Customer Comments

1st time stabilizing

So, I'd watched the videos on YouTube, bought my vacuum pump and canister and received my cactus juice.  If you've done your homework and followed the tips provided by TurnTex, you're golden.  It's actually pretty easy, and my blanks turned out awesome. I've already ordered more cactus juice, as I've got a stash of spalted maple firewood and burl a friend brought me to process into blanks.  Thanks for making this easy!

Kurt Stubenhofer
Matthews, NC (USA)
Date: 2020-05-17

Incredible Service

Very pleased as a first time customer. I literally got my order at my door in 2 days. 

Jeffrey Satz
United States
Date: 2020-05-17

Awesome folks

These are some great folks and they have awesome products. They are quick in processing orders and they stand behind everyone. You NEED to shop with these folks.

Danny Henderson
United States
Date: 2020-05-17

Fast shipping and great prices

Shipping was very fast, prices were very reasonable and the products look great.

United States
Date: 2020-05-17

Need More Companies Like This

Know your money is going to a kind and caring business. Jeff Bezos doesn’t need more of your money. This company is beyond fantastic. They provided help to me in this crazy quarantine time we are living in and it’s so very appreciated. They did what they could to help me out as a first time customer and if more companies operated their business like TurnTex this entire ordeal would be that much easier to live through. I am an immediate life long customer after this experience and can’t wait to start stabilizing and casting for the first time. 

Ian B
Venice California
Date: 2020-05-16

Great Communication

First time purchase with TurnTex. I inquired about how long it would take for what I wanted to get back in stock. The response was quick and polite.

After he had fixed the issue with his production machine I quickly got an E-Mail, I placed my order and within a week I had my Vacuum Chamber and Cactus Juice.

The chamber itself appears to be amazing quality. Solid and very well finished. I am looking forward to using it many times in the future! I'd highly recommend Turntex Vacuum Chambers and will definitely go there again for my future needs!

George Harris
Swartz Creek, MI
Date: 2020-05-16

fast shipping

Super fast shipping! Recieved my package quickly and perfectly packaged! Thank you so much!

Kelly Mason
United States
Date: 2020-05-16

Great product Great service

This is our third or fourth gallon on Cactus Juice, so clearly, we like it. I did also enjoy reading Curtis's tips (on the website). Not sure what wood turners did before Cactus Juice, but glad to have it in our arsenal of products. Shipping was fast, so that's always appreciated. 

Lomeda F Montgomery / Just Top It
Keller, TX
Date: 2020-05-14

Customer Service

Turntex is the leader in customer service and customer satisfaction!!! He makes a great product and stands behind it!!!

Date: 2020-05-12

Amazing service

I was extremely impressed on how quick I received the order, great price,  it's a great product. Stabilizing dyes have amazing colours. I will continue using these products. Highly recommend. 

Date: 2020-05-11

Customer service and shipping

Curtis, and turntex has some of the best customer service I’ve ever seen. He is ALWAYS there to answer any questions one might have, and goes above and beyond to serve not only his customers, but even those who have never even purchased a product from him. The turnaround on shipping is unreal!! The time from placing an order to getting your shipping info has always been less than an hour when I’ve placed an order. Once I ordered a replacement part for a vac chamber that wasn’t even one of his chambers and when I opened the box he sent me 2 even though I had only ordered one of these parts. Stand up guy and great products!! 

Ryan Cross
Date: 2020-05-11

2nd order, prompt delivery and no issues

I've placed 2 orders with Turn Tex so far, currently for Alumilite and related dyes and powders. TurnTex has good prices, if not the best and has shipped both of my orders promptly even with all of the Covid-19 broo ha ha going on. 

eric clark
United States
Date: 2020-05-11

Awesome Service

Always the best service fast shipping and always there to help you out with your questions. 
Thanks again TurnTex 

Tim Reid
Chattanooga, Tennessee
Date: 2020-05-11


Thank you for the rapid shipment of my order.  I used it the next day to cast a 9” x 5” oak bowl from a beam that had been in a cabin for more than 150 years.  The wood had lots of cracks and the alumilite filled all the cracks down an inch or more. Made a great way to recover a historic piece of wood in a pretty bowl.  This is a great product. 

James Richardson
College station TX
Date: 2020-05-10

Awesome service!

Great company and awesome service!!!

United States
Date: 2020-05-10

Good product

Very satisfied with initial order.  I reordered it.

Kodak, TN
Date: 2020-05-09

Brand new to stabilizing

I’m an amateur knife maker and decided it was time to try stabilizing my own wooden scales. I read all the tutorials and faq’s on your website before I began. The process was surprisingly simple following the tips provided. I have already been able to stabilize four pairs of scales and they turned out  great. I will definitely be a repeat customer. 

Levittown PA
Date: 2020-05-09

Absolutely awesome!

I placed my order on a very user friendly website, and received it a short time later very well packaged and ready to go with great instruction! I also had an awesome surprise of a small refund of shipping costs! Curtis was able to ship my order cheaper than was expected and refunded me the difference! That just doesn’t happen, and it takes a very honest and awesome person to do that for his customers. He was also extending a helping hand to anyone being affected by the COVID19 crisis and was very open about helping. I will definitely be doing business here again and again. Thank you Curtis!

Travis Moore
Jasper, AL
Date: 2020-05-08

Consistent Results

Batch after batch excellent results.  Straight forward and easy to use. Customer service is outstanding. Highly recommend!

George Scott Studio
Falmouth, Maine
Date: 2020-05-07

so far so good

good comm with the bottle situation, good comm with covid. shipping seems to be going well. i'll keep buying as long as you keep caring. :) 

Date: 2020-05-07

Another fast turnaround

Once again, quick and easy ordering and delivery -- great service -- FYI, the rejuvenating of the old juice worked great, thx

Steven Lelewer
San Dimas, CA
Date: 2020-05-07

First time user - permanent customer now

I've heard a lot about Cactus Juice for a while now but hadn't tried it. Got into a situation where I needed a gallon of wood stabilizer in a hurry and everything else was WAY more expensive in that quantity and wouldn't ship for weeks. Turntex shipped as promised and I got it in time. CJ has a (very) slightly different procedure than what I was using but followed the directions, did the job and bang! Done. Looks good, feels good, works good. Everything turned out so well I left the CJ in my vac pot and have kept doing small stabilization projects I had been putting off. Love the low smell, easy clean up, natural look when cut or turned. I had an oiless vac pump ruined by the volitile vapors from another brand. Read on one vacation pump site that their pumps can't be used for wood stabilization for that reason "Except Cactus Juice", they allow CJ because it won't wreck the pump. Win/win. I can't see using anything else ever again.
Bruce Ferguson
Georgia, USA
Date: 2020-05-07

My comments on TurnTex service

On placing the order, even though being sent to Saskatchewan, Canada, the order arrived in 4 days. I was able to pay customs fees over the internet with no difficulty. The product which was 5 gal of cactus juice plus about 8 containers of dye arrived in perfect condition. I was impressed with a reasonable shipping & customs import fee. 

I give Turn Tex full marks on customer service. - Tom Laxdal- Emma Lake , Sask, Canada.

Tom Laxdal
Box 387, Christopher Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Date: 2020-05-07

Awesome customer service!

As a small business myself, I prefer to order from Turntex for my casting needs. The price is the same elsewhere but you cant beet the service Curtis provides his customers! Will not order from anywhere else. 

Brian Nikitas
Hampton, VA
Date: 2020-05-06

Curtis at Turn Tex is great

Been doing business with Curtis for several years now. I cannot express enough how good he is and the best in customer service 

Daryal Gosey
North Carolina
Date: 2020-05-04

Actually works and is easy

Wow this stuff is even easier to use than I heard. And the dyes are awesome! Great color penetration! I've made Maple burl that looks like it is Amboyna burl!
Joe Tuinstra
United States
Date: 2020-05-04


Your the best company I deal with. Great service, never a complaint. Keep up the good work.


Leroy Carper
United States
Date: 2020-05-04

First order

Great service I received my cactus juice quickly. 

Mike Tucker
Valparaiso, IN
Date: 2020-05-04

Great service

1st time ordering this product, great customer service and product works great, now the user is a different story, but with the help from turntex I'm getting betrer

Date: 2020-05-04

Great Service

 My order was shipped quickly and correct. Great experience with Turntex. I will be back. 


Mark Carrere
Houma, La.
Date: 2020-05-03

My go to place casting resin supplies.

TurnTex is not only a great supplier of resin and cactus juice and supplies for resin casting but also Curtis is a great guy and has provided a ton of information and a great resource with this website for people who are getting you into casting like me when I started casting.

 If your going to support one business during this time of hardship TurnTex is the one I say to support.

Ozzy Deschapell
United States
Date: 2020-05-03

Awesome products

Great product, great guy with helpful knowledge. I'm a some what newbie to stabilizing. But with the help from curtis and I have achieved great sucess. 

United States
Date: 2020-05-03

excellent customer service and great product

I love Cactus Juice!  It works exactly as described and lasts a long time.  The delivery was very quick and actually faster than estimated at order time.

Angelia (AJ) Jarrard
United States
Date: 2020-05-03

Cattle horn

I am very happy with TURN TEX products!

What an amazing substance this is I was unable to find any reference to use with cattle horn,I just want to say it does great and added dyes really put contrast throughout the horn... thanks TURN TEX!

Jeremiah Flaugh
United States
Date: 2020-05-02

Great Product. Great Service

The delivery was very quick.  Wood stabilization is easy with Cactus Juice and creates some fun turning opportunities.

Dan Lyle
United States
Date: 2020-05-01

Excellent customer service!

I have nothing but good to say about Curtis, his company and his customer service. Highly recommend! Fritz Hanna - Custom Bow Builder

Date: 2020-05-01

Cactus Juice

Cactus Juice is some great stuff for stabilizing wood.
John N Campbell
United States
Date: 2020-05-01

fast and great

My order was quickly and accurately processed and delivered.  Great service.  Thanks.

Salt Lake City, UT
Date: 2020-05-01

TurnTex Cactus Juice

i have just received my third gallon of Cactus Juice. I received my order within a week. EXCELLENT service. I use the juice to stabilize spalted wood pen blanks as well as highly figured wood for jewelry. I have stabilized thin cross sections of a rotted log just to see the results. 3/8 inch thick, and fragile. After treatment and cooking, came out hard and strong. I was pleasantly surprised,

 I highly recommend the product and merchant.

Scott Peterson
Souther Illinois
Date: 2020-04-30

Excellent service and products

I've gotten cactus juice, dyes, alumilite clear, and mica and everything has come quickly and at a reasonable price.  I prefer to buy from here whenever I can.  Customer service is excellent and my questions are always answered quickly.

Tana Munoz
United States
Date: 2020-04-30

Thanks for the fast and accurate service!

I appreciate all that Curtis, his family, and employyes are doing at this time. I placed my order when supplies were limited and I still got my order very fast and the products were packaged well! I will make a great bit of use with my 4gal kit and will always recommend Curtis and TurnTex! I will definitely make more purchases here in the future!
Jamie Sussen
United States
Date: 2020-04-30

Great overall

Not only is the quality of the product top notch, the service is there as well. Very pleased. I’m a beginner and follow the fb page people are asking left and right about the products, and troubleshooting; I haven’t seen one unanswered question and a very quick response. Learned a lot so far and still learning.

i greatly thank you 

Loman, MN
Date: 2020-04-30

Great Product and Service

I recently got into wood turning and find this product works great in stabilizing wood for turning and mixing of epoxy resign with various woods for both turning and other projects. Worked so well, I reorder more. 

Waukesha Wisconsin
Date: 2020-04-30

Very happy

I am very well satisfied with your products and color of the cactus juice  I'm using for my blanks. The only gripe I have is not even your product but it's with the alumilite. The Caps are absolutely impossible to get off. Tried pushing down and turn in as stated and literally had to use a pipe wrench then I literally just cut the Caps off. Again nothing to do with your products but the alumilite jugs lids do not come off very easily. Other than that love your products and just ordered some mica powders and some red alumilite dye to broaden my color patterns. Thank you

Rick Nelson
United States
Date: 2020-04-27

Don't order from anyone but Turntex!

I've ordered many times now from Turntex and have never been let down yet. All the resins, dyes, powders as well as other products always work great and look amazing. They've helped me create some truly awesome pieces and I'm sure my customers would agree as well. You won't find better products, prices and definitely not any better customer service from anywhere else so don't waste your time. Curtis is beyond helpful and genuinely a great person. And thanks Curtis for the sticker with my last order....I slapped it right on my pressure pot. 


Sincerely, Tim

Dovetail Woodwork

Tim Travis
United States
Date: 2020-04-27

Great Company

Ordered some stuff to complete a project and was surprised at how fast my order was shipped to me! Still have more stuff to order in near future and won’t hesitate to order again. Outstanding customer service and nothing but great products. 

Todd S.
Date: 2020-04-26

Quality Humans at TurnTex

There is no replacement for face-to-face when you want to know the people behind the label.  We do so much online that we don't get much chance to get that human connection anymore.  And now with the COVID-19 virus injecting social distancing and no-contact purchases, we can look forward to even less contact.

With that said, I want to share with you a short story about quality humans behind the TurnTex brand.  In January 2020 I was on vacation from Maryland to Buda Texas.  It was there that I noticed Cactus Juice was sourced from TurnTex, which just so happens to be right down I-35 apiece. On our way back from visiting friends in San Antonio I started to message Curtis on Facebook.  No answer.  Tried again, no answer.  By the time we got to his exit, we decided to "drop in" and see what happens. The approach is a typical hill country ranch down a long dirt road.  For me, very comforting. Several workers were in the yard. My friend and I got out and were welcomed warmly. "Curtis is in the shop", was their reply. So casual, we found our way to his shop unescorted. No answer explained, Curtis was busy on his computer and did not see my messages!  But he stood right up, dropped what he was doing, and proceeded to spend an hour helping two casting and stabilizing newbies, understand the process, the TurnTex products, and nuances of each. Curtis introduced us to his production staff and answered any question without reservation. We left with a human connection to the people behind the brand.

Finally, several months into a national lockdown over the COVID-19 virus, 10%+ unemployment, and even worse economic impact on the thousands of self-employed crafts people, we see on the TurnTex website a product sale openly offering anyone so negatively impacted to request a steep discount, maybe below cost. And Curtis's words asking readers "to be honest".

WOW!  For me, evidence of quality human beings that reinforced, no punctuated my first impression.  The way a neighbor should treat a neighbor.  With TurnTex, the world is his neighborhood and he's putting it all out there.

You can't ask for any more.

Gene Torrey
Maryland USA
Date: 2020-04-26

first time customer

The TurnTex website is very helpful.  I used it as a resource for information to learn more about stabilizing wood and using Alumilite products.  Ordering was easy and the feedback emails about my order were accurate.  Everything arrived faster than I expected and the vacuum stabilizing chamber is well made. I'll be ordering from TurnTex  again.

Stephen C Slajus
United States
Date: 2020-04-26

Works great.

I am a woodworker on my part time to try to make money on the side to help pay for things we need as a family. I was wating money on to dry punky wood. Cactus juice really works and I saved wood that most of the time I would have lost 

Marvin Burris
United States
Date: 2020-04-26

Purchased Cactus Juice and several dyes

I made an order on the turn Tex website. I live in south Texas. 
I ordered one morning and the next afternoon, my order arrived. 
It doesn’t get any better than that, folks. I haven’t tried the dyes yet but have used the juice. I’ll be ordering more soon! Ordering was as fast and painless as it gets! Thanks very much!

Brian Gildammer
Donna, Texas
Date: 2020-04-25