Oven Tamer Precision Temperature Controller

Oven Tamer Precision Temperature Controller
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Take back control and tame your oven with my new Oven Tamer Precision Temperature Controller!  Yeah, I know, it is a little pricey but the benefits will make it more than pay for itself in the long run!  Not only does the Oven Tamer make setting and switching temperatures with precision super easy, it will also allow you to cure your Cactus Juice stabilized blanks at a lower temperature which will reduce bleed out and make a better finished product!

The Oven Tamer uses precision PID control to maintain the temperature within 1°F +/- of the set point which will allow you to cure your blanks at 180° F rather than the normal recommended 200° F.  This lower temperature will reduce the bleed out of your Cactus Juice and keep more resin in the blank where you want it!  The large digital shows you both your set point and the temperature inside the oven at a glance and maintains that temperature with precision.  The included alligator clip temperature sensor makes it easy to move the Oven Tamer from one oven to another if you use more than one oven. 

All Oven Tamers are assembled in my shop in Texas by me personally from high quality components and a very high quality enclosure box made by me.  I do all of the wiring, CNC work to make the face and back plate, and all of the testing.  Your Oven Tamer will be calibrated before you receive against a NIST reference thermometer to insure its accuracy.  These are heavy duty and made to last as well as look really nice.  They are not made for me by some "toss it together" electrical fab shop overseas.  The internal components are of foreign origin but I try to use as much USA made components as reasonably possible.  I tried sourcing 100% US made components but due to their cost, the sales price would need to be well over $500 unfortunately.


  • Easy to set and change temperature with digital display-no more guessing or messing with an oven thermometer!
  • Precise oven control with an accuracy of 0.2%
  • Alligator clip type K thermocouple (temperature probe) to easily move the controller between multiple ovens
  • One push auto tuning PID controller to automatically program the controller for your specific oven parameters
  • Lower cure temperature possible for your Cactus Juice stabilized blanks to reduce bleed out
  • Solid State Relay for silent operation and longevity


  • Oven Tamer Precision Temperature Controller with PID controller, power switch, 125v power cord socket (similar to computer power socket), thermocouple socket, and 125v three prong power outlet
  • 5' long type K alligator clip thermocouple with plug
  • 3' long 15AMP heavy duty 3 prong power cord


Input Voltage:  125v AC
Output Voltage:  125v AC
Output Current:  15 AMP Maximum
Thermocouple Temperature Range: -22° F to 925° F (Higher temps are obtainable with different thermocouples, contact me for details)

Please note:  The Oven Tamer may not work on a digital toaster oven.  To test if it will work, set the temperature on your oven to any temperature you want and unplug it from the wall and then plug it back in.  If the oven resets to 0 or any other temperature than what it was set to before being unplugged, it will NOT work.

Assembled in USA from domestic and foreign components

A special thank you to my friend Steve Pritchard who graciously helped me with the basic concept and wiring diagram!