Genuine Texas Bluebonnets


Genuine Texas Bluebonnets, (Lupinus texensis) the state flower of Texas, cast in clear resin.  The pen shown above was made a couple of years ago and there were a lot of folks interested in blanks but the season was over by then.  Then, the following 2 years we were under such a bad drought that there were no bluebonnets!  Well, this spring, we have had lots of rain and the bluebonnets are everywhere!  The blanks that are currently available have the bluebonnets packed in much tighter and the color is better.

To make these blanks, bluebonnets are harvested from private land and then the bonnets themselves are carefully removed from the stems and dried.  It takes 5 gallons of bluebonnets tops to make 1/2 gallon of dried bonnets!  And before anyone comments, it is not illegal to harvest bluebonnets in the State of Texas!  (Texas Department of Public Safety Press Release)

Please be aware that due to the huge amount of surface area and hollows in the bonnets themselves, you WILL encounter pinhole bubbles and will need to be proficient with CA to get a great finished pen. Please don't buy these thinking they will be bubble free as they are not.  They have been cast at 80 psi but there are still small bubbles.  Once you receive your blanks, if you are not happy with them, I will still honor the full terms of my guarantee found on the policies page.

All of my blanks are backed by my 100% No Risk Industry Leading Guarantee (click for more information)

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