Customer Comments


I am very satisfied!

Svein Opdal
Date: 2020-12-10

Order CJ

We have received excellent service from Turntex with all my orders to date. Deliveries were on time and correct.

I can recommend Turntex for outstanding service!

Johan van Zyl

Johan van Zyl
Date: 2020-12-10


TurnTex LLC is the best! Bar none. 

My plumbing bits arrived in great shape .. 

I was an idiot and (accidentally) ignored the suggestion to use UPS .. 

I thought I could spend my 'saved' $5 on dye .. 

USPS took nine days to deliver my package. 

(Not Curtis' fault) ... 

cost me the entire weekend, plus Monday/Tuesday.

Oh well.   

jeff taylor
United States
Date: 2020-12-10

Pump Saver

Great service, fast shipping, good quality products.



Troy Stoneking
United States
Date: 2020-12-10

Customer Feedback

I recently became a customer of TurnTex and this was due to the many positive comments and information I observed on various sites. I consider myself a very small customer of TurnTex, but I receive 1st Class treatment from them. On Black Friday, I placed a small order and within 10 minutes, received shipping confirmation. UPS picked up same day and I had the items on Saturday. This is a great example to other companies and why I use TurnTex. I also appreciate Curtis keeping us informed and updated on situations that may affect the products or delivery delays.   Keep up the great work and thanks to all of the employees at TurnTex. Robert

Robert A Efird
Cypress, TX
Date: 2020-12-07

First time order

Ordered cactus juice for the first time mainly due to the on line instructions. The material arrived promptly and as desired. Great doing business. 

Jon Boyd
Date: 2020-12-07

Absolutely the best customer service in the business

I do all my own stabilizing of my wood for knife handles.  Anytime I have ever had a question or problem, Curtis has always be right there with help and suggestions.  I would never buy anywhere else.


Joe McNeely
United States
Date: 2020-12-05

Cactus Juice User

I make duck and goose calls in South Louisiana. Stabilizing my blanks with cactus juice allows me to use wood considered too soft or too punky for call making. I tried to make a call out of some cypress a customer had harvested on his property but it wouldn't hold tolerance on the bore of the call barrel. After stabilizing it worked great. Stabilizing also allows me to use some exotics that would crumble under the making process. Just finished stabilizing some buckeye burl blanks with 250-284 percent increase in density by weight. Cactus Juice is easy to use and provides great results. I also use TurnTex's vacuum chamber and oven tamer. Great products!
Steve Soileau
United States
Date: 2020-12-05

5 years of researching stabilization systems and this is the best

I am a knife maker specializing in Scandinavian style and kitchen knives. I've been running my business for close to 10 years now, working with hand forged blades from my best friend and collaborative business partner and using wood and moose antler that I have harvested myself. Almost the entire time, I have had heavily spalted birch and curly maple as well as a large variety of other woods that I knew I would need to stabilize before I could use. Over the past five years while I built up my business and saved towards getting my own stabilization system I've endlessly researched all of the options and Turntex is hands-down the best when it comes to quality of product, quality of service, and the amount of incredibly helpful information regarding all aspects of the equipment and the process of stabilization. I just received all of my stuff from them and did my first round of stabilization. Feels so good after all these years of anticipation.
Paige Mat
United States
Date: 2020-12-05

Great service

Fast fulfillment of my order. Delivered what I ordered and in a very smooth process. Looking forward to doing more business in the future.

Bill Johnston
Date: 2020-12-04

Great First Time Results!

Been putting off the stabilizing component for a while.  Took the plunge last week and acquired everything needed.  Everything resin and dyes from Curtis - some hardware from Amazon.

Great results the first time I stabilized.  Wood was some very nice figured punky, spalted Pecan from outside of Wimberley, Tx.  Followed Curtis' instructions and videos; and Zac Higgins and Jake Thompson.  Great guys to learn from too.

Get 2 in-oven thermometers!  they are about $10 at Wally-World.  My B&D toaster oven would not go below 250 degrees - on the minimum setting.  But, at 250 all went well.  May leave the door cracked a little next time.

Cut a pen blank out the next day and turned and sanded through the grits - to 1000.  Put the blank on the buffing wheel and got amazing luster and durable shine.  No CA needed!  Turning the stabilized blank was somewhere between hardwood and acrylic.  I roughed with HSS and then carbide to profile and finish.

Knife scales are next - have several folks at the gun shows who want them.  Mesquite is the most requested, but, I have some folks who want blended Texas (Eastern) Redwood and Texas Ebony.  Thinking about dying some Texas White Oak just for grins.  You can get some interesting grain patterns at the root flares on Oaks and Mesquites.  The knife makers I know like using Texas indigenous woods.

You can expect 24 hour shipping from Curtis - period.  Maybe over the weekend there could be a lag - but I doubt it.  As of yet, I have never received an order late.  He has always answered my email questions kindly and in great detail.  Everything I have ordered from TurnTex has arrived as expected - what I ordered and on time.  That's what you get when you deal with Texas folks!

Thanks for great service and great advice Curtis.  I appreciate it.

Best regards bro,



Bill Roberts
Corpus Christi, TX
Date: 2020-12-04

We appreciate and support you!

Awesome product! Awesome Customer Service! Thank you for all you do. We will definitely be ordering from you again.


Robin Spencer
Gallup, NM
Date: 2020-12-01

Fabulous service and product

Thank you for your personalized and prompt service. It's refreshing to feel like a person rather than just another source of income for a company. We can all learn from your example. The product we ordered was as expected and we couldn't be more satisfied with everything. Thank you very much!

Dan Heins
McMinnville, OR
Date: 2020-12-01

The general consensus is...

Everyone already knows this is great stuff for stabilizing wood. It's widely used by everyone and its true. This is great stuff! I carved some pieces before stabilizing and dying it and it came out beautifully. I just made a knob for a small test project and sanded it afterwards. So now I have the most beautiful knob in the world. My girlfriend says so. 

United States
Date: 2020-11-30

Great seller

Ordered a batch of Cactus Juice to be shipped overseas. Fast shipping and great products. Turntex highly recommended!
Date: 2020-11-30

Talk about customer service !

You say your interested in learning about stabilizing wood etc. You have to look no further than Turn Tex web sight . All the information regarding this subject is available before you even make a purchase. Even great information on vacuum pumps Curtis doesn't even sell. I did not hesitate to place my order for a vacuum chamber and a gallon of cactus juice. Also an oven thermometer. The service was lightening fast and arrived in an extremely well packaged box. Thank you shipping dep't. Complete instructions for use. Several E-mails thanking me for my order, letting me know my order was received and when it had been shipped and a follow up E-mail wanting to know if I was happy my order and any feedback I'd like to offer. The service was excellent but  the product was impeccably built. Not just a plastic tube with some fittings and a top slapped on. I mean this is almost a work of art. Curtis goes way above and beyond to offer outstanding quality at a reasonable price. Value for your dollar. Thanks again Curtis, it's a pleasure doing business with you and your crew. I look forward to additional cactus juice purchases !

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Thanks again,

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Tom McCraith      

United States
Date: 2020-11-29


If you are into turning wood and resins, they have some awesome products. Top notch customer service with lightning speed shipping.

Jeff Scheffler
Date: 2020-11-27

Love the product

I have place one more order through. Turn Tex was very helpful, I am located in Canada and they did everything to make shipping as smooth as could be. My order was delivered very fast. I love working with this product, I get great results. Thank you Curtis and staff for everything.

Alain Cayer
Selkirk,Manitoba, Canada
Date: 2020-11-25

Never disappointed!

Curtis and "the crew" are Top-Notch in all respectsLightning fast order fulfillment, extremely helpful in every way, courteous almost to-a-fault. Did I mention fast? I ordered at about 10:30 a.m., received confirmation of order in about two minutes, and notification that the items were ready for shipment in under 12 minutes.  Amazing! 

jeff taylor
United States
Date: 2020-11-22

Parts and pieces

Lookin for parts to make my own manifold, Lowes nor HomeDepot had the valves, quick disconnects or 3/16 adapters other online places they were a good bit more than TurnTex parts came in much quicker than expected


Course now that I have 2 chambers I will have to get more CJ


United States
Date: 2020-11-22

Superior Business with Magnificent Service

As a novice woodturner, I decided to dive into the stabilization process. So, I ordered some of the stabilizing dyes and was very satisfied with the service and prompt delivery. After the arrival of my items, I had a few questions about the use of the products. Prompt response to my emails. Would highly recommend the products and services from TurnTex! 5 stars for me*****

Cheryl C
Floresville, TX 78114
Date: 2020-11-21

Fast delivery!

The folks at TurnTex got my order to me very quickly! I haven’t used it yet and this will be my first time ever using anything like this. I am a new wood turner and have some pretty punky bowl blanks and will be excited to use this on my bowls to see how they turn out! Jimmy Christman

Jimmy Christman
Golden, Missouri
Date: 2020-11-20

Good friendly service

This was my first order and I was impressed.  Good communications, packaged very secure, and arrived right on time.  Good Job !

Steve Cart
Grass Valley, CA
Date: 2020-11-19

Always a pleasure

Do not pause in considering to buy from. Fast shipping, solid pricing, and a great all around small business to support.  The added stickers that I’ve received with orders over the years is a cool touch.  Cheers

Troy’s Woodworks
Date: 2020-11-19

Fast Shipping

Always a pleasure to do business.  

Date: 2020-11-16

Quality, US made

I have wanted to get into stabilizing for a long time now and I looked at the hundreds of stabilization chambers out there.   I decided on TurnTex because it was obvious that these guys know what they are doing and provide a quality product, especially when compared to the thin stainless steel pots with plastic lids that are all over the internet.   I am also proud to support a fellow US small business!   

Everything is a fair price.   Even the oven temp gauge is inline with what I would pay on Amazon.   I really appreciate not being gouged for add-on items.   

Again, super quality kit.  I have no fear of it imploding and I'm looking forward to many years of service.

Boise Idaho
Date: 2020-11-15

Best there is

3rd gallon I've bought for my needs. Got some walnut burl that needed stabilizing and I didn't have enough Juice. Gonna be some great wood.


Oak Harbor
Date: 2020-11-14

Extremely quick turnaround

Honestly, I was expecting a long delivery period given that TurnTex is a small-ish business.  While my experience may not be the same for everybody, my order shipped the same day it was placed and overall delivery rivaled the big online vendor who built it's business on short delivery times.  The Juice arrived before the final part of my vacuum chamber.  Can't beat customer service like that!

B. S.
United States
Date: 2020-11-13

Quality products & fast shipping!

A friend of mine recommended Turn Tex to me when I mentioned needing resin pigments and dyes and I couldn’t be happier he did! I was putting together a class and originally ordered supplies through Amazon but the ship time was weeks out. I decided to order from Turn Tex as well and had my order in a matter of days, even to Alaska! As soon as I got my package I started playing with the materials and was immediately impressed with the quality and brightness of the colors! Exactly what I was looking for and much better quality than what I had ordered on Amazon! I immediately cancelled my order with Amazon and will continue buying my resin supplies through Turn Tex! 

Michelle Goldstein
Anchorage, Alaska
Date: 2020-11-13

Well satisfied

Excellent service. Orders processed and shipped as stated. Items delivered in good condition. Email on help needed I am new to stabilizing and a prompt reply was given.

Russ Peagler

Russ Peagler
South Carolina
Date: 2020-11-09

Turntex is amazing

I've never shopped somewhere, where the owner of the company actually talked me out of spending money. He saved me a few buck by letting me know which unit size would be the best for my needs.  Turntex has absolutely amazing service and I will definitely be buying from yall again

Arin Way
United States
Date: 2020-11-08

Excellent Product

At best, I'm a casual user so I make a lot of mistakes. The guides on Curtis's web site are invaluable. I use Cactus Juice to stabilize most of the small pieces that I turn. It's a great product provided you follow the instructions. If you don't it's unforgiving.

Craig Chambers
United States
Date: 2020-11-07

Fast Shipping

I received my Cactus Juice gallon in a very reasonable amount of time. I placed orders for other products from around the country on the same day and this delivery got to me first.
United States
Date: 2020-11-06

Great Transaction

Return customer. . . Fast shipping, almost here before I ordered it. I will be returning for more Cactus Juice and Alumilite in the future.
Date: 2020-11-06

Great product

I use this resin for jewelry making. Excellent product. Repeat buyer and will continue to do business with Turntex in the future.

Keaau, Hawaii
Date: 2020-11-05

Phenomenal Product, pleasure to do business with.

I recently got into stabilizing/casting/turning, and of course found this site. The cactus juice is an amazing product, and if one follows curtis’s detailed instructions and advice, the process is easy. For whatever reason, given the shipping time disclaimers I was expecting shipping to be somewhat slow; but to my delight he is like greased lightening. The level of customer service is truly exceptional; following up after each order urging customers to make contact with any questions or complaints. Gives the feeling of dealing with a small local business. Would highly recommend!

Kyle Ruest
Danvers Massachusetts
Date: 2020-11-05

Great Stuff--and QUICK!!

Curtis & Crew--thanks for the quick service!!  That tells me that y'all are well and able to work--happy to know, and hoping you can stay that way!!

Now i have to get some wood dried so we can use up a little CJ.  


Earl McLain
La Porte, IN
Date: 2020-11-05

I’m new to stabilizing

I have been a knife maker for a couple of years and recently decided to up my game by doing my own wood stabilizing. Since virtually everybody I follow on YouTube speaks highly of TurnTex products it was natural for me to check them out.  After reading their website I followed Curtis’ advice and bought a JB pump and the 6” chamber. My initial order of cactus juice included a few dyes and I was off to the races. Results so far have been good and I am now experimenting with double dying.  Recently I needed to order more juice.  Ship times are excellent- even to North Idaho. I am very pleased with both the products and the customer service.  

David Forsyth
Sandpoint, Idaho
Date: 2020-11-03

Cactus Juice Chamber

I bought a chamber from TurnTex for several reasons:

Chambers are made with care. The quality that other users state is true. These things are made excellently. They are sturdy, work great, and easy to setup.

Curtis’ reputation on International Association of is huge. I have read several forums on stabilization and he is everywhere, with helping in all forums from years back. 

Its a small business... although, I live in California, I try and support ALL small businesses. 

Quality in a person and product is always a solid card to play.

Thank you!

David Gabert
Central Valley, California
Date: 2020-11-02

Awesome product and experience

The vacuum chamber worked immediately out of the box. The shipping was lightning fast. I highly recommend TurnTex products.
Matt Legin
Sarver, PA
Date: 2020-11-01


Ordered a 8×24 chamber and juice and dyes... was pleasantly surprised to find it on doorstep within 2.5 weeks of ordering. 

Spanaway WA
Date: 2020-10-31


Fast shipping, awesome service. great place to get all your casting supplies

Sean Harigel
Date: 2020-10-29

Not looking further

Great products and awesome costomer support. I use both Cactus Juice and Alumilite and of course the vacuum pump saver. All my orders have been fulfilled quickly without delay.
Jeff Soule
Date: 2020-10-29


My order was easy to order and arrived in a timely manner.

Jay Fackrell
Ogden, Utah
Date: 2020-10-27

Consistent excellence

Product quality and price is excellent, however Curtis and his team consistently exceed all expectations in their customer experience. I’ll never use another product!

steve Suesens 4Si Blades
Keller Tx
Date: 2020-10-26

Excellent service

Curtis not only helps you find the equipment you need to get the job done but also makes  the much needed equipment and supplies that aren't readily available from other suppliers. 

Michael Easton
Date: 2020-10-25

Excellent service

I reciently purchased cactus juice, Alumilite and Dye from Turntex. The turn around was great (arrived before promised). Thanks for the great service.
W Kelby
Dunnellon FL
Date: 2020-10-24

Great service.

Great service and communication for a great product. Ships very fast. You guys rock. My go to for all my alumilite products. Thank you

Mike Shively
United States
Date: 2020-10-24

Cactus Juice stabilizer

I have used Cactus Stabilizing Juice for several years. I have always had good results even with my first try's. I purchase it directly from TurnTex, two reasons, price point is good, secondly, service is outstanding!! For example, my last order I placed after lunch and by late afternoon my order was already in UPS hands. Wow! Look no further if you want a good wood stabilizer, TurnTex is were to go.


scott peterson
Downstate Illinois
Date: 2020-10-23

First time cactus juice buyer.

Great product. Great service and follow up. I highly recommend!

Scott Linn
Frisco tc
Date: 2020-10-23