not use this stuff. hope to work with cutius for along time to come thanks again to the seebeck family
columbia river calls ( astoria or )
Great System, Got All My "Unturnable" Blanks Ready For Pens! Going To Try Some Dyes Next. Thanks Again Curtis!
Andrew D. ( Los Angeles )
Vacuum box is better looking in real life than the picture in the site. Also it is bullet proof it is so well made. Way better to buy that try and make one anywhere close to how nice this is. I would say it it really a clear plastic jewelry box!
Tom Anderson ( Benicia, California )
I ordered the smaller vacuum chamber, and though the order got off to a bumpy start (a few missed contact attempts led to some delays), when received it's truly a high quality piece. I have not stabilized anything with the cactus juice, but have used the chamber a number of times to assist in removing air bubbles from some clear acrylic molds that I was making. I have a number of pieces of drift wood from some local beaches that I will start playing with next (will need to be stabilized before turning). Very happy with the chamber now that I have it! Dave
Dave Gratiano ( Haverhill MA )
My Cactus Juice resin arrived very quickly. I was very happy with the outcome I had using it to stabilize a set of knife scales. The resin didn't change the color of the snakewood I used it on and also delivered a very fine finish when sanded. Overall this product delivered everything as advertized and I'm very happy with the results. Thanks! [img][/img]
Ryan A Funk ( Dallas, TX )
Great supplier. Fast delivery. Great products!!!
michael dean
110% satisfied and customer service beyond expectations! Curtis will make sure your satisfied with his products and information.:)
Martin Beauford ( Van Alstyne, TX )
I really like the Texas Hybrid pen blanks. I only found out about them this year and have had very good success selling them at shows. I only put them in high end pens because they deserve it. The quality is great and delivery is always prompt. Thanks, Curt Norman from Omaha…
Curt Norman ( Omaha, NE )
Cactus Juice continues to be an integral part of our knife manufacturing process. It gives our scales the stability we require and allows them to be polished to a high luster. And, thank you Curtis for your prompt considerate service. Your attention to detail and our ever growing needs is unsurpassed.
Mark Furman ( Ayer, Massachusetts )
Very Honest and easy to do business with can't wait to see what else he will come up with. I bought the hobby stabilizing chamber and some Cactus Juice and I found it to be very well made.
Ross Pehl ( Midland Texas )
Curtis, This is the second time I have purchased pen blanks from you. Every time I'm amazed at the beautiful blanks you create. I am so proud to have pens made from your blanks in my inventory. So far the blanks have been flawless and they turn very nicely. I hope you stay in business for a long time. Dean Hofer
Dean Hofer ( Richardson, TX )
I enjoyed very much dealing with Curtis. He personally called when my order was ready to discuss shipping options so that I would have my order by Christmas. Very friendly, helpful person. I will not hesitate to order again form here.
Tammy ( MA )
Thank you for an outstanding product. We make game calls and other wood items. This helps so much as far as making burl and other wood usable. Very fast shipping also. I will post some pictures soon.
Michael Buckner ( Forest City, NC )
I just wanted to comment on Curtis' customer support. He kept me informed on the progress of my order and provided good follow up. He is prompt with orders as I ordered 2 more gallons of cactus juice. He was also very helpful as I had a small issue with my small insert and he is replacing it. I do recommend his products as I turned my first batch of spalted hackberry and Osage. I am trying some elk antler today. Thanks Curtis for all your support.8)
Brad Rolando ( Central IL )
Quality is top notch communication is great glad I bought only wish I bought a second vac chamber or a bigger one but that's for my next order thanks a million Richard
richard price ( pickering ontario canada )
Hey guys several months ago my company decided to change from Ultraseal to Cactus Juice and my customer feed back has been very positive,the difference between the two is great. The Cactus Juice produces a harder more user friendly block,with less gumming up of your belts.keep up the good work.
moores customs ( Cushing Texas )
As usual, the blanks are beautiful.
Brenda Witte ( Pasadena,Texas . )
I enjoyed very much dealing with Mr. Seebeck. Curtis is an old school guy who's handshake is worth more than any contract printed on paper. He strives to provide any information you need or materials he can provide at the very best prices he can manage while still making a dollar or two for himself. He actually understands what CUSTOMER service means. He stands behind his products and will help you any way he can. I wish more companies operated that way.
Marc Aldrich ( New York, USA )
The Cactus Juice is a great product and Curtis is a pleasure to do business with! A+ customer service.
Rick ( Georgetown, Texas )
Customer Service and Warranty are the best in the Industry. I really appreciate the way my problem was handled. I will certinally continue to be a customer and so will many of my friends. Thank you again for going above and beyond.\r\nRuss Tassie\r\n(Finatic)IAP Member
Russ Tassie ( Southington, CT )
Curtis was an invaluable resource while learning the stabilizing and casting process. Having just basically tripped across these processes while visiting different forums, I was captivated by the prospects immediately. Curtis walked me through all of the processes including the vacuum purchase, pressure pot purchase along with all of the ancillary necessities. I purchased the large vacuum chamber and cactus juice, and have had good success thus far stabilizing what would otherwise be useless pieces of wood. I highly recommend Turntex products, and really appreciate all of the valuable information that Curtis passed on.
Doug Royer ( Kansas City )
Another order of great blanks! The best writing instruments begin with the best materials and Turntex has the best materials.:D
Kevin ( Lancaster, PA )
My order came in pretty quick and Curtis sent it uncatalized which was perfect for me. I wanted it uncatilized as I will be delayed using it for a little while. I had failed to remember to ask for it uncatilized but meant to. Curtis pulled it out for me and I got exactly what I wanted. You can't ask for better service or help than Curtis has given. Thanks Curtis:)
Michael Smirh ( Indiana )
roynix ( jacksonville illinois )
Great product, does its job well. As long as you have you vacuum set up this product will serve you right.
Adam Back'alackavic ( Philadelphia )
product great also great utube instructions happy with shipping thank you\r\n
Ron Surina ( Anaconda Montana )
I love the hybrid blanks - beautiful and easy to work with.\r\nThanks!
Scott ( Cincinnati )
Hey Curtis thanks for the great service and top notch products.All the hybrid blanks were drop dead gorgeous.Not a dog in the bunch.\r\nAnxiously awaiting my vacuum pot.
tom schwob ( north texas )
Thanks for the Texas Hybrid pen blanks. They make great pens and I have lots of fun making really cool pens with them!
Curt Norman ( Omaha, Nebrasks )
Hello Curtis, So I used cactus juice on a small punk wood bowl and it turned like butter. I mentioned to you that I would show a piece at the Best of the Northwest art show in Seattle and I did. It was a sample piece just to show other wood workers how good your product could save the punky wood. Well people, customers, loved it. Eventually a lady insisted on buying it. Thanks again for your good service and cactus juice. Nathan
Nathan Hemperly - Marnasi Studios ( Idaho )
I make sure I keep a stock of your Texas Hybrid pen blanks. I use them on my high end pens and they sell immediately at the craft shows. I always receive your shipment in the mail before I expect it. Love your craftsmanship, quality and your delivery! Only wish you could produce them faster!!!
Brenda Hardman
Works as advertised. I was surprised how normal the wood looked when I cut it open. So as an expeiment I put in some blue dye and ran another batch. When I cut open one of the blanks it was blue all the way through. Definitely penetrated the wood. Curtis is a very straight forward person to deal with. I look forward to doing much business with
Kevin Thompson ( MO )
I have been using TurnTex blanks for years and I always been well satisfied, recently I decided to try stabilizing with Cactus Juice, Curtis was extremely helpful in getting me started on the right path. Cactus Juice is every thing that it is advertised be and then some. First blank came out perfect, as good as a professionally stabilized blank.
Larry Pickering ( LaPlace, LA )
This stuff works as advertised, my only regret is not ordering more. Still have a lot of punky burl to get through yet and will probably run out. Good stuff !! Thanks Curtis Will be a repeat customer Thanks James
James S ( Canada )
I have purchased 15 of the Texas Hybrid pen blanks and they are absolutely great. The blanks are flaw free and I love the warranty which I used one time without a problem. I wish all companies provided this level of quality service.
Dean Hofer ( Richardson, TX )
Order with complete confidence that this small company will stand behind their products. Only the best of customer service.
Russ Darr ( Oregon )
I love the blanks I got from you. I don't even think the words beautiful or gorgeous are good enough to describe them. They are absolutely stunning. I am so happy to have some of your blanks, Curtis. I wish I could have had first chance at ordering more. By the time I find out you have more, the ones I want are already gone.
Brenda Witte
I am a frequent customer with TurnTex! I am ALWAYS treated like someone special. You don't find service and follow-up calls from other places. As a dentist with pen making as a hobby, high quality and 100% dependability on products is important. Each and every item I've ever purchased is quality and way above what is generally found at other pen supply companies. With Every Best Wish, Keep it up. Rolando:D
Dr. Rolando Guerra ( Laredo, TX )
I have watched a few videos on the cactus juice and stabilising techniques. We don't have much in the way of product here in Australia and seem to be a little behind in this field. I thought getting product into the country may have been a hassle, but I am happy to say that ordering and delivery where smooth and very fast. I am extremely happy with the product and exceptionally happy with the service. Well done Mesquiteman...
Dean Hamilton ( Australia )
Curtis: Tried your product this afternoon, worked excellent, right up to my expectations. Stabilized some very spalted birch that I would not have been able to use otherwise. Definitely good stuff, will be ordering more in the near future. many thks for your time and development of your product. Dave
danom ( British Columbia Canada )
What a great product! I make reel seat inserts for bamboo fly rods and needed something to stabilize the wood and was told about Cactus Juice from a friend. I ordered a gallon, Curtis called to let me know he was out of the gallon catalizers but could ship 2 1/2 gallon catalizers if that was okay with me. I received the Cactus Juice in 3 days. I have since tried out the Cactus Juice and am very pleased with the results.
Lee Gomolchak ( Monument, CO )
I have some old Oak and Hickory limb wood that has come down on the 5 acres I live on by ice storms and tornadoes. Some of it has spalted and most of it runs from mildly punky to almost all punky. I have been wanting to stabilize it so I can turn it rather than burn it but the options for good stabilizers is very limited at best. I've already made my vacuum chambers but have been waiting for an affordable stabilizer. Then I found Mesquite Man's Cactus Juice on line. Being the skeptical sort I was hesitant to try it but after reading all of the detailed information Curtis has provided on this product I decided to buy a quart and give it a try. The directions are very straightforward and easy to understand. I stabilized three pieces of spalted and semi-punky Oak limb to try for bottle stoppers. The results were BETTER than expected!!! I was so pleased with the results that I've ordered a half gallon of Cactus Juice...I have lots of limb wood to use and plan on trying a few pieces of Red Cedar limb wood that I have a ton of. Cactus Juice is an awesome product that gives excellent results, I would NOT hesitate one bit in recommending it!! And the customer service that Curtis provides is wonderful...Thank You Curtis. Give it a try, I'm sure you will be as pleased as I am with the results.
Sterling Moeller ( Choctaw, OK )
I make knives. I often use wood in building handles. I have lots of beautiful figured wood that is not stabilized, but am reluctant to use it. A knife, while a beautiful object, is first and foremost a tool that needs to hold up under tough conditions without the handle denting,cracking or splitting. Before shipping my material out to a wood stabilizing company, I thought I'd give cactus juice a try. I'm glad I did. I'm very impressed so far, and have seen vast improvements in the weight and density of the cactus juice treated wood over the untreated wood. I think this may be a great low cost solution to providing excellent quality to my customers, while allowing me design flexibility. Thanks!
Roy ( Warrenville, IL )
After watching Curtis' videos and reading all the info I could find regarding the "Cactus Juice" process I ordered the large chamber and supplies. I am well pleased with the process and the end result. Also you would have to look a long time to find someone as nice to do business with as Curtis. So far I have stabilized some camel bone and Hackberry wood. I found a dead tree that I figured was to close to rotten to even think about using. After treating with cactus juice it is as solid as new wood. I am well pleased with the whole set-up.
David Winston ( Starkville, Ms )
Great Customer service. Both orders shipped the following day after I ordered it. The dye has been fun to play with and the Cactus Juice works really well. At this rate I will have every piece of wood I own stabilized within a couple of weeks.
Brad McKeefer ( Plano, Texas )
I produce wood turned art and collect the raw logs for my work. In the process some of the wood is aged to get the great spalting affect. Needless to say some of the wood is lost because it gets punky and almost impossible to turn, even though it is beautiful. I found "Cactus Juice" stabilizer on the internet at along with the equipment to stabilize that punk wood. In my research it appeared to be the best solution to my problem. I ordered 1 gal. of juice and the large vacuum unit. Curtis was great to get it out to me quickly so I could salvage the beautiful punk wood. Well I couldn't be more pleased. Just finished my first piece using "Cactus Juice" and WOW. It allowed me to turn that punk wood like butter, easy to finish and with walls of of 1/8" thick. Virtually impossible before. I am a fan of not only the "Cactus Juice" but the quality of the vacuum chamber is on spot. Excellent job Curtis!!! "Cactus Juice" is a permanent part of my product line. Nathan
Nathan Hemperly - Marnasi Studios ( Pocatello, Idaho )
I purchased a gallon of Cactus Juice. They product arrived fast and well packed therefore in perfect condition. With all the instructions and videos available on it was easy to use and worked exactly as expected. I will be buying more and using this product in the future. Thank you.
Chad Schimmel ( Gilbert AZ )
Received vacuum chamber and cactus juice was well package no damage. Easy set up and i am completely satisfied and will be ordering some more cactus juice soon. Just stabilized some punky spalted maple and will be turning it soon.\r\n\r\nTim
Tim Spiker ( Lynnwood Washington )
Great doing business with turnTex awsome products and fast delievery they defenitly have all my stabilizing business\r\nTHANK YOU TurnTex8)
Thomas Peek ( Lansing MI )
The cactus juice works great. I am still learning the process, but can't wait to do more. The product and Curtis' help and service is excellent. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do their own wood stabilizing.
Warren Glover ( cleveland, ga. )
Curtis, Thanks for your quick response on my first order of Cactus Juice. Also, I appreciate your helpful tips during our phone conversation. Attached is a picture showing my first two calls that were stabilized using your product. The blue one is spalted white oak dyed blue and the second one is black cherry stabilized with clear juice. The dyeing is going to open up a whole new dimension to my call making hobby! Thanks, Wayne [img][/img]
Wayne ( White Hall, Arkansas )
I am in the process of going through my 2nd gallon of Cactus Juice. I have found Curtis to be an eager help in helping me to troubleshoot some of my issues. The problems I have encountered are related to me and not the product. Curtis has helped point me in the proper direction for quality tools. Stabilizing in the small shop is also a skill to be learned. Curtis helps make that learning process go a little smoother.
John Hentschel ( Columbia, SC )
I have worked with several products before I tried Cactus Juice, now it is all I use. A great product!
Philip G ( California )
We have been very happy with the catus juice. We keep on experimenting with it and have some very neat ideals. Curtis has always answered any questions we have, and we are really happy with the shipping time frame. Can't wait to really be able to try doing more with his products. And the large chamber is great.8)
Excellent Product and Excellent Service
Jim Ion ( Phoenix, AZ )
Love my Cactus juice and my JuiceSaver Pen Blank Insert, all was packed very well when it got here (and got here fast too). The tutorials on this site is all I needed and now I'm on my way, I have been saving wood that was too soft to turn, made my first pen yesterday and wow that spalted pecan made it worth all the extra work to stabilizing them. I first learned about Curtis when someone gave me on of his blanks, and it still might be the best pen in my "show case" and I have made more than 500 pens....all is good :)
Doug Green ( Marble Falls, Texas )
Cactus Juice , I love this stuff I Purchased a Hobby Knife Maker's Vacuum Chamber Complete with Vacuum Gauge , Vacuum breaker system and a 1/2 Gallon of Mesquite Man's Cactus Juice Stabilizing Resin I have talked to Curtis several times over the phone to discuss how to get various results using MesquiteMan's Cactus Juice and have been more than satisfied with the results. This systems allows me to add my own personal touch to my knife blanks. I can use Alumilite dye in the Cactus Juice and get great penetration into the wood. The best product, service and support anywhere. Curtis is a serious and honest seller. Excellent communication, very fast and safe shipping . Also very willing to help customers with tips and help. I would recommend to anyone. It's always a pleasure to deal with you Curtis! Thank You!
Larry L. Wilkinson ( Coldwater , Michigan )
Curtis is a serious and honest seller. Excellent communication, very fast and safe shipping and just as described! Also very willing to help customers with tips and help. I would recommend to anyone. Thanks, will be back!.\r\nMartin
Martin Adams ( Northern KY )
I bought a quart of Cactus Juice to try out on some really punky, spalted red elm that I had from a neighbor's tree. I couldn't be more pleased with the results. My first few attempts at turning these blanks untreated resulted in total failure. Even with surgery sharp tools and patience, they just disintegrated. I didn't want to use the 60 grit gouge to shape my pens so I decided to try stabilizing. Even with my cobbled together HF vacuum rig, the resin penetrated to the core. Once cooked in the toaster oven they came out rock solid. This stuff is tough when cured. I did do a lot more sharpening than normal. I have turned Corian, and this seemed to be just a little less tough than that, but not "chippy" like Corian can be. I'll definitely buy more in the future. Wood that would have gone in the burn bucket now gets set aside for the next batch.
John B. ( Austin, TX )
Really pleased with the service provided by TurnTex! Great products, reasonable prices, and customer service that is second to none! :D I'll be buying more!
Jay ( Washington state )
I have talked to Curtis several times over the phone to discuss how to get various results using his cactus juice and have been more than satisfied with the results. His vacuum chamber arrived earlier than anticipated and included a nifty little plus to get me started. :o :D I love the chamber and will be using it to stabilize a lot of the wood I am using in my business. when building the chamber, he had forgotten to add the vacuum gauge and shipped it out the very next day. His response time for clarifications, answers, and problem solving is quick and honest. He does a great service to the business we are in. I will be purchasing many gallons of juice from him, as well as his blanks. Thank you Curtis for your wonderful sense of business ethics. It is very refreshing in a world where many businesses would rather rip us off.
Larry Dubia ( Boulder Creek, CA )
Awsome service Curt thank you.
Rick Robbins ( Tenino Wa. )
The best product, service and support anywhere. It's always a pleasure to deal with you Curtis!
Jim Burr ( Fresno, Ca )
It doesnt matter what you get from Curtis. It will be outstanding and will make an exceptionally beautiful pen.
Brenda Witte ( Pasadena,Texas . )
It's always great to do business with Curtis. I wanted to start adding color to some of the pieces that I'm doing in the chamber with Cactus Juice. Curtis walked me through the entire process and is always only a phone call away. I've been a customer now for about 3 years and every transaction has always been first class. Also, I can't believe his policy on Pen Blanks! Who has never cut one too short and name another company who will help you make up for YOUR BAD. :D
Terry ( West Tawakoni, TX )
Thanks for the blanks, Curtis. Great work as always.
Dow Mathis ( Boerne, TX )
Sorry about the feedback delay. I've been out of town a few days. Got my order and everything was great. I talked to Curtis a couple of times and he answered all my questions. I have no doubts that I'll probably be calling him again. Thanks Curtis for being such a big help. Michael
Michael Smith ( Newburgh Indiana )
I have both the Cactus Juice and the Vacuum Chamber for pen turners. Both are just great! This systems allows me to add my own personal touch to my pen blanks. You can dye in it and get great penetration into the wood so you get really interesting effects. The Cactus Juice does not smell bad at all so you are not gagging all the time that you are working or worse yet getting light headed! I would absolutely recommend this product it has added a new dimension to my pen turning allowing me to turn woods that are otherwise way too soft for turning!
MikesPenTurningZ ( Claremont NH )
Awesome product this is the third time I have ordered from Curtis and I will be ordering from turn-tex for a long time to come thanks again
Jon Hartill ( Astoria Or )
:)I make custom duck calls from cocobolo, bocote, walnut, hard maple and figured basswood. I also use non CITES ivory wood and ebony in some of the appointments. Some of these woods must be stabilized and all of them have some commonality with respect to finishes. The result is a fine duck call you wouldn't be ashamed to take to the field because it can take the wet environment. The ducks respond especially well as the calls have a very mellow low end for the feeding call and a shy duck caller can get the thing to work a bit better than an acrylic. It became very important to get consistent results from the stabilization process and Curtis has been more than helpful in supporting my endeavors. We're sharing some commonality to our respective enterprises--were I to find someone who could regularly sell calls for me, I could maybe afford to buy the sort of health insurance that would fund a hip replacement. Curtis has been most helpful in referrals to other folks who can support my need for services and information and for that I couldn't ask for a better vendor. He backs his product unconditionally, without excuses. When's the last time you ever experienced that?
Malcolm L Koch ( McMinnville, Oregon )
I absolutely love this stuff! It absolutely helps me to create stunning pens that would not be possible without proper stabilization. My customers love the pens that I create with my stabilized blanks. I have also recently begun to stabilize wood for some other local wood turners and sell some of my blanks to them as well. This stuff is great and well worth the money. Just ordered 4 gallons and had it in no time. I'll be ordering more real soon I'm sure. Thanks a lot Curtis!
Jeff M. ( Lubbock, TX )
When I received my cactus pen blank I knew I was going to enjoy turning it. The blank was easy to turn. There were a couple of pin holes as Curtis said there might be in his tips and instructions on turning the blank. They filled in nicely with CA as he instructed. I contacted Curtis to ask him for some finishing tips and he was very helpful! My pen turned out amazing, and everyone is asking me to make them one. Can't wait to buy more blanks when they are available.
James ( Denham Springs LA. )
Looked a long time for a good stabilizing system. Using a Harbor Freight paint pot and Cactus Juice makes some of the best knife handles. No finish needed just buff thru 3 steps on buffing wheels and you have a great non cracking handle. Great stuff Curtis.
Eric Ward ( Mabank Tx )
Tried variety of wood stabilizing without good results until I purchased the vacuum chamber from TurnTex. The chamber is well built and the ease of use was great. Best thing is Curtis is willing to help you be successful with great tips from the beginning.I can tell he has taken his time to built a quality product for the consumer. I would not hesitate to purchase more chambers from him or any product for that matter. The cactus juice is also a great product to use and works fantastic. I am new to stabilizing wood,but his juice is a must if you want to stabilize punky woods and have success.I would recommend all of his products and will continue to do business with TurnTex as long as I'm stabilizing wood and custom building knives.
Ray Byram ( Rapid City South Dakota )
I am a new customer for Curtis and Turntex. Following International delivery of product, I contacted Curtis with a couple questions and problems I was wrestling with. His concern, attention to detail and rapid solution offered is a credit to him. I wholeheartedly recommend this business
Stephen Jolley ( Melbourne, Australia )
Thanks so much for the quality products that you produce I couldn't be happier with the vacuum chamber that I received. This gives my projects endless possibilities and let's me make blanks that I couldn't have afforded before. As a matter of fact, the chamber is full of blanks and cactus juice right now!!! It was well worth the wait to receive this chamber and thanks for keeping me informed on the status of my order all the way till I received it. Thanks Again Jerry Kessel
Jerry Kessel ( Charleston WV )
Awesome service - my knife chamber showed up today and I have to say that it's everything that I expected. I'm very happy with the quality and service I received from Curtis and everyone at TurnTex and would highly recommend them to everyone.
Dave Hodson ( Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada )
Thanks so much Curtis for the great service. Love the new chamber. Rick
bearmanric ( Tenino )
Want to thank Curtis on all the great service. Awesome Products. Rick
bearmanric ( Tenino Washington )
I received my order in the timeframe which was provided at the time of the order. The packaging was excellent and everything arrived in great condition with the exception of the juice. Unfortunately due to the excess heat the bottle had setup. I contacted Curtis and he apologized profusely, even though he cannot control the weather. He promptly shipped out a new bottle, as well as answering my questions in a professional and courteous manner. I would not hesitate to do business with Turn Tex Woodworks and Curtis again in the future. Small businesses are what make this country great and Turn Tex Woodworks is a shining example of a wonderful small business. I highly encourage anyone who is considering ordering a stabilizing chamber to do so. Help out your fellow community members and support small, local businesses when you can.
Patrick C ( Colorado )
Curtis, We have completed our testing of "Cactus Juice" on our knife scales and recently advanced the process to production. Your product has performed remarkably well on a variety of hardwood species. The finished products polish beautifully and the wood remains stable under a broad range of conditions. We have tried a variety of other wood stabilizers and yours is far and away the best. We are very pleased. As always, we appreciate your personal attention to our orders and your concern for what we need. You have been a great help in making this venture a success. Thanks, Mark Furman R Murphy Knives
Mark Furman ( Ayer, Massachusetts )
I purchased the large production chamber and a half gallon of resin. The vacuum chamber far exceeded my expectations. Curtis is spot on with his information and advice. Love to read all of his postings on the tho duck call forum. thanks again, Jonathan Hartill P.S. I should have bought more resin.
Columbia River Calls ( Astoria,OR )
Ive been getting my cactus juice from Curtis for over a year now and couldn't be more pleased with the service, shipping and the quality of the products. I have used several different products to stabilize my knife handles and Cactus juice is the best. I also have one of his tanks and the craftsmanship is perfect! Chambers Custom Knives, Ronny Chambers
Ronny Chambers ( Arkansas )
I just received my order of Cactus Juice. I couldn't be happier with the service I received. I haven't had a chance to use the product yet but with all the other reviews and recommendations, I have no doubt that it will be top notch.
Andrew ( Houston, TX )
I've used products from Curtis for about a year now. Everything is always Top Shelf and his service is outstanding. I love the new guarantee, I've never had anyone offer to credit me for MY mistakes!!:D
Terry ( West Tawakoni, TX )
Excellent product, better than the other one I tried. Prompt service, my order shipped the same day. Couldn't be happier.
Just did off a batch of knife blocks yesterday and will sand off dried juice tomorrow. They look like videos that I have watched on youtube. They look great. Thanks, LT
Larry T ( Indiana )
I recently bought one of Curtis' vacuum chambers for stabilizing pen blanks. The chamber was well built and the first time I used it, It sealed tight. A quality product and rugged construction.
Alton Folsom-greenmtnguy on IAP ( Chester, Vermont )
It was worth the wait. Thanks, good product.
Larry McEachern ( USA )
I've turned many TurnTex Blanks and now own my own Cactus Juice System. The quality is [b]"Top Notch"[/b] on all of their products with outstanding customer service and product guarantee. I was looking to buy a system but had little knowledge on which to get. After a friendly conversation with Curtis on the models available, it was clear what would fit my needs, and I saved money by not buying more than what I needed. Thanks again Curtis for all of your help and work on getting the right system for me. John
John Underhill
I have used the chamber several times now and have had great results. Awesome products.
Gary Nicholls ( Michigan )
Over the years I have ordered numerous pen blanks from Curtis. The quality of the products he offers are second to none! I also like the fact that he focuses on native Texas wood. Now that he has devoted all of his time to his pen blank business I can't wait to see what he comes up with next.
Bryan ( Cypress, TEXAS )
My last order from Turntex had no end of trouble. The thing is none of it was Curis' fault, but he handled it like a real professional. I'd order from him again in a heartbeat. Curtis is a real standup guy. You wont regret doing business with him!
Ed Staudacher ( Michigan )
Curtis, I bought your cactus juice a few weeks ago. I build my own vacuum chamber out of 1/2 inch acrylic. I will say for your other customers to see, I never used anything like cactus juice. I got great penetration on extremely hard wood acacia and ebony after only 30 minutes at 30". Key note to other customers. It cost me more to build my own chamber than if I would have just ordered one from you.
Josh Fox ( Halifax, Pennsylvania )
Curtis I think that you are the most amazing salesman ever. The products that you sell are first class. They are everything you say and more. I love the Cactus Juice for stabilizing my blanks for both pens, and wine bottle stoppers. They come out better than expected. Amazing product. The large chamber that you made for me is flawless. It makes my job so much easier to work with it and able to see what is actually going on with the blanks. Besides taking an hour just to talk to me on the phone about your products on the do's and dont's on the things that you have learned and shared those processes with me. Most folks won't do that. They just sell you a product and let you figure it out. You took the time to share your successes with myself and the rest of the penturner's community. That is the true meaning of a successful businessman. Keep it up. I personally want to say "thank you". Very Respectfully Jamie Fowler
Jamie Fowler ( Cheyenne, WY )
Received Cactus Juice. Not used it yet, as I am still setting up my work area.
Fred Hoefelmeyer
Curtis does great quality work, ships fast, and is very customer friendly.\r\nHope to buy more of his blanks soon.
Dave Lindquist ( Austin, TX )
Great workmanship! Still working on a vacuum pump, but I have no doubt it will be amazing!
Jim Burr ( Fresno, Ca )
Well worth the wait... Great worksmanship and works as advertised...:)
Billy ( North Texas )
I just got a chance to use my TurnTex Stabilizing vacuum chamber for the first time and I am thrilled with the outcome. What a quality build and a wonderful product offered by Curtis. Thanks Curtis!!!!
Chris Burgess ( Klein TX )
Turntex stabilization products (Cactus Juice + chamber) are top of the line. The stabilized blanks from this process are the best I've worked with so far. Last but not least, one can count on Curtis Seebeck availability for technical assistance. Thanks again Curtis.
Christos ( Brussels, Belgium )
First order from Turntex. Delivery was prompt (fast) and the blanks were just as I expected. I have turned one of them and the pen landed in my wife\'s purse, so it must have looked good.\r\nLooking forward to more blanks from Turntex.\r\nDave B.
David Bledsoe ( Raleigh, MS )
Thank you very much. I received your product the day before yesterday. it's perfect. I am satisfied with your goods. I am delighted for un-catalyzed juice. Because I can't expend so much. My work is mostly small. For example Rings,Pendants. I am now preparing to work. I wish to send e-mail with photos of my work in the near future.
Tetsuo Endoh ( Japan )
Hello, received my order after a long wait. Everything is ok. I do not have time to try the vacuum chamber at the moment but I will tell you if it works well when I've tried. luc
I recently purchased one of your stabilizing units and finally had time to try it out. The unit worked great, even I had no trouble! The blanks turned out great. I stabilized Spalted Soft Maple and Spalted Red Oak. The Soft Maple was both punky and worms had chewed through some of the blanks. The unit successfully stabilized the blanks and didn't blow out the soft spots where the worms tunneled through the wood like some of the commercial stabilizers have done when I sent similar wood to them. The finished blanks have a soft glow or shine. If you want a high polish consider finishing them with CA. This unit is exactly what I was looking for. It's easy to use, I can experiment with a few blanks, evaluate the results, and make changes if needed instead of sending a bunch of blanks to a commercial stabilizer then discovering the end result was not what I was trying to achieve.
George Booth ( Jerseyville, IL )
First Off I must Say Curtis is a star! First Rate Chap to deal with - Thanks for the super-swift dispatch - [cactus juice] arrived well in time and without any bother. As for the product, well it does just what it says it does and very well at that - been playing with a few rather soft spalted ring blanks and a couple nice soft spalted stick-tang handle pieces as it sets them *rock* hard and leaves them a dream to machine and finish-up. When I finally make it through this 1 gal. I'll be back for more for sure. Thanks again Curtis, sincerely, Shaun R.
Shaun R. (FlowolFDesigns/EnchantedWoods) ( NW England )
Curtis is without a doubt the best in the business. The service and products he provides at is second to none. He is always available for questions and advise. Higly recommended and appreciated. I can't believe he is a one man shop.
Vincent Vidriales ( Nothern California )
Another smooth transaction and excellent communications along with fast shiping. Dave Bell
Dave Bell ( Elora, Ontario, Canada )
I have turned three of the blanks I ordered and I am very pleased how they turned out. However I do find that I have a general problem when I use a transparent blank. I have not worked with clear blanks much before and if you know a way to avoid bubbles in the glue when I put in the brass insert it would help. I usually use instant thick CA glue to put in the tubes but this time I tried epoxy thinking it would be less likely to leave bubbles but it did not work, any suggestions? Thanks again for the great products you have Eric Willyerd [color=red]My Comments: Eric, take a look at the first video on this page for directions on painting the inside of the blank to hide the glue. [url=]Tips and Tutorials[/url][/color]
Eric WIllyerd ( california )
Ordered cactus juice, was shipped out very quickly, packaged well and arrived very promptly! It was a very pleasant transaction and went so well, I followed up with another order including more cactus juice, coloring pigment, stabilization chamber and all the accessories for it. Curtis runs a top notch business and I look forward to a long business relationship with his company!
steve ( Greensboro, NC )
Very good to deal with. Replaced sticky gage no ?s asked. AAA+
Wane ( Blackduck MN )
The order was smooth and easy. It arrived on time & exactly as ordered. Furthermore, Curtis emailed me to ensure I was pleased with the transaction, as well as to offer up any advice or accept any feedback. I haven't yet found a toaster over but as soon as I do, i'll give the juice a try. Again, great transaction & service.
I'd just like to take a couple of minutes to say thanks for the great service and products. I've already turned a couple of the Texas Hybrid and Juiced-Up blanks, and they look simply amazing! The acrylic used in the Texas Hybrid blanks seems considerably tougher than the (more expensive) Fiji blanks from Woodcraft. -Matt Williamson
Matthew Williamson ( Plano, Texas )
Curtis is aaa+ and continue to purchase his products
dublin lee ( oregon )
Curtis I'm very happy with chamber, it is very well built, it is everything that it is said to be , it's straight forward easy to use. The calls that where made did not last long in the shop.
Dennis Sentner ( MA )
I have recently purchased a production chamber, with cactus Juice, wow its great stuff, i had some questions when i first bought it, but Curtis was great, and helped me with my questions.I turn the wood blanks and make rug hooks, for my wifes rug hooking shop, I have recently started making knife scales, what fun. Thanks Curtis for a great product. Also i used to sand my rug hooks to a 12000 grit. now after stabilization i see the same or almost the same results at 600 grit. Thanks Curtis for a great product and tech support. Neil
neil mattison ( pt charlotte fl, and Verona island Maine )
I haven't been able to use the Cactus Juice yet but expect to in the next couple of weeks. Great customer service and help!
Hank Lee ( Tunica, MS )
Nice product, well made and worth the wait. Very nice to deal with.
waned ( Minnesota )
Its really a great experence to deal with someone that cares about the product they produce.
Dennis Bachman ( Pensacola Florida )
I was very impressed with the products and the service. I will shop TurnTex again soon!
Scott Gygi ( Cincinnati )
I was not about to let all my Spalted Maple go to waste by breaking pen blank after pen blank!!! After hours of research on the internet, I found the "cactus juice". It took a while to get here but I finally tried it and....HOLY SH$@#!!!!. I tried the Minwax Hardener but there is no comparison!!!! I LOVE CACTUS JUICE!!! I followed the instructions, borrowed the science teacher's vacuum chamber, and turned a pen blank when it was all done, and....HOLY SH$@#!!!!. Love the stuff. Thanks Curtis!!!:D
Don ( West Virginia )
I received the Cactus Juice. I'm excited to start stabilizing wood, corncobs and anything i can get in the pot. I look forward to doing more business with Curtis. I'm also wanting to start using Alumilite for my pen blanks. Curtis makes it look easy in all of his videos. Thanks, Bryan
Bryan Sullivan
Hi Curtis, I have turned 3 pens so far and all of them are fabulous. I especially like the hybrid blanks, the combination of wood and color are so different from anything else I have seen. Thanks for the great service too, you went above and beyond! Many thanks, Gordon
gordon peterson ( sunnyvale calif. )
Fast delivery. Using product for stabilizing wood for knife handles. Heard about your product at Ga Custom Knifemaking Guild meeting. Can't wait to see how it works.
Daniel Moye ( Watkinsville, Ga )
Well, I have to say I am reluctant to tell everyone just how great the products and the service are. If I tell you how fantastic they are, then you will want to buy them and that will leave less for me. Curtis is great, his ideas of good customer service are what every other store should be doing. His pen blanks are beyond compare!
I've started using cactus juice for my knife blanks and I'm very pleased with the product and plan to continue using it. I also got the production vacuum tank and it works great. Some real craftsmanship and quality materials went into this tank. Ronny Chambers Chambers Custom Knives:D
Ronny chambers ( beebe arkansas )
got my new juice and it works great and this time when i cooked it it didn\'t smell. did you change the formula or is my nose immune\r\n\r\ngreat product sure makes crappy wood turn easier
arthur baldwin ( chattanooga tn )
The vacuum chamber was so easy to set up and worked great. My first batch of blanks were flame boxelder which are even better looking after stabilization. All of Curtis\'s products will exceed your expectations. I look forward to ordering the large chamber in the future.
Tim Richards ( Hobbs, NM )
Purchased Mesquite Man's Cactus Juice Stabilizing Resin. Did some vacuum trials with woods of varying density and experimented with vacuum hold-time and vacuum release soak-time. Product is easy to use and provides fantastic results on the materials I tested, including mulberry, cherry, and lilac. These did require hours of vacuum and hours of soak due to the fiber density, which I completely expected.
Christopher Clair ( United States )
Thanks for all the help Curtis, the system is fuctioning perfectly! Your assistance before and after the sale has been much appreciated, I look forward to working with you in the future. This is truly and wonderful setup!
Tom Stone ( St Louis, MO )
It is pleasure to see a company that is willing to go above and beyond. My order was delayed a few days due to email and spam filters. In the end I ended up with a variety of blank colors which is more exciting than the single color I ordered. The galaxy blue cactus blank was the first I used and I am very pleased with the results. Patience and sharp tools are a must, but the end results are well worth the effort.\r\n\r\nPhil
Phil Morris ( Columbiana Alabama )
Awesome product! I typically make most of my jigs and tools but with this tool why bother. Curtis is very helpful and the workmanship is top notch. Very easy to use. I've used a quart of Cactus Juice in under a week. Looks like I need to order more next time.
Lane Pelissier ( Lafayette LA )
ThankYou so much for all of your help when I didn\'t have a clue on what I was doing! My husband loves it! Every thing came well packed and the shipping was excellent. Thanks again for EVERYTHING!
Jennifer Houston ( Sumter,SC )
I loved the unique products you show. I was very pleased with my order. I only wish you had more product for sale. I\'m really looking forward to doing more business with you! [color=red]My comments: I just recently went full time with TurnTex, Pete. I am getting things caught up and will be increasing my inventory soon. Thanks for the feedback![/color]
pete k. ( wis. )
Thanx again Curtis! As usual the handle material for my knives came out stunning! It\'s great to know that I can count on the quality since these knives were for my best customer for Christmas! Two thumbs up! Thanx, Chops:D:D:D
Tim ( Lake o the Pines Texas )
Have ordered from Curtis several times over the past few years and am never disappointed. Beautiful blanks, turn great, and result in beautiful pens and money clips. Have used the knife scales for pendents and the pen blanks for earrings too. All have been beautiful. Great service.\r\nThanks Curtis.\r\n
Nadine Nelson ( Minnesota )
What a great product, and so simple to use! I highly recommend using Catus Juice Stabilizing Resin.
Ron Ramos
Once again, spectacular products. I have ordered several times so far and each time what I receive far exceeds my expectations!!
Kevin ( Lancaster, PA )
I received my Cactus Juice Stabilizing Chamber yesterday and I am VERY pleased with the workmanship that Curtis put into it. I know with care on my part I will be using it for a long time. I am looking forward to using it this weekend.
Gordon Golchert ( Sterling Heights, Michigan )
Cactus Juice is a great product. Can\'t wait to try it on different woods. Curtis is really helpfull and full of ideas to help you with your project.
Paul Madej
Turntex is a first class operation ran by Curtis, a true professional. He has a wealth of knowledge and will assist you without hesitation. Great customer service before and after the sale is hard to find in todays society. Curtis eagerly provides both and stands behind all of his products. You cant go wrong with a purchase from Turntex.
Jason Dominguez
Curtis, Thanks for all of your help. I bought the large chamber a few months ago and am now just getting started using it. Just stabilized some spalted tamarin . LOVE this system! I am excited about what I can now do with my products. Look forward to a long business relationship with you. Hope you are doing well. Thanks again! Don.
Donovan Baber ( North Carolina )
I purchased a number of Texas Hybrid pen blanks and couldn\'t be happier, they are very striking. I cannot wait to turn them but now I have to decide the appropriate kit to show them off. Curtis was fabulous to work with and I look forward buying more from him (please get more cactus blanks soon)\r\n\r\nMike
Mike Huber ( Ontario, Canada )
Curtis, just got the products...really great looking. I expect to get more as we progress along. You have the best warranty in the market, and your products are outstanding. Thanks again and I look forward to the next time I get product from you.
Brian Sibbett ( North Carolina )
Curtis:\r\nThanks again for another great batch of texas hybrid/juiced up blanks. Workmanship on them is the best I have found. I also appreciate you taking the time to call and explain the \"Cactus Juice\" process and use of the equipment. It is always a genuine pleasure to conduct business with Turn Tex!
Tom Heard ( Waldorf, MD )
Great product!!! They look fantastic when you get them and even better after you turn them. I highly recommend.
Curtis is a number one guy. I am very please with the product and service. I give Curtis a AAA+ and would buy again.*:D
dublin lee ( sunshine capital astoria oregon )
Cactus Juice is an awsome product, if you have used it you will have to agree. If you have not you need to! Order can sometimes be slow, but I know this is a sideline for Curtis. If you ask for it in a hurry he does a great job trying meet your needs. Over all, I think this is a great little company with great products.
John Evers
:D I like the juice. Excellent product for stabilizing knife scales. Works great with Madrone and Maple burls. I\'ve also used it to stabilize some Australian burls which are pretty hard and dense to start. After stabilizing, the wood finishes out great.
Dirk S. Leach ( Mooresville, NC )
Got my cactus juice in a couple of weeks ago. I had Questions and Curtis wanted nothing more than to answer them and guarantee my success. I am sure I took up many hours of his time but he stuck with me. We even identified a design flaw (in my home made chamber) over the phone and once corrected made my chamber air/vacuum tight. As for the Juice it worked flawlessly. I had some Spalted Hickory to test and it doubled in weight. I spent last night cutting many blanks to stabilize this weekend and I know w/out a doubt it will be a success. Thank you Curtis for a fantastic product but even better your superior yet personable service. I will be back for more since I have more wood than juice at this point. Chris Justturnin
Chris Burgess ( Spring TX )
Got a chance to put Cactus Juice to the test. Not a bad process at all. Set up in the morning took about 15 minutes. Loaded the chamber and and applied Vacuum for an hour. When the first set was done set them aside to drain for a minute while I reloaded the chamber and started another set. Wrapped the first set and put them in the toaster oven for an hour at 200 degrees. Repeated the process 5 times and drilled the cool blanks and glued the tubes in between batches. The last two batches I used the dye and this is going to take some time to tune in. This first batch was in a widemouth mason jar but I have went ahead and ordered the small chamber. Very happy customer. Its refreshing to deal with old school type business that states it like it is and stands behind thier product with confidence.
Harold Goodman ( Maryland )
thanks for replacing the stabilizing tank that got damaged in shipment. have run four batches and the process works great. the best guarantee
Jerry Fisher
Curtis, Your blanks are works of art, it almost hurts to turn them.
Frank Doyle
Curtis, I am extremely pleased with your product and your service. You have shown genuine concern notwithstanding your personal challenges and I look forward to a long and mutually successful business relationship.
harvey brooks
Received my first order of Texas hybrid blanks. The photos on the website did not do them justice. They are amazingly unique. Shipping was lightning fast. Turned a pen with one, and am extremely pleased. It was a pleasurable transaction, and I will definitely purchase again. Thanks for a great product.
Tom Heard
I now have my Cactus Juice and have done a few batches of stabilizing. All I can say is that this product is perfect for those who don't want or can not afford to go to the big companies for stabilizing. Next on the list is bowl stabilization for casting. Thanks you Curtis for your wealth of knowledge and courteous responses.
David Bell
I saw a demonstration of the small vacuum chamber and cactus juice at the woodturning show in Waco, Texas. I bought the cactus juice a the show and tried to find all the parts to make my own vacuum chamber. It wasn't long till I was online ordering the small chamber, vacuum pressure gauge, and release valve. I put it all together in minutes and was able to stabilize several pen blanks from some big leaf maple burl. It turned out great. Thanks.
Jeff Allen
The cactus juice I bought is Great!!! I have been looking for a product like this for years to stabilize wood knife handles
Kelly Niffenegger
I recieved my large chamber and cactus juice and everything was in excellent condition and well packaged. But, due to work and other projects that need to be finished first, I have not had a chance to use it yet. I did hook up my vacuum pump to it and pull a vacuum with no problems. Can't wait to actually put it to work. Thanks Curtis for an excellent product.
Bobby McCarley
I recieved my order of cactus juice about a week ago. This was the first stabilizing I have done. The product was easy to use,and gave the desired results. I can't see myself trying anything else. When order was placed Curtis was currently out of product, but advised me of lead time and kept me posted. A great product from a great source.
john everw
The customer service from Curtis (Turn Tex)has been outstanding in every respect. It is a real pleasure to deal with this company.
Herschel Sibley
Hello, Thank you for the fast shipment to Canada, 7days with a rotating postal stike. This weekend I will stabilized my first pens blanks, maple burl and spalted maple. God 3 days is long for the weekend to arrived.
Alain Millette ( Canada )
When the large chamber and cactus juice got to my shop the packing was well done. All parts were in perfect shape . It took about 2 mins to hook up my vacuum pump. I had the quick connects that curtis sells installed . What a time saver money well spent. There was a small problem with the lid and I called Curtis and he said he would replace it . I have stabilized some curly maple call blanks and they turned out great. This product will help my call making go to the next level. Thanks, Curtis I will send some pictures of the finished calls . Troy Krueger Zumbro Calls
Troy Krueger
I received my Mesquite Man's Stabilizing Chamber and first order of Cactus Juice this week and put it right to work. Curtis is great to work with offering good advice and the quality of his work is outstanding. After stabilizing my first couple of rounds of Spalted Maple using his products I wondered why I waited so