Curtis Seebeck


TurnTex Woodworks is a one man operation located in Central Texas and the primary source of income for a family of 3.  My name is Curtis O. Seebeck, otherwise known as "MesquiteMan" on most internet forums.  All of my fine pens and exquisite blanks are hand made strictly from unique Central Texas material that I have personally salvaged from construction sites around the area.  I take extreme pride in my workmanship and believe that nothing but the best quality will suffice and believe in treating my customers with respect as I would want to be treated.  I am the pen crafter, blank maker, Cactus Juice bottler, vacuum chamber maker, shipping department, and webmaster as well as being a husband and a father of an 8 year old daughter!

I was first introduced to wood turning and more specifically, pen turning, while selling mesquite pen and bowl blanks on the Internet to raise money to pay for the adoption of our daughter in 2005.  After selling over 4,000 pen blanks all over the world, my wife and I were able to raise enough money to pay 100% of our private adoption legal fees solely with wood sales and became hooked on fine pen making!

Over the next year, I continued to refine my pen making skills and began experimenting with incorporating resin casting with otherwise worthless pieces of beautiful wood.  This new, original process was named "Worthless Wood" and has since been copied by many, including some of the big players in the pen making industry..  That lead me to start looking for other things to cast in resin.  While walking through my property one day, I saw a piece of cactus and thought "hey, I bet I can make a pen out of that"!  After refining the process, I decided to start offering both "Original Cactus Blank"™ pen blanks as well as "Texas Hybrid"™ pen blanks so other pen makers could share in the joy of creating such unique and beautiful works of art.

While working with casting, I also started experimenting with wood stabilizing.  I tried 22 different types of resins and chemicals, some of them really off the wall.  I found that the very best of them was a product called Resinol 90c but it was very difficult to obtain and if you could get it, you had to buy $500 worth at a time, much more than the average hobbyist could ever need.  After doing more research, I found a manufacturer that could make Then, in early 2011, I was approached by a company that claimed they had a product that was the same as Resinol 90c.  Being skeptical after trying a number of others with similar claims, I asked for a sample to work with.  My initial testing was so good that I decide I wanted to start using that resin.  I then I had an idea to start buying it in bulk and bottling it under my own brand name so that fellow craftsmen like myself could have easy access to an affordable, professional quality stabilizing resin without having to buy such large quantities.  Together with the stabilizing resin and custom designed hand made vacuum chambers, Cactus Juice Stabilizing Solutions was born and was the first home stabilizing resin available to the home market in the world.

Thank you for your interest in TurnTex Woodworks.  I hope you enjoy my work!