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fast delevery on the last order. great stuff

mike igo May 21 2013 08:54pm

Thanks so much Curtis for an incredible product. I was impressed by the quality of the tank. It works great too. The Cactus Juice is wonderful. Using it the first time I knew it was a great product. You can have a piece of wood that is falling apart and then vacuumed with the Juice and heated in toaster oven. You don't even need a finish, just sand to how ever shiny you want the finished product to be.

Deputy Sheriff
Eric Ward

Eric Ward ( Mabank, TX ) May 21 2013 07:34pm

Well, so far I haven't "turned" anything that I've stabilized with Cactus Juice. I did run two batches thru (one clear, one with red dye) and they seemed to stabilize well. I'm using a 2 stage 5 CFM Rotary Vane Vac pump and a converted 2 gallon aluminum cooking pot I use as a "chamber". It pulls down to 29.5 inches so yeah, it sucks! (I live at 33' above sea level) I'll be gettin' back to you as soon as I get a chance to turn some of my blanks. I do have to say, I like how easy it is to clean-up everything afterwards, just rinse with water !!

Mike ( Fountain Valley, Ca. ) May 21 2013 06:41pm

Curtis is fantastic to deal with and his products are second to none. He just does not sell you the product and leave you to try to figure things out all on your own. He provides very informative videos and world class telephone and email support to get you going in the right direction. His responses have been very timely and very complete to any and all of my questions. Thanks to him and his products, I am producing the stabilized blanks I wanted to produce and they are coming out as good, or better than I hoped they would. For me, there is no other supplier to deal with when it comes to stabilizing my wood products. Thank you very much Curtis for your quality products and your excellent Support.:)

Fred Strauss
Vice President
Busy Beaver Lumber, A division of F & K Designs

Fred Strauss of Busy Beaver Lumber ( Fort Wayne, Indiana ) May 21 2013 05:21pm

~~100%~~ All I can say is 100% , Turn Tex Woodworks and Curtis O. "MesquiteMan" Seebeck 100% . Products and the Man are 100% ! Buy a product, need help call him , 100%
Did I mention 100% ? :D

Larry L. Wilkinson ( Coldwater ,MI ) May 21 2013 11:12am

Recently purchased a pen chamber from TurnTex. An amazingly well put together vacuum chamber. I am quite impressed with the construction and it's ability to hold a vacuum. All others I have used are sub-par in comparison. As a side note - cactus juice is another top notch product. TurnTex will receive ALL my business for future stabilizing needs...

Jason Stedwell ( Auburn, AL ) May 21 2013 12:40am

I am very satisfied with the equipment and the end result. Curtis is great to work with and will explain anything and everything you ask about.

T. Quiram ( Central Illinois ) May 17 2013 06:27am

Cactus Juice is awesome! I've been able to stabilize some pine that I've had for a special project that I haven't been able to turn without it blowing out. Now it turns as smooth as butter! Good stuff! My only regret is not ordering more.

LT ( AL ) May 14 2013 03:15pm

I make custom pool cues and a few knives and use the catcus juice for various applications. Curtis provides excellent customer support and a good product. If you are a first time user or want to switch from your current method, I would highly recommend TurnTex products.

Dennis Cash
Cash Customs

Dennis Cash ( Wichita Kansas ) May 12 2013 06:29am

Thanks for a great transaction!! Wish we had more suppliers like you. I plan to buy one of your vacume tanks in the near future. Keep up the good work Larry Inman

Larry Inman ( Greers Ferry Ar. ) May 11 2013 02:04pm

I purchased my first 'sample' of Cactus Juice last February (2013). I bought a quart just to give it a try. I had been messin' about with all sorts of other approaches to impregnate reel seat blanks for use on custom bamboo fly rods and nothing was working. I've been a pretty serious amateur woodworker for quite some time so I've had experience with impregnation techniques such as PEG, Plexiglas/acetone, diluted PVA, etc and I was able to get each of these techniques to work to a certain extent. But they all had significant downsides associated with them. Curtis' Cactus Juice represents a substantial, and very welcome, improvement over all the other techniques I've ever tried. There's essentially no mess, you can take your time or do it quickly, and most importantly -- the stuff works, consistently good and predictable results.

I just ordered and received my second quart.

Bryan Coles ( Whitefish, MT ) May 11 2013 09:05am

Great service.rn

Phil miller ( La crosse, Wi. ) May 06 2013 04:59pm

This was my first time to stabilize my on wood,this stuff works great.I would recommend Cactus juice to anyone,and the service is great,thanks again for all the help.

John Hyde ( Scottsboro Al ) May 06 2013 04:50pm

Very fast and prompt shipping.
Spoke with Turn-Tex on the phone for clarification on some stabilization points. He was great, willing to share and offer tips and suggestions.
I have not had a chance to use the cactus juice as yet as the temp chamber (pickle jar) was dropped and broken Saturday.
Looking forward with much anticipation for the arrival of my chamber.
Still searching for a good reasonable source for wood to stabilize......

Dennis McManaman ( Amarillo ) May 06 2013 06:09am

I purchased the large tank, small insert and a gallon of juice. When the package arrived, I found it very well packed. No damage at all which was a good sign. When I ordered the equipment, I had expected good quality components as a result of reading the descriptions and looking at the pictures on the web site. I was very impressed with the quality of what I found when I unpacked my box. Everything is very professional and the quality exceeded my expectations. Great Job by TurnTex.

Now I just need to start using it to see the results of the juice.

Thanks for a great product,

Scott ( North Georgia Mountains ) May 04 2013 08:26am

Thanks for sending my order so fast.I could not be any happier with my vacuum chamber and cactus juice.I have stabilized several hundred blanks with no problems.Thanks for you good service & products.
Thank You
William Taylor

william taylor ( pearsall tx ) May 03 2013 05:19pm

Cactus Juice does just what he says. It allows me to do pens out of many of the woods I like best but are too soft to work with. The process is not difficult and the results are excellent. Dave

David Walsh ( Dover Pennsylvania ) May 03 2013 05:36am

This is my third order of cactus juice. I love it. Thanks Curtis

Jeff ( Oklahoma City ) Apr 29 2013 11:53am

Great products. Easy to use with very good results. All worked as promised. Really better than I expected. rnMade a vacuum chamber out of a large pickle jar and a brake bleeder pump. Will move up to a better chamber soon.rn:)

Dan Metzler ( South FL ) Apr 29 2013 06:10am

The cactus juice is great, I used it on a piece of antler today and you can really feel the difference. It when from a light dried up bone feel to a solid feeling material that feels good in the hand. Its very easy to use and works better than I anticipated. Thanks for a great product.

Craig Falls ( Citrus county, Florida ) Apr 27 2013 09:39am

I am very happy with the product and service provided. The cactus juice works great stabilizing porous materials, I will be back to purchase more in the future. Thank you!

Sheila Apr 26 2013 08:10am

I recently got my order of Cactus Juice and had well over a dozen scales I wanted to infuse. Following the directions, I put 2 sets through the process. I didn't have the success I'd hoped for and went back and revisited the steps. As it turned out, I was only able to achieve 23 Hg and the directions clearly say 28 is the number to reach. I called Curtis and we spoke for around 45 minutes about how to get better results. Excellent customer service, in the process of taking advice to make the next round a success.

Curtis S ( N Texas ) Apr 26 2013 06:22am

I recently received a stabilizing tank from Curtis, and I couldn't be happier!!! As soon as I started unpacking the parts,I could just see I purchased a top quality products. The millwork and machining are very clean. The parts all fit nicely, and are well thought out. I am very picky about things I buy, and as my wife tells me, I set my standards high. I honestly can't find a single thing to nit pick!! I almost don't want to use it, but I will!! The system will be used for stabilizing reel seat blanks for the bamboo fly rods I make. I have recently started making knives as well, so it looks like I will be stabilizing my knife scales with this tank. Curtis was also very helpful before and after the sale with very good sound advice in regards to the process and additional tooling such as vacuum pumps. I would not, and will not hesitate to purchase additional tanks and product from Turn Tex in the future. Turn Tex is on my list of "Go To" suppliers. In a nutshell.........very well done and professional!!

Thanks again,
Paul McRoberts

Paul McRoberts ( Napa, California ) Apr 25 2013 07:40pm

Curtis is great to do business with, he has a wealth of knowledge that he is more than willing to share. I have spoken to him numerous times both on the phone and thru email and he has helped me with every question that I have had. The workmanship in his vacuum chambers is fantastic mine works flawlessly. I look forward to doing more business with Turntex Woods. Thanks for all the help Curtis.rnRickey

Rickey Lowery ( Monroe, LA ) Apr 21 2013 07:23am

The chamber appears to be everything advertised, very nice finished package and well constructed. I have yet to attach to a pump and try it out, and probably will not be able to for some time as this is coming to my busy time( no time for hobbys). I was dissapointed in the time it took to arrive and hope the function more than makes up for the wait.

Bill ( Colorado ) Apr 18 2013 02:22pm

Great professional business ethics, greatly appreciated for your honest and fast service Curtis.

Thank you Gaetano

Gaetano ( Guy ) Moschella ( Samford Valley Queensland Australia ) Apr 16 2013 02:27am

I have placed several orders for Cactus Juice and pen blanks from Curtis and have never had any problems. Once at SWAT, I mentioned to him that on one of his hybrid pen blanks all of the wood turned away and he just said to pick another one at no cost because they are guaranteed. Doesn't get any better than that.

Dave M ( College Station, TX ) Apr 15 2013 10:30pm

I bought the Hobby Pen makers chamber. As others have noted, and I'll confirm it's a work of art, excellent workmanship combined with top shelf materials.

So far I've stabilized blanks for duck and goose calls, pens, bottle stoppers, and even a small box blank. I've used it for dying while stabilizing too and that works okay, it's really dependent on the wood type and density. Do it in a plastic bag that you set inside of the chamber, it's much easier to clean up and store the tinted juice.

HINT = Buy more juice than you think you'll want so you don't have to take a break from the fun while you wait for the UPS truck.:(

I give the Chamber and Cactus juice ***** (5) stars. :D

Tom ( Madison, Wisconsin ) Apr 15 2013 07:17pm

I purchased the large chamber with the pen blank insert. The quality is outstanding, almost too nice to use! I haven't had a chance to to use the chamber yet, still looking for a pump 8) Well worth the wait for a high quality handmade product. Curtis' pride shows in the construction, fit and finish. Thanks for the great product!

Rob T ( San Luis Obispo, Ca. ) Apr 14 2013 09:41am

:)First of all, I am very satisfied with the stabilizing products, because it just plain WORKS. The process is explained very well on the web page & all you have to do is follow the directions for a great end result of your turning blanks for pens, or as in my case it is knife handles. I purchased the production size vacuum tank with the gauge, shut off valve, and the quick disconnect. The shut off valve controls the bubbles on inside of the tank when you start the process and is a must. I had some questions and concerns about the process and my wood, therefore I called Curtis and he more than answered all my questions plus gave me some advise how to prepare my wood to make sure that it was good and dry & would stabilize better, so listen WELL when you talk to him about your issues and take notes. You are talking to experience. By the way, I ordered some addition supply of "Cactus Juice" and the product shipped the same day. Curtis is definitely committed to complete customer satisfaction which showed in his words and deeds, and I just met the man over the phone. He will get all my business for his "Cactus Juice".
Shop with him with confidence...
Best Regards, Vit

Vit ( Saint Paul, Minnesota ) Apr 14 2013 07:21am

We received our full size general purpose chamber in Feb and have been able to use it just a few times. All I can say is that we love the finished product. We have done Myrtlewood, Black Walnut, Maple Burl, Spalted Myrtlewood, Texas Red Cedar, Almond and a couple others. I just ordered our second batch of material and plan on putting it to good use. All of our contact with and service from Curtis have been first rate. Thank you Curtis for a great experience.

Coos Custom Calls ( Coos Bay, Oregon ) Apr 13 2013 01:30pm

I am very pleased with the Cactus juice! Just finish some maple burl and it looks awesome! Haven't worked it yet but I know it is fully impregnated with resin. The blanks are much heavier than before stabilization and feel much harder to the touch.

Jeff ( Oklahoma City ) Apr 12 2013 10:46pm

No problems! So far learning my way around stabilizing. Have not done much yet but 1st batch clear with buckeye burl great. Reading up on site s as how to dye. Thanks for all your vids as well as The Bangle Guy. It saves me alot of time and money. DO have a question cause the more I read the more i get confused.Casting worthless wood. Stabilize 1st then resin, or resin then stabilize? One more if I may, mica powders where is good place to order. I have order in for alumilite, alumidust, also have some colors of pearl ex. AM I on the right track and do I still need mica powder? Wow last time i will ask that guy for feedback! Thanks you have an excellent product and great service. Mike Lundy

mike lundy ( seminole alabama ) Apr 12 2013 08:20pm

In this world of corporate fake promises and gimmicks, it's nice to know TurnTex (Mesquite Man), is one that still values good ole American values of honesty, integrity, customer service, etc. Curtis has spent long time on the phone with me to guide me with not only how to's but also business end of things.

I appreciate it Curtis.

Munawar "Manny" Soomro
Functional Crafts.

Munawar Soomro ( Plano, Texas ) Apr 12 2013 11:31am

Super! Super! product and service! I ordered the stabilizing machine with cactus juice and blue dye. I watched the video and then fired the bad puppy up and stabilized my first set of pen blanks to turn and place on Cigar Pens.
My wife said you have created a monster because I have been dragging home dead wood to stabilize and am having a blast. Talk about simple yet efficient and reliable. Wow with a 10 is all I can say.
I look forward to doing much more business with you in the very near future.
Thanks very much for your good work and reliable products.

Terry Robinson ( Syracuse, NY ) Apr 12 2013 10:53am

Curtis personally follows thru on orders and provides an excellent product at a competitive price. Shipping costs are very reasonable and excellent job on packaging.
Thanks Curtis! :D

Tim Rinehart ( NC ) Apr 12 2013 05:45am

I purchased the TurnTex system one year ago. It was the call makers system for stabilizing larger blanks. Since my purchase I have stabilized about 75 blanks and have had no problems. Blanks come out as good as the blanks I have bought else where. I like the fact that I can just do a few blanks at a time in between making calls. It has dropped my cost 2/3rds over what I was paying others to do.


Prairie Game Calls ( Illinois ) Apr 12 2013 04:58am

I just received my 3rd order of Cactus Juice, and as usual it arrived fast and safe. Thanks to CJ, I am now buying large slabs of wood and cutting my own knife scales. Some are dyed and stabilized, most just stabilized. All turn out great and I am saving a lot of money. I love reading comments on this page, just to find out what other people are using the CJ for. Thanks to Don L. in Texas, I now know that I can stabilize some of my beautiful stone found here on the farm. Will be trying that out this weekend.
Thanks Curtis, for all your help.

Martin Adams ( Northern KY ) Apr 11 2013 06:37pm

All was well handled (as expected). Will be back again when I need more cactus juice.

Thanks for the prompt responses.

Ken in Juneau

Ken Vaughan ( Juneau Alaska ) Apr 09 2013 10:40am

First I would like to thank you for all the help and info you gave me on the phone. It was greatly appreciated! I got a little worried when the Cocobolo did not cure right away. Secondly I think you have a great product in Cactus Juice, it seems to work as described. It also works great ! Which in this day and age there are a lot of things on line that do not deliver what they say they will. Your product not only delivers as stated, but your follow up help/service is fantastic ! There are not very many people out there that would go as far as you do to make sure a customer is happy. Along with giving info out freely!! You have taken a service that I am sure many people find not only expensive but a hassle and put it with in range. Thank you! Dan Burnette :D
If you get a chance checkout my site

Rebel Blades Custom Knives ( Clermont Florida ) Apr 08 2013 02:43am

I've tried many others, but cactus juice is the best I have tried, it does everything you said even better. Thanks for the fast shipping and all the info on how to use it.

george vasiliou ( boynton beach, FL ) Apr 07 2013 03:46pm


I am a lapidarist (rock jewelry maker) and slice, shape and polish some exotic, but all beautiful types rocks, that I get from all over the continent.
Curtis's Cactus Juice works wonderfully on stabilizing rocks of all types, and is the answer to working with any fragile or fractured or brittle rock/stones that otherwise would crumble/fracture into pieces when slicing them with my rock saw or grinding them into shapes to make jewelry.

Before meeting Curtis and using his Excellent Cactus Juice, with some type stones, I had to settle with making small pendants, etc., because some type rocks would fracture into pieces while slicing and grinding them.
Now that's never a problem~!

I Really like that it is a One Part resin, which means it can be reused repeatedly, when stored at cooler temps.
When the vacuum has pulled all the air out of the stone (yes, there is air inside rock) and replaced it with the resin, all that was not used in the process, can be reused, over and over again, until the product is gone. There is No waste, at all.
That makes Cactus Juice VERY Cost Effective~!!

It is clear in and on, the stone, and can even be very highly polished on it's own, if wanted.

The easy heat curing is fast, and does not need high heat to do it's work, and is done in a toaster oven typically.

Don J. ( Leander, TX ) Apr 06 2013 05:13pm

Five star service! Looking forward to a long relationship.rnrnThanks Curtis.rnrn

Tom Costanza ( Langhorne PA ) Apr 05 2013 05:02pm

Took a while to get my chamber, Curtis was swamped over the winter. However, the wait was worth it. Workmanship is top notch, fit and finish are worthy of a pen maker. I have run four batches so far, need to refine my technique some, but every blank is usable. My only comment is it would be nice if there some standoffs in the bottom of the chamber to keep the blanks elevated. I have been using popsicle sticks for this. Overall, a 4.0 grade. Well done.

My comments: I used to glue in some standoffs but stopped since it made the chamber harder to wash out. I recommend using bamboo skewers since these are cheap and can be removed to clean.


Bryce Jacobson ( Tennessee summer, Arizona winter ) Apr 02 2013 11:47am

Since receiving my order of Cactus Juice I have stabilized 5 sets of box elder scales. The first set of scales I immediately place on one of my forged blades. The scales are beautiful and the Cactus Juice worked like a charm. Super product.

John Giannini (Lion of Judah Forge)

John Giannini ( MN ) Apr 01 2013 01:30pm

again Curtis, I am enjoying using the juice I just bought. I have some wood with worm holes I am planning to use just to see what it looks like in a call. I will plug the holes give them a shot with the c.j. Hopefully I will be able to send pics soon. Ray Finchum @ Wetdreamin' Game Calls (Duck and Goosedreamin' calls)

R. Finchum ( Melissa, Tx. ) Mar 31 2013 08:05am

Hi Curtis, My name is Ray Finchum. I purchased the Cactus Juice several weeks ago and just had the opportunity to use it. I had some spalted Tamarind that I made a call from and used ca to finish, hoping it would seal some of the holes in the wood. I could put my finger over the exhaust and blow and it would sound like a whistle. Even with the ca I still had to seal holes. I also had some walnut with nice grain but each time I got right down to the last few cuts it blew up, literally. Wood everywhere. I used the cactus juice in a home made vacuum(pickle jar with a cheap brake bleeder). After about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. I took it out and baked it at 250 for 1 hr.I thought it was ruined. Juice caked the outside and looked awful. When I turned it, the wood was beautiful and hard. No discoloration on either one and they turned like a dream. I am thoroughly impressed with the product and am going to try to order a v. chamber soon with more cactus juice. I have some punky box elder to condition and use so I am looking forward to using the dyes also. I will let you know how it works out and try to send pics. Thanks again. Ray Finchum

R. Finchum ( Melissa, Tx. ) Mar 31 2013 07:21am

Very happy with the product works amazing easy to use just fellow the instructions

thanks greg graham

Ps ill be8) back for more...:D

greg graham ( knox in. ) Mar 29 2013 05:43am

Chamber is a little smaller than I thought but size is as specified. Very well constructed, clean lines and flawless seams. Visually appealing, if not for the hose attachment on the top, would appear to be a designer fish tank. All in all, a well constructed and beautiful product.:D

James White ( Joint Security Area, South Korea ) Mar 29 2013 05:02am

I thoroughly enjoy my chamber. Can't thank you enough for the replacement due to the fact that i wasn't man enough to read the directions and left the cactus juice store in the tank! Warning label on the tank is a good touch. I'll do better

Dave Smith ( Lilburn Ga. ) Mar 28 2013 01:41pm