Customer Comments

First Class Service

"The Trusted Source"  This company earned this title. Great information and product support, fast shipping and safe packaging.

Cotopaxi, CO
Date: 2017-07-03

Knife Materials

I ordered the materials with the a bit of reservation.  After all ordering wood across the internet.  I was very pleasantly surprised and vary satisfied.  Will I order from them again, in a cowboy heartbeat.  Keep up the fine work and you will have a great thriving business in no time.  

AJS Knifes
Date: 2017-07-02

Great products and company

I have ordered Cactus Juice, temperature controller and more.  Great products and service.   I even had a question and could get ahold of a real person.   I would highly recommend them and people should explore the ability to impregnate their wood pieces for projects.   Thanks

Mike Riebel
Mankato MN
Date: 2017-07-02

Very happy customer

Great service!  Fast shipping!

Jon Fredrik Holmberg
Date: 2017-06-29

Fast and good service

I got immediate feedback on my order and was notified as to its progress.  Quick to ship and was delivered in just a few days.  Well packed as well.  I'll post again once I have a chance to stabilize some of the spalted wood in my woodpile.

McDonough. GA
Date: 2017-06-27

everything I expected!

First time order for cautus juice. Got it on time. Came with nice instruction. Information on how and where to get help if I needed it. Will order again!

Date: 2017-06-25

super easy

even when you live in the EU its still super easy to get send over here with a super service 

ive tryed abit of stabilizing resin but i must say hands down Cactus Juice just fits my needs 100% and is super easy to use and clean off after work 

and gives a perfect finish really brings out the veins in the wood and repair if theres small cracks 

not gonna be the last time i use Cactus Juice! 

Date: 2017-06-25

Cactus Juice & Alumilite

TurnTex Woodworks provides prompt professional service for a reasonable price. I will continue  to purchase my wood turning supplies from them.

Ted Ferreira
Date: 2017-06-25

Great service.

Ordered 3 gallons of cactus juice.  Had it a week later.  Shipped the same day I ordered.   Perfect.  Thank you. 

Chuck Richards
Salem Oregon
Date: 2017-06-22

Turntex service

I am very impressed not only with the products that Turntex provides, but i am also impressed with the service. The shipping is always fast and everything is priced competitively. Keep up the good work.


Travis Fleming @ Fleming's Fabrications 

Travis Fleming
Greenville TX
Date: 2017-06-22

Great company!


Once again you have provided a great product in a timely fashion.   However,  just as a suggestion,  the boxes that you use from USPS need a little more tape.  When my product arrived,  it was barely contained and was breaking through the seams.  Maybe a little more tape would help with that. 



Rob Roby
Date: 2017-06-22

Fast Shipping

Shipping and customer service is absolutely the best I have seen in a very long time! Thank you for putting my order together so quickly and shipping so fast. Will be purchasing all my supplies from here from now on!

Woodsboro Texas
Date: 2017-06-21


I ordered the Cactus Juice Vacuum Chamber and the the Oven Tamer Temperature Controller. Have used the Temperature Controller for drying some wooden items and it works as advertised. Have not used the Vacuum Chamber yet. The dry test was a success as it is ready to start the stabilizing. The best thing about you is your service in the help I needed in getting it all set up to actually use it. Thanks.

Donald Little
Pueblo, Colorado
Date: 2017-06-19

Great service

Ordered a vac chamber, and Cactus juice.  Both arrived in the projected time.  Great product well built and great customer service. 

Date: 2017-06-18

Outstanding products and customer support!

A couple months ago, I decided to begin stabilizing my knife scales.  I had no idea as to the process, except for a utube I had seen from a knifemaker in England who made reference to TurnTex and Cactus Juice.

I ordered the vacuum tube, anti-tip kit, 2 oven thermometers, and Cactus Juice.  I found the info provided by the website to be very helpful, as well as the enclosed booklet detailing the entire process. Additionally I had a few questions, that were answered immediately.

So far, I have run 3 "batches" of scales through the process, and they have all turned out perfectly.  I have stabilized some very soft Spalted Maple and Box Elder as well as more traditional hardwoods.  I also made a set of scales for a friend out of yellow pine to match some trim on his home.  All the scales turned out very hard, and easily buffed to an amazing luster once properly sanded.

It is a comfort to know, the knives I sell or give as gifts, will be useful for years to come, without concerns of the cracking or other degradation of unstabliized wood.

Thanks again to the folks at Turn Tex for producing great products made in the USA, and backed up by superior customer service!  



Matty May
Blairsville, Ga
Date: 2017-06-17

Best Customer Service

I talked with Curtis concerning questions about vacuum chambers last year. I bought the vacuum chamber from TurnTex and it worked great. I lost the plastic piece that holds the wood down below the liquid level. I asked about purchasing a replacement on TurnTex website and within two days I received an email the plastic part I lost was being shipped to me at no charge. Unbelievable! Curtis (TurnTex) would respond so quickly and send the part without charge. Such amazing customer service is rare these days and I hope TurnTex makes a billion dollars and stays in business.

Jim Edwards

Jim Edwards
Date: 2017-06-16

Thanks Curtis.

Packaged great excited trying the viliot and ocean blue dyes. Thanks Curtis.  Rick

Rick Robbins
olympia washington.
Date: 2017-06-15

First time user

Used another resin before, was on another site and they recommended catus juice so I tried it. So far I like it, it performs great. Will continue to use. TurnTex Woodworks site is friendly and informative will be using them for my supplies.

C Hammack
Date: 2017-06-15

A Staple In Our Shop

We have been using TurnTex Cactus Juice in our shop since the very beginning. We love the opportunity to support USA based businesses, and appreciate the wealth of knowledge and help provided by Curtis.

Chris - Cut Branch
Bronx NY
Date: 2017-06-14

Cactus J. for Koa scales

I use Cactus Juice to stabilize Koa wood for knife scales. It is a perfect product for this application. The Koa retains its unique character and stands up to rigorous use.

Curtis Seebeck runs an efficient shop and is an honest businessman. I highly recommend Turn Tex and their products.

Henry B
Colorado, Hawaii
Date: 2017-06-12

What a Great Product

I turn pens for a hobby and had troubles with cross cut and spalted blanks from time to time. I decided to invest in a vacuum chamber (Turn Tex has some great buys) and use Cactus Juice as the stabilizer. What a difference it made!!! No more blank splits or break outs and this product is excellent. I order a gallon and have stabilized over 100 large pen blanks and still have some juice to spare. What a great value when comparing this the purchased stabilized wood. Turning the pen blanks after the Cactus Juice stabilization is easy and reminds me of working with an oil rich exotic with perfect results. Forgive me for this short review but I need to go online and order another gallon of Cactus Juice.

Tom Bobo
Plymouth, Michigan
Date: 2017-06-12

Great customer service

I ordered the oven tamer 2 and a juice proof chamber and i am glad i did . Everything was perfect , very good quality product , nice finish , #1 place for stabilizing wood . Curtis is a honest man ,great guy  who will take his time to help you even being very busy like he is and will give you good advices for your needs too  . I will order again for sure . Sorry for my english , i'am french . Great experience !

South Carolina
Date: 2017-06-12

My 2nd order

This is the 2nd time I have ordered from Turntex. So far I have ordered 2 gallons of cactus juice, 8 pounds of Alumilite, and various dyes. I could not possibly be happier with both the service and the products. I just finished stabilizing some extremely punky spalted hackberry. It is hard as a rock now. I also just made my first batch of blanks using alumilite and the dyes. They came out perfect (product standpoint, my mold making skills need improvement). On both orders I had my material within 5 days, considering the weight of the orders that is excellent. The support for all of my dumb questions has been outstanding also. First rate company, first rate people. I will be ordering a lot more as the budget permits.

Bill Gibson
Katy, Tx
Date: 2017-06-11

TurnTex equipment..

Well, I titled this post as 'equipment' but that is not the only reason for has been years since I did any resin casting, was actually one of those that was around when all the penturning/casting was being thought out....but recently have had a few requests about items to be made from casting...well, my only thought was to ring up Curtis at TurnTex, wow had he come up with some really great new I jumped in and bought the CactusJuice and a new oven and even an oven temp controller which is all installed and working nicely..BUT I have to say, that the time Curtis spent chatting and explaining to me not only how to get it all working, but the reason 'why' it all worked that way...I can say in closing, that anyone at any company who takes the time Curtis has not only gets my respect, but also my business for a long time.


John Payton

WoodmuseStudio, LLC


John Payton
Chesapeake, VA
Date: 2017-06-11

Very impressed

I am new to stabilizing I bought 1 gallon of cactus juice and 5 colors of dye. The products work awesome. They are easy to use and can achieve some very nice results. Even with me being new to this realm. But what im most impressed with is the customer service wow i cant say enough. Curtis is very willing to help in anyway he can. I will be a loyal customer I will not buy anyplace else. Curtis cares about his customers. His level of expertise is in my opinion un matched by any other...The others try to copy his product. But in my opinion they are un successful. He is a pioneer in the industry. When you buy his product you are buying into his passion for the art.

James nix

James Nix
Mckinney texas
Date: 2017-06-10

First time buy

After hearing about and watching many videos on the process, I decided to make the leap and buy some Cactus Juice.  The wait time was short and everything came wrapped to protect it during the shipping.  I am looking forward to trying the system and seeing the results.

Steve Kocian
Houston, TX
Date: 2017-06-09

An excellent product with excellent service.

I found Turntex through Google after searching for a reliable thermo-curing wood stabilizing resin. Even though there are other products available on the market - Cactus Juice was the only one with consistently positive feedback.

The resin itself is extremely easy to use and Turntex has simple, easy to follow instructions on their website so don't be afraid of you think the stabilizing procedure sounds complicated, it's not.

Product aside, the jewel of Turntex is Curtis himself. Curtis' unparalleled knowledge of wood stabilization is a resource that he is always willing to share in a kind, positive and timely manner. I was very pleased to see that he's an active member in wood stabilizing groups on social media and will answer specific questions where others don't want to share certain procedures. Curtis doesn't use these groups to push his products and keeps an unbiased, professional demeanour when posting online.

Item shipping is very fast (I live in the UK and have never waited more than 8 days for delivery), the items are packaged exceedingly well and tracking numbers are provided.


Overall, I rate Cactus Juice and Turntex in general 10/10. Even if a similar product were to appear in my own country, I would still buy from Curtis.


Maximilian Dawe, Dawe Luthiery & Resin Works 

Maximilian Dawe
United Kingdom
Date: 2017-06-06

First Time Buyer

What a great experience working with Turntex. Curtis provides the best service I have had in quite sometime. My order was placed and shipped within hours. Luckily I am in the Dallas area and I received my order the next day. I had some questions and caught CUrtis online and he answered them quickly and accurately. I am now making some pretty good Alumilte blanks in a pressure pot utilizing Curtiss' mold holder and miolds I made out of HDPL. Everything worked as planned. Now just to get better composition in my blanks.

Thank you Curtis


Jeffrey Fritzson
Date: 2017-06-05

Now I buy 2 gallons at a time!

Again Curtis and his crew have come through for me!  Without fail, I place my order and it's on my doorstep in a couple days.  I wish everyone would run their business like this1


Omaha, NE
Date: 2017-06-05

feed back

Hi Curtis I'm the guy the one that came out a month or so back. Thanks for all the great info. At that time I did not have anything setup. I have everything setup now. I have pour a few blanks. Last week stabilized my 1st piece. (mesquite) I turned it this morning. The Cactus Juice worked very well. Thank you for your help C³ Artisan Christopher

Christopher Christmas
Round Rock TX
Date: 2017-06-05

Appreciate Great Service

I have been a customer of TurnTex for just a short time and really appreciate the great service, both on orders and the  info communicated to me by Curtis!.

Just a great company to do business with.


Larry D Wagner

Larry D Wagner
Jordan, Arkansas
Date: 2017-06-05

Great Service and product

I recently ordered more Cactus Juice and the oven tamer II. I have had a chance to use these products and they are AWESOME! I have stabilized some spalted River Birch and some Willow burl. The oven tamer was easy to set up and worked flawlessly!!!!!

Now customer service, I changed my order after I had placed it. I emailed Curtis and he quickly changed it and sent me everything correctly. I am sold on the products and the service!


Thanks again for the great service!


Benjy Epting
Irmo SC
Date: 2017-06-04

Great service

Order shipped same day as ordered Wonderful. Order packed very well ,had no leakage. Couldn't ask for any better service. Now I just need to find time to use the products. Thank you.

Richard Guyne

RGs Custom Woodworking

Altus, Ok. 73521k

580 471 0909

Richard Guynes
Altos, Ok. 73521
Date: 2017-06-04

Love this stuff

This is jug # 4 for me,  I cant say how much I love this product.



stephen Zumbach
Ottawa Ontario, Canada
Date: 2017-06-01

Above Expectation

After 4 years, My .vacuum chamber seal had failed. Curtis offered to repair at no charge.  Now it works as good as new...Maybe better.   Thanks Curtis.


Date: 2017-05-30

Tracy D

Great products,super fast shipping.I wanted to get started in acrylic handles for fishing rods, and I thought it would be easier to purchase your products instead of trying to replicate them. The quality is top notch band will definitely be re-buying again in the future.

Tracy Dulaney
Date: 2017-05-30

Excellent product. Super Service

Hi Turn Tex

The Cactus juice works perfectly and the shelve time is longer than you promise:) I have just ordered 2 gallons of Cactus juice and I received it only a few days later here in Denmark!! no problems.

Thank you for fine service.

Best regards Jens

Date: 2017-05-29

5 Stars

We found Turntex's products and service to be exceptional. You will receive many more orders from us in the future.



LWB Clockworks
Tacoma, Wa
Date: 2017-05-29

Fast service and great products!

I recently ordered the Oven Tamer 2, to get better control of my stabilizing and boy am I glad I did! This unit makes life super easy and it turns itself off! The results I'm seeing are great. No excess bleed out of Cactus Juice. That's a savings for me right off the bat. Thanks TurnTex for a great product and fast shipping!

Donny Carter
Ocean Springs, MS
Date: 2017-05-27

Excellent Service

So far Turn Tex is the only company I have purchased Cactus Juice and Alumilite supplies from and I see no reason to switch. The products speak for themselves. Service is the key to my staying with Turn Tex. Quick shipping and this may seem trivial to some but the packaging is tremendous. No worries about a damaged product reaching you. The carton is double thick. Give them a try and you won't go anywhere else.

Rick Brixon
Greenville, NC
Date: 2017-05-26

The best stabilizer, no one.

Made a satisfactory effect. Hope to improve the color of the bottle.

Date: 2017-05-24

Great to deal with

Wonderful products at a good price and fast shipping. Always great dealing with Turntex.

Andy Epstein
Date: 2017-05-19

Great products and services

I have placed orders on multiple occasions and have been happy with the prompt Notifications and speedy shipping they offer. Top notch company with great prices and products.

Chet Herbert
Richmond Va.
Date: 2017-05-19

Great product and service!

I ordered a new juice proof 4"x24" chamber and it looks great! It's going to save me time and materials. Thanks for the great product and service. 

Mike Doyle
Date: 2017-05-19

Best service in the Knife busines!

I always get the best service, the most professional responses and the quickest shipping from Curtis. I have stopped doing business with some of the "big boys" because of poor customer service. Good customer service does not cost anything to give but poor customer service can cost you your customers.

Curtis, keep up the good work.


Bill Frank
Decatur Island, WA
Date: 2017-05-18

Purchase price

I thought with 2 gallon purchase price per gallon was less I'm sure l did something wrong. Your Cactus juice is a great product.

My Reply:  Yes sir, there is a discount for two gallons but you have to purchase it through the Medium Volume Pricing item to get the price.  As you already know, I have issued a refund of the difference.

C Stivison
Date: 2017-05-18

Excellent service

5 star service, fast deliver every time on all my orders even though I am on the other side of the pond "Ireland"

Products are second to none, this "Cactus Juice" stuff is amazing.

I will be back time and time again.

Thanks a million Lads.

Andy O Neill


Andy O Neill
Date: 2017-05-18

Always on time

I have been dealing with Turntex for a few years now and I know that when I place an order I will be getting it shipped immediately and it will be at my house very soon.

Thanks, Curtis

Rob Roby
Date: 2017-05-18

Cactus Juice

Just finished making the vacuum system using an old small compressor, and a large pickle jar.

First time user of cactus juice and blown away at how well it works at hardening rotten spalted maple.

I used it for pen blanks and bottle stoppers, and it turns without any tear out at all. Hard as nails.

Great product.

Gary Burns
Maple Ridge Canada
Date: 2017-05-18

All perfect! :)

- very satisfying communication in the online portal on the website

- very fast shipping to Germany (including no problems with German custom)

- very good product

... all fine! Many Thanks! :)

Saxony / Germany
Date: 2017-05-17