Casting, Stabilizing and Small Item Turning

09.16.2019 - 09.20.2019
Marc Adams School of Woodworking


During this five-day hands-on class students will learn how to make their own unique, one of a kind turning blanks including pen blanks, bottle stopper blanks, small lidded box blanks, among others.  Students will learn the art and science of wood and other porous material stabilizing (resin impregnating) to include why and when to stabilize, the benefits of stabilizing, and how to add beautiful, integral color to their blanks.  Students will also learn how to cast their own unique blanks with casting resins including wood pieces, pine cones, snake skins, printed labels and other unique materials to make one of a blanks to be used in unique works of art! 

Throughout the week as blanks are completed, students will use those blanks to turn pens, bottle stoppers, lidded boxes, and other small turning projects. Penturning techniques will include kit alteration and learning how to go beyond packaged pen kits by changing the length of tubes, eliminating or augmenting various pen kit parts, making closed end pen barrels, hiding or recessing clips, making two-barrel pens as single barrel pens, and finishing techniques. Students will also learn how to incorporate the blanks they make to turn bottle stoppers, razor handles, lidded boxes, and other small items on the lathe.

Come learn from two of the world’s best on the subject of stabilizing, casting, pen kit modification, and small item turning!

Skill Level: All level turners, including beginners, are welcome. No special turning techniques are required

Key Points:

  • Why and how to completely stabilize your material with vacuum
  • Equipment and tools necessary for stabilizing and casting
  • Stock selection and preparation
  • Dyeing and double dying material during stabilization
  • Casting resins with unique imbedded materials
  • Modifying pen kits
  • Finishing techniques with CA
  • Turning other small items including bottle stoppers and lidded boxes

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