I am offering a special assistance discount on select items I sell as an effort to help those who have lost their income due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.  This is not a general discount and is only available for those who request it through this form.  Many of the items you will be able to order are being discounted to less than my cost, meaning I will loose money on them.  I am fine with that but I do ask that you not take advantage of me to stock up on stuff!  This is not a sale!If you do not truly have a need, please do not apply.  After you have received the discount information and placed an order, If I feel that anyone is taking advantage of me, I reserve the right to cancel and refund the order immediately.  I also reserve the right to fix any errors my system may make in calculating the discount as this is all new for me!  To apply for this Covid-19 Special Assistance, please complete and submit the form below.  Once I review it and find your needs are genuine, I will send an e-mail with further details.

Just for the record...I am not applying for any government grants, loans, or other assistance from any outside source.  This is coming 100% out of my own pocket and have already given out $1,900 in discounts.

There is no catch and the information provided below will not be used for any purpose other than evaluating your needs.

Exclusions(you are free to order them at regular price but no discount will apply):

  • Limit: 2 Gallons of Cactus Juice
  • Cactus Juice Dyes in 4oz or 8oz
  • Juice Proof Vacuum Chambers
  • All items in the Cactus Juice Stabilizing Accessories section
  • All items in the Parts to Make Your Own Chamber section
  • Alumilite 80# kits in all types
  • Alumilite Dyes in 6oz
  • PTown Subbie Casting Molds


You do not have to be an existing customer to receive this special assistance and your answer will not be used as a determining factor for help!  This is just for my information.

Are you an existing customer?*
Check all that apply:
Has your source of income completely stopped?
Please provide a detailed reason why you need special assistance. The more info you provide, the more likely I will approve your request!*